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10 publications à l'ILM ces 5 dernières années. Voir les 41 pubblications des 15 dernières années.
Single Crystal Diamond Needle as Point Electron Source
Kleshch Victor I. Purcell Stephen T. Obraztsov Alexander N.
Scientific Reports, vol. 6, p. 35260 (2016)
Field Emission as a tool for Exploring New Phenemena in Nanomechanics
2015 28th International Vacuum Nanoelectronics Conference (ivnc), vol. 2015, p. IEEE; AVS Nanometer Scale Sci [SLASH]& Technol; SU (2015)
High frequency top-down junction-less silicon nanowire resonators
Koumela Alexandra Hentz Sebastien Mercier Denis Dupre Cecilia Ollier Eric Feng Philip X. -. L. Purcell Stephen T. Duraffourg Laurent
Nanotechnology, vol. 24, p. 435203 (2013)
Signal amplification in a synchronized field emission NEMS
2012 International Conference On Electromagnetics In Advanced Applications (iceaa), vol. 2012, p. Univ Stellenbosch, Politecnico Torino; IEEE Antenn (2012)
piezoresistance of top-down suspended si nanowires
koumela a. mercier d. dupre c. jourdan g. marcoux c. ollier e. purcell s. t. duraffourg l.
nanotechnology, vol. 22, p. 395701 (2011)
performance of field-emitting resonating carbon nanotubes as radio-frequency demodulators
vincent p. poncharal p. barois t. perisanu s. gouttenoire v. frachon h. lazarus a. de langre e. minoux e. charles m. ziaei a. guillot d. choueib m. ayari a. purcell s. t.
physical review b, vol. 83, p. 155446 (2011)
Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes Using Field Emission
Journet Catherine Marchand Mickael Pascale Alina Derouet Arnaud Purcell Stephen T.
An Individual Carbon Nanotube Transistor Tuned by High Pressure
C. Caillier A. Ayari V. Gouttenoire J. M. Benoit V. Jourdain M. Picher M. Paillet S. Le Floch S. T. Purcell J. L. Sauvajol A. San Miguel
Advanced Functional Materials, vol. 20, p. 3330 (2010)
Simple modeling of self-oscillations in nanoelectromechanical systems
Lazarus A. Barois T. Perisanu S. Poncharal P. Manneville P. de Langre E. Purcell S. T. Vincent P. Ayari A.
Applied Physics Letters, vol. 96, p. 193114 (2010)
Statics and dynamics of a nanowire in field emission
Lazarus A. de Langre E. Manneville P. Vincent P. Perisanu S. Ayari A. Purcell S.
International Journal Of Mechanical Sciences, vol. 52, p. 1396-1406 (2010)
Growing a Carbon Nanotube Atom by Atom: [GUILLEMET]And Yet It Does Turn[GUILLEMET]
Marchand M. Journet C. Guillot D. Benoit J. M. Yakobson B. I. Purcell S. T.
Nano Letters, vol. 9, p. 2961-2966 (2009)
Ring patterns in high-current field emission from carbon nanotubes
Marchand Mickael Journet Catherine Adessi Christophe Purcell Stephen T.
Physical Review B, vol. 80, p. 245425 (2009)
Stable field emission from arrays of vertically aligned free-standing metallic nanowires
Xavier S. Matefi-Tempfli S. Ferain E. Purcell S. Enouz-Vedrenne S. Gangloff L. Minoux E. Hudanski L. Vincent P. Schnell J. P. Pribat D. Piraux L. Legagneux P.
Nanotechnology, vol. 19, p. 215601 (2008)
Driving self-sustained vibrations of nanowires with a constant electron beam
Vincent P. Perisanu S. Ayari A. Choueib M. Gouttenoire V. Bechelany M. Brioude A. Cornu D. Purcell S. T.
