Liquids and Interfaces


The red line of our research is the influence  of interfaces on the dynamics of liquids and soft matter. Our research covers the dynamics of these materials over a wide range of scale, from nanometric to macroscopic, as well as the coupling mechanisms between those various levels (micro to macro approach).
We rely on tools developed for microfluidics, coupled to optical measurement (confocal microscopy, FRAP, micro-PIV, FCS, etc.) or electrokinetic approaches (patch-clamp, Coulter counter, etc.), as well as macroscopic techniques (high-speed camera).


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In the news




 Septembre 2017: PhD defense of Andrea Titta

Congratulation to Andrea Titta who defended his PhD on the level-set simulation of elementary T1 events in foam dynamics.




February 2017: a bronze medal for Anne-Laure Biance

Congratulation to Anne-Laure Biance who has been awarded a bronze medal by the CNRS !



July 2016: "WaterX: Exotic properties of water under extreme conditions"

Frederic Caupin is organizing a STATPHYS satellite meeting entitled waterX. (July 13-16, Nic). This program will bring together leading experimental, theoretical, and computational scientists from among the unusually broad community of researchers interested in water physics and chemistry under extreme conditions, where extreme reads from deep supercooled regimes to very high or negative pressures, ultrashort time scales, extreme confinement, etc…



June 2016: "Out-of-equilibrium & active soft matter" conference

Together with Ludovic Berthier, Denis Bartolo, Lydéric Boquet and Luca Cipelletti,  Cécile Cottin-Bizonne is organizing a STATPHYS satellite meeting on Out-of-Equilibrium & Active Soft Matter. These five-day meeting (June 27-01 July  2016) will take place at the Marine Station of Roscoff, France. The online abstract submission is now open (here)



January 2016: Franco-Brazilian chair awarded to Stella Ramos-Canut

Stella Ramos-Canut has been awarded a Franco-Brazilian Chair in the State of Sao Paulo" for her project on the stability mechanisms of interfaces in the super-repellent bi-functional surfaces.  She will spend two months this summer at the University of the State of Sao Paulo


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