Luminescent sensors

Head : G. Ledoux

Members: E. Homeyer, A. M. Jurdyc

PhD students: D.Podbevsek

Luminescence properties from matter may depends on external factors such as temperature, pressure, pH… We use these properties to develop luminescence based sensors. We are currently focusing our attention on thermal sensors for the analysis of thermal and mechanical properties of materials. We are also involved in developing sensor in fluidic devices in order to study the cavitation phenomena. Dedicated micro-fluidic set-up developed in LEGI (Grenoble) can be plugged on our confocal microscope. Other optical technics such as Raman or Brillouin spectroscopy are also used for this purpose, mainly for sensors in optical fibers.

 Some recent publications :


Gold thiolates sensors
J.Mat.Chem.C (2017)

Intrinsic Dual-Emitting Gold Thiolate Coordination Polymer, [Au(+I)(p-SPhCO2H)]n, for Ratiometric Temperature Sensing

O. Veselska, L. Okhrimenko, N. Guillou, D. Podbevšek, G. Ledoux, C. Dujardin, M. Monge, D. M. Chevrier, R.i Yang, P. Zhang, A. Fateevaf and A. Demessence

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Cu thiolates sensors
Chem. Comm. (2017)

Intrinsic Triple-Emitting 2D Copper Thiolate Coordination Polymer as a Ratiometric Thermometer Working over 400 K Range

O. Veselska, D. Podbevšek, G. Ledoux, A. Fateeva and A. Demessence

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Gold thiolates sensors
Chem. Comm. (2016)

Shedding light on an ultra-bright photoluminescent lamellar gold thiolate coordination polymer [Au(p-SPhCO2Me)]n

C. Lavenn, N. Guillou, M. Monge, D. Podbevsek, G. Ledoux, A. Fateeva, A. Demessence

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Diamond Temp. Sensor
Appl. Phys Lett. (2015)

Diamond contact-less micrometric temperature sensors

E. Homeyer, S. Pailhès, R. Debord, V. Jary, C. Dujardin, and G. Ledoux

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Raman T fiber sensor
J. Appl. Phys.(2015)

Surface-enhanced Raman scattering of amorphous silica gel adsorbed on gold substrates for optical fiber sensors

S. Degioanni, A. M. Jurdyc, A. Cheap, B. Champagnon, F. Bessueille, J. Coulm, L. Bois, D. Vouagner

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J. Mater chem C(2015)

A luminescent double helical gold(I)–thiophenolate coordination polymer obtained by hydrothermal synthesis or by thermal solid-state amorphous-to-crystalline isomerization

C. Lavenn, L. OkhrimenkoN. Guillou, M. Monge, G. Ledoux, C. Dujardin, R. Chiriac, A. Fateeva, A. Demessence

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