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The group "Physique des Nanostructures et Emission de Champ" develop a research program in nanoscience using field emission as the main experimental method. Its field of research are nanomechatronic, NEMS, nanotubes synthesis, optics and thermal properties of 1D or 2D nanostructures.
key words: nanotubes, nanowiress, graphene, individual sample, field emission, mechanics, thermal, optics....
Our team is also deeply involved in instrumental developmeents in field emission or realization of in situ manipulator in electronic microscopy (SEM or TEM).
The team, created in 2004, gather 5 permanent researchers, 2 PhD students and 2 post-docs.



Vibration enhancement beyond resonance

Quality-Factor Enhancement of Nanoelectromechanical Systems by Capacitive Driving Beyond Resonance pdf

T. Barois, S. Perisanu, P. Poncharal, P. Vincent, S. T. Purcell, A. Ayari

Physical Review Applied 6 014012 (2016) https://doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevApplied.6.014012


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