Physical Review B, vol. 76, p. 085435 (2007)
Ultra high sensitive detection of mechanical resonances of nanowires by field emission microscopy
Perisanu S. Vincent P. Ayari A. Choueib M. Guillot D. Bechelany M. Cornu D. Miele P. Purcell S. T.
Physica Status Solidi A-applications and Materials Science, vol. 204, p. 1645-1652 (2007)
Contact angle measurements on superhydrophobic carbon nanotube forests: Effect of fluid pressure
Journet C. Moulinet S. Ybert C. Purcell S. T. Bocquet L.
Europhysics Letters, vol. 71, p. 104-109 (2005)
Tuning of nanotube mechanical resonances by electric field pulling
Purcell S. T. Vincent P. Journet C. Binh V. T.
Physical Review Letters, vol. 89, p. 276103 (2002)
Modelization of resistive heating of carbon nanotubes during field emission
Vincent P. Purcell S. T. Journet C. Binh V. T.
Physical Review B, vol. 66, p. 075406 (2002)
Inclusion of carbon nanotubes in a TiO2 sol-gel matrix
Vincent P. Brioude A. Journet C. Rabaste S. Purcell S. T. Le Brusq J. Plenet J. C.
Journal of Non-crystalline Solids, vol. 311, p. PII S0022-3093(02)01371-6 (2002)
Atomic-size metal ion sources: principles and use
Purcell S. T. Binh V. T. Thevenard P.
Nanotechnology, vol. 12, p. 168-172 (2001)
Characterization of atomic-size metal ion sources
Purcell S. T. Binh V. T.
Journal Of Vacuum Science [SLASH]& Technology B, vol. 19, p. 79-86 (2001)
Serial process for electron emission from solid-state field controlled emitters
Binh V. T. Dupin J. P. Thevenard P. Purcell S. T. Semet V.
Journal Of Vacuum Science [SLASH]& Technology B, vol. 18, p. 956-961 (2000)
Nanotips prepared by ion or cluster impacts for flat panel displays
Thevenard P. A. Dupin J. P. Thien B. Purcell S. T. Semet V.
Surface [SLASH]& Coatings Technology, vol. 128, p. 59-65 (2000)
Realization of an axially aligned Au-ion source of atomic size
Purcell S. T. Binh V. T.
Applied Physics Letters, vol. 75, p. 1332-1334 (1999)
Sensitivity of Fresnel projection microscopy for observations of magnetic nano-particles
Purcell S. T. Binh V. T.
Journal Of Magnetism And Magnetic Materials, vol. 199, p. 617-619 (1999)
Mapping of the magnetic leakage fields from nanoparticles by Fresnel projection microscopy
Binh V. T. Purcell S. T. Semet V. Feschet F.
Applied Physics Letters, vol. 72, p. 975-977 (1998)
Nanotips and nanomagnetism
Binh V. T. Purcell S. T. Semet V. Feschet F.
Applied Surface Science, vol. 130, p. 803-814 (1998)
Field emission from nanotips
Binh V. T. Purcell S. T.
Applied Surface Science, vol. 111, p. 157-164 (1997)
Nanoprotrusion model for field emission from integrated microtips
Purcell S. T. Binh V. T. Baptist R.
Journal Of Vacuum Science [SLASH]& Technology B, vol. 15, p. 1666-1677 (1997)
Atomic sources of electrons: New concepts and new applications
Binh V. T. Purcell S. T. Semet V.
Vide-Science Technique Et Applications, vol. 52, p. 447-[SLASH]& (1996)
64 Mev Measured Energy Dispersion From Cold Field-Emission Nanotips
Applied Physics Letters, vol. 67, p. 436-438 (1995)
Field-Emission From Narrow Bands Above The Fermi-Level Of Nanometer-Scale Objects
Physical Review B, vol. 49, p. 17259-17263 (1994)
Characterization Of The Conductivity Of Organic Thiols By Field-Emission Microscopy And Field-Emission Spectroscopy
Journal Of The American Chemical Society, vol. 116, p. 11985-11989 (1994)
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