Lundi 13 Novembre 2017 à 10h30.

First principles and proceedings of action-FRET. Probing the molecular conformation of gas phase proteins and macro-ions

Geoffrey KNIGHT
(Institut Lumière Matière - groupe SpectroBio)

Salle de Seminaire - ISA / CLEA

Invité(e) par

présentera en 3 heures :

''In this thesis, I discuss the application and development of mass spectrometry (MS) - LASER coupled techniques for the characterization and measurement of trapped biomolecules in the gas phase. In broad terms, this thesis demonstrates the potential and perspectives of action-FRET a novel structural biology tool amenable to the gas phase. The fundamentals rely on a well attested resonance quantic process known as Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET). As of yet it has been a widely utilized method to scrutinize molecular structure in solution. The motivation has been to transpose this occurrence to the instrumental settings of a mass spectrometer and in doing so overcoming the earlier limitations of the technique and allowing the theoretical and experimental study of well determined systems as well as those whose structure were presently undetermined - all without the influence of the environment of a solvated medium.''

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