Lundi 19 Mars 2018 à 11h00.

Technologies of the Future with soap films.

Indraneel Sen
(Department of Energy (SMaLL Group) Politecnico di Torino)

salle de réunion du 5ième Kastler

Invité(e) par
Anne-Laure Biance

présentera en 1 heure :

''An Engineers’ definition of soap bubbles is: Easily and economically produced gas compartments, separated by flexible walls that are stabilized by self assembled soap molecules, sandwiching a nano-thin water core. The speaker is interested in scientifically exploring the form of a soap bubble and film for emergent phenomena, and to design new functional soap molecules and associated devices with a goal of developing and introducing potentially transformative technologies required for a carbon neutral second half of the century, as consented under the Paris Agreement. In this framework the talk will introduce thermal neutron detection using soap foam, concepts in soap film as an artificial leaf, and as a protonic-electronic hybrid device.''

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