Séminaire Liquides/Mat. molle

Mardi 6 Février 2018 à 11h00.

Plasticity and shear band formation in a granular material

Axelle AMON
(Institut de Physique de Rennes)

Nautibus TD2

Invité(e) par
Anne-Laure BIANCE
Axe : Liquide et interfaces
présentera en 1 heure :

''I will present an experimental study of the plastic response of a model amorphous material: a packing of glass spheres uniaxially compressed. Our experiment allows us to explore several scales both spatially and in term of strain increment. Two different behaviors can be identified and characterized: an intermittent plastic flow which can be understood in the framework of current theories of the plasticity of amorphous materials, and a slow, large-scale behavior which undergoes a symmetry breaking initiating the formation of the shear band.''

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