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SOPRANO stands for Spectroscopies OPtiques de matéRiaux Amorphes et NanOstructures (OPtical Spectroscopies of Amorphous mateRials and NanOstructures).

Our research activities focus on the multiscale characterization of glasses and nanostructured materials through vibrational spectroscopies (Raman, Brillouin) coupled to numerical simulation. Main topics address the understanding of thermal noise in glass thin films as well as the alteration of glassy structures under mechanical stress (high pressure) or under nuclear radiation. One specificity of our approach is the investigation of acoustic vibrations localized at the nanoscale, from well-defined nanostructures (quantum dots, metallic nanoparticles...) to nano-heterogeneous disorder in glasses.

Keywords: Glasses; Nanoparticles; High Pressure; Raman; Brillouin; Vibrations

Soprano team (July 2016): (From Left to right)

Gérard Panczer, Françoise Champion, Bernard Champagnon, Alain Mermet, Gianpietro Cagnoli, Christine Martinet, Amira Saoudi, Adrien Girard, Elodie Collet, Benjamin Wodey, Antoine Cornet, Emmanuel Guillaud, Dominique Vouagner, Jérémie Margueritat, Valérie Martinez, Jacques Le Brusq

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