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Tracking the restructuring of oxidized silver-indium nanoparticles under a reducing atmosphere by environmental HRTEM
Ramade Julien Langlois Cyril Pellarin Michel Piccolo Laurent Lebeault Marie-Ange Epicier Thierry Aouine Mimoun Cottancin Emmanuel
Nanoscale, vol. 9, p. 13563-13574 (2017)
Threshold laws in delayed emission: an experimental approach
European Physical Journal D, vol. 43, p. Royal Swedish Acad Sci; Nobel Inst Phys; Swedish S (2007)
Study of competing decay processes in small carbon clusters using time-resolved photoelectron imaging
Pagliarulo F. Climen B. Baguenard B. Lepine F. Lebeault M. A. Ollagnier A. Wills J. Bordas C.
International Journal of Mass Spectrometry, vol. 252, p. 100-109 (2006)
Time-dependent spectrum of thermionic emission from hot C-60
European Physical Journal D, vol. 34, p. 151-155 (2005)
Time and energy-resolved thermionic emission in carbon clusters
Bordas C. Baguenard B. Climen B. Lepine P. Pagliarulo F. Lebeault M. A. Wills J.
International Journal of Modern Physics B, vol. 19, p. Natl Nat Sci Fdn China; Minist Educ China; Chinese (2005)
Electronic properties of mixed lithium-oxygen clusters
Viallon J. Lebeault M. A. Lepine F. Chevaleyre J. Jonin C. Allouche A. R. Aubert-Frecon M.
European Physical Journal D, vol. 33, p. 405-411 (2005)
Velocity-map imaging electron spectrometer with time resolution
Review of Scientific Instruments, vol. 75, p. 324-328 (2004)
Dynamical aspects of thermionic emission of C-60 studied by 3D imaging
Lepine F. Climen B. Pagliarulo F. Baguenard B. Lebeault M. A. Bordas C. Heden M.
European Physical Journal D, vol. 24, p. 393-396 (2003)
Resonant coupling of small size-controlled lead clusters with an intense laser field
Lebeault M. A. Viallon J. Chevaleyre J. Ellert C. Normand D. Schmidt M. Sublemontier O. Guet C. Huber B.
European Physical Journal D, vol. 20, p. 233-242 (2002)
Electronic properties of mixed barium-oxygen clusters
Boutou V. Lebeault M. A. Allouche A. R. Paulig F. Viallon J. Bordas C. Chevaleyre J.
Journal of Chemical Physics, vol. 112, p. 6228-6236 (2000)
Structural transition in barium suboxide clusters
Boutou V. Lebeault M. A. Allouche A. R. Bordas C. Paulig F. Viallon J. Chevaleyre J.
Physical Review Letters, vol. 80, p. 2817-2820 (1998)
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