Scintillators & Phosphors

Head: Pr. C.Dujardin

Permanent members:

Dr.A.Belsky, Dr.M. F. Joubert, Dr.Y.Guyot, Dr.K. Lebbou

PhD Students: A.Saoudi, E,Lachaud, M.Odziomek


High-energy excitations commonly lead to luminescence (scintillation), but the complexity of the particular relaxation processes renders them difficult to describe. A general study of such processes as well as materials R&D is undertaken, with special attention on high energy calorimetry, security, x-ray imaging as well as of memory effects and the role of the density of excitation on the non-proportionality effect. Given that the essential phenomena take place on short timescales (ns-ps) under VUV or electronic excitation, the group is actively involved in synchrotron experiments and studies at CELIA (Bordeaux). The development of novel materials inclusing phosphors is also undertaken, especially in the form of microcrystalline fibers and thin films for imaging applications. Nanoscintillators constitute another important part of our activities, both to aid comprehension of relaxation processes and with respect to potential applications. To pursue our goals, we have developed several specific experiments:

• Radioluminescence (cw and pulsed for fast timing analysis)

• cathodoluminescence

• thermoluminescence, afterglow and bright-burn analysis

• Light yield measurement under X-ray excitation.

Illustrative recent publications :

Circadian Light Source
ECS J.S.S.S. and Tech. (2017)

Circadian Light Source Based on KxNa1-xLuS2:Eu2+ Phosphor

V. Jary, L. Havlak, J. Barta, M. Rejman, A. Bystricky, C. Dujardin, G. Ledoux, and M. Nikl

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Co-doping and hole mobility
ChemPhysChem (2017)

Consequences of Ca Codoping in YAlO3 :Ce Single Crystals

F. Moretti, K. Hovhannesyan, M. Derdzyan, G. Bizarri, E. Bourret, A. Petrosyan and C. Dujardin

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High resolution x-ray imaging
CrysEngComm (2016)

Epitaxial growth of gadolinium and lutetium- based aluminum perovskite thin films for X-ray micro-imaging applications

F. Riva, P.-A. Douissard, T. Martin, F. Carla, Y. Zorenko and C. Dujardin

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Memory effects in scintillators
PhysChemChemPhys (2016)

Deep traps can reduce memory effects of shallower ones in scintillators

F. Moretti, G. Patton, A. Belsky, A-G. Petrosyan and C. Dujardin

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Energy deposition in Nanoscintillators
Nanoscale (2015)

Modelling energy deposition in nanoscintillators to predict the efficiency of the X-ray-induced photodynamic effect

AL Bulin, A. Vasil’ev, A. Belsky, D. Amans, G. Ledoux and C. Dujardin

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A new beam position monitor
J.Mater. Chem.C (2015)

Low-absorption, multi-layered scintillating material for high resolution real-time X-ray beam analysis

A. Pereira, T. Martin, M. Levinta and C. Dujardin

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Modelling scintillation mechanisms
J.Phys.Chem.C (2015)

Kinetic Model of Energy Relaxation in CsI:A (A = Tl and In) Scintillators

S. Gridin, A. Belsky, C. Dujardin, A. Gektin, N. Shiran, and A. Vasil’ev

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Scintillating fibers
Acta Materialla (2014)

Ce-doped LuAG single-crystal fibers grown from the melt for high-energy physics

X. Xu, K. Lebbou, F. Moretti, K. Pauwels, P. Lecoq, E. Auffray and C. Dujardin

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Measuring the thermalization lenths

Estimation of the Electron Thermalization Length in Ionic Materials

A.Belsky, K.Ivanovskikh, A.Vasil’ev, MF Joubert and C. Dujardin

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Nanoscintillators for photodynamic therapy
J.Phys. Chem.C (2013)

X‐ray-Induced Singlet Oxygen Activation with Nanoscintillator- Coupled Porphyrins

AL Bulin, C.Truillet, R. Chouikrat, F. Lux, C. Frochot, D. Amans, G. Ledoux, O. Tillement, P. Perriat, M. Barberi-Heyob, and C. Dujardin

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