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Antimony oxide based glasses, novel laser materials
Ouannes Karima Lebbou Kheirreddine Walsh Brian M. Poulain Marcel Alombert-Goget Guillaume Guyot Yannick
Optical Materials, vol. 65, p. 8-14 (2017)
Localization of Yb3+, Er3+ and Co2+ Dopants in an Optical Glass Ceramics of MgAl2O4 Spinel Nano-crystals Embedded in SiO2 Glass
Boulon G. Guyot Y. Alombert-Goget G. Guzik M. Epicier T. Chen L. Hu L. Chen W.
Nano-optics: Principles Enabling Basic Research and Applications, vol. aucun volume trouv, p. Ettore Majorana Fdn [SLASH]& Ctr Sci Culture, Sch (2017)
Luminescence and coloration of undoped and Ti-doped sapphire crystals grown by Czochralski technique
Journal of Luminescence, vol. 169, p. Polish Acad Sci, Inst Low Temp [SLASH]& Struct Res (2016)
Assignment of Yb3+ energy levels in the C-2 and C-3i centers of Lu2O3 sesquioxide either as ceramics or as crystal
Guyot Y. Guzik M. Alombert-Goget G. Pejchal J. Yoshikawa A. Ito A. Goto T. Boulon G.
Journal of Luminescence, vol. 170, p. 513-519 (2016)
Spectroscopy of C-3i and C-2 sites of Nd3+-doped Lu2O3 sesquioxide either as ceramics or crystal
Guzik M. Alombert-Goget G. Guyot Y. Pejchal J. Yoshikawa A. Ito A. Goto T. Boulon G.
Journal of Luminescence, vol. 169, p. Polish Acad Sci, Inst Low Temp [SLASH]& Struct Res (2016)
Large Ti-doped sapphire single crystals grown by the kyropoulos technique for petawatt power laser application
Alombert-Goget Guillaume Sen Gourav Pezzani Cyril Barthalay Nicolas Duffar Thierry Lebbou Kheirreddine
Optical Materials, vol. 61, p. Vinca Inst; Inst Chem Clermont Ferrand; IRCP Res I (2016)
New Er3+ doped antimony oxide based glasses: Thermal analysis, structural and spectral properties
Ouannes K. Lebbou K. Walsh Brian-M. Poulain M. Alombert-Goget G. Guyot Y.
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, vol. 649, p. 564-572 (2015)
Thermo optical coefficient of tin-oxide films measured by ellipsometry
Ristic D. Guddala S. Chiappini A. Alombert-Goget G. Lukowiak A. Ramponi R. Righini G. C. Ivanda M. Ferrari M.
Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 118, p. 215306 (2015)
Highly transparent Nd:Lu2O3 ceramics obtained by coupling slip-casting and spark plasma sintering
Boulesteix R. Epherre R. Noyau S. Vandenhende M. Maitre A. Salle C. Alombert-Goget G. Guyot Y. Brenier A.
Scripta Materialia, vol. 75, p. 54-57 (2014)
Thermally driven dual-frequency Q-switching of Nd:YGd2Sc2Al2GaO12 ceramic laser
Alombert-Goget G. Brenier A. Guyot Y. Labruyere A. Faure B. Couderc V.
Optics Express, vol. 22, p. 10792-10799 (2014)
Spectroscopic properties of Er3+-doped antimony oxide glass
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, vol. 603, p