Head: A.Brenier,

Permanent members: Y.Guyot, G.Boulon

PhD student: E.Lachaud

All-solid state amplifiers and lasers are confronted with recurrent problems, such as material quality, thermal loading, compactness…, and need to improve their efficiency and area of applications thanks to specific physical properties. In this theme we broach the thermal loading by reducing the quantum defect (Yb3+ emitters), the crystalline fibre configuration, the use of transparent ceramics allowing large sizes and composite architectures, the measurement of thermo-optical properties. The wavelength range is extended with bi-functional laser/nonlinear optical crystals. The THz domain is reached with dual-frequency lasers and difference frequency conversion from nonlinear crystals. The role of crystal anisotropy on wavelength emission and propagation direction is investigated. The team is equipped with OPO (UV up to IR), laser diodes, various detectors (UV, visible, near IR, thermal, THz Golay cell).

Illustrative recent publications :

Conical laser
Appl. Phys. B (2016)

Lasing with conical diffraction feature in the KGd(WO4)2:Nd biaxial crystal


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Lu2O3 ceramics and crystals
J.Lumin. (2016)

Assignment of Yb3 þ energy levels in the C2 and C3i centers of Lu2O3 sesquioxide either as ceramics or as crystal

Y. Guyot, M. Guzik, G. Alombert-Goget, J. Pejchal, A. Yoshikawa, A. Ito, T. Goto, G. Boulon

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scheelite-type molybdates
J.Metter.Chem.C (2015)

Structural and spectroscopic characterizations of new Cd1-3xNd2x&xMoO4 scheelite-type molybdates with vacancies as potential optical materials

M. Guzik E. Tomaszewicz, Y. Guyot, J. Legendziewicz and G. Boulon

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Red Phosphors
J.Matter.Chem.C (2015)

Eu3+ luminescence from different sites in a scheelite-type cadmium molybdate red phosphor with vacancies

M. Guzik, E. Tomaszewicz, Y. Guyot, J. Legendziewicz and G. Boulon

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Voigt wave
J. Optics (2015)

Voigt wave investigation in the KGd(WO4)2 :Nd biaxial laser crystal


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TeraHertz generation

Two-frequency pulsed YLiF4:Nd lasing out of the principal axes and THz generation


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Dual frequency laser
Opt. Express (2014)

Thermally driven dual-frequency Q-switching of Nd:YGd2Sc2Al2GaO12 ceramic laser

G. Alombert-Goget, A. Brenier, Y. Guyot, A. Labruyère, B. Faure, and V. Couderc

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