Group members:

Jean-Paul Rieu



Hélène Delanoë-Ayari

I am trying to understand how mechanics impact embryogenesis and to quantify how cells and assemblies of cells do react when submitted to stress. For that I am deforming cellular aggregates inside microchannels and observing cell deformation and neighbor exchanges using two photons microscopy.



Charlotte Rivière

My work focus on the analysis of cell dynamics in controled micro-environement, at both single and multicellular scale.

key words : Physics of Cancer, Dictyostelium Discoideum, Microsystems, Cell Motility


Thomas Dehoux

I use acoustic and opto-acoustic techniques to study the mechanics and tribology of biological matter. My current research topics include contact mechanics probed with acoustic waves, thermal imaging of cells and rheology and tribology of cells.



Sylvain Monnier


Christophe Anjard


Post Docs

Angélique Carlotta




Tess Homan


PhD Students


Florence Blachon


Former Members

PhD students

Joseph d'Alessandro





Undergraduate Students

Souhila Saci

Maxime Martinez Prévot

Steven Kennedy

Cédric Lebon

Layla Fuoco

Larry O'Connel

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