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Contact enhancement of locomotion in spreading cell colonies
d[QUOTE]Alessandro Joseph Solon Alexandre P. Hayakawa Yoshinori Anjard Christophe Detcheverry Francois Rieu Jean-Paul Riviere Charlotte
Nature Physics, vol. 13, p. Nature Physics (2017)
In-depth phenotypic characterization of multicellular tumor spheroids: Effects of 5-Fluorouracil.
Virgone-Carlotta Angelique Lemasson Manon Mertani Hichem C. Diaz Jean-Jacques Monnier Sylvain Dehoux Thomas Delanoe-Ayari Helene Riviere Charlotte Rieu Jean-Paul
PloS one, vol. 12, p. PloS one (2017)
Magnetophoretic manipulation in microsystem using carbonyl iron-polydimethylsiloxane microstructures
Faivre M. Gelszinnis R. Degouttes J. Terrier N. Riviere C. Ferrigno R. Deman A. L.
Biomicrofluidics, vol. 8, p. Biomicrofluidics (2014)
A tapered channel microfluidic device for comprehensive cell adhesionanalysis, using measurements of detachment kinetics and shear stress-dependentmotion
Rupprecht Peter Gole Laurent Rieu Jean-Paul Vezy Cyrille Ferrigno Rosaria Mertani Hichem C. Riviere Charlotte
Coupling electropolymerization and microfluidic for the generation of surface anisotropy
Vezy C. Stephan K. Livache T. Roget A. Riviere C. Rieu J. P. Ferrigno R.
Electrochemistry Communications, vol. 12, p. Electrochemistry Communications (2010)
Hybrid gadolinium oxide nanoparticles combining imaging and therapy
Bridot J. L. Dayde D. Riviere C. Mandon C. Billotey C. Lerondel S. Sabattier R. Cartron G. Le Pape A. Blondiaux G. Janier M. Perriat P. Roux S. Tillement O.
Journal Of Materials Chemistry, vol. 19, p. Journal Of Materials Chemistry (2009)
The MRI assessment of intraurethrally - delivered muscle precursor cells using anionic magnetic nanoparticles
Riviere C. Lecoeur C. Wilhelm C. Pechoux C. Combrisson H. Yiou R. Gazeau F.
Biomaterials, vol. 30, p. Biomaterials (2009)
Multi-Luminescent Hybrid Gadolinium Oxide Nanoparticles as Potential Cell Labeling
Fizet J. Riviere C. Bridot J. -. L. Charvet N. Louis C. Billotey C. Raccurt M. Morel G. Roux S. Perriat P. Tillement O.
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, vol. 9, p. Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (2009)
Changes in the magnitude and distribution of forces at different Dictyostelium developmental stages
Delanoe-Ayari H. Iwaya S. Maeda Y. T. Inose J. Riviere C. Sano M. Rieu J. P.
Cell Motility And The Cytoskeleton, vol. 65, p. Cell Motility And The Cytoskeleton (2008)
Aortic aneurysms in a rat model: in vivo MR imaging of endovascular cell therapy
J.F. Deux J. Dai C. Riviere F. Gazeau P. Meric B. Gillet J. Roger J.N. Pons D. Letourneur F. Boudghene E. Allaire
Radiology, vol. 246, p. Radiology (2008)
Internal structure of magnetic endosomes
Riviere C. Wilhelm C. Cousin F. Dupuis V . Gazeau F. Perzynski R.
European Physical Journal E, vol. 22, p. European Physical Journal E (2007)
Intraurethral transfer of satellite cells by myofiber implants results in the formation of innervated myotubes exerting tonic contractions
C. Lecoeur S. Swieb L. Zini C. Riviere H. Combrisson R. Gherardi C. Abbou R. Yiou
J Urol, vol. 178, p. J Urol (2007)
Hybrid gadolinium oxide nanoparticles: Multimodal contrast agents for in vivo imaging
Bridot Jean-Luc Faure Anne-Charlotte Laurent Sophie Riviere Charlotte Billotey Claire Hiba Bassem Janier Marc Josserand Veronique Coll Jean-Luc Vander Elst Luce Muller Robert Roux Stephane Perriat Pascal Tillement Olivier
Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol. 129, p. Journal of the American Chemical Society (2007)
Nanosystems for medical applications: Biological detection, drug delivery, diagnosis and therapy
Riviere Charlotte Roux Stephane Tillement Olivier Billotey Claire Perriat Pascal
Annales De Chimie-science Des Materiaux, vol. 31, p. Annales De Chimie-science Des Materiaux (2006)
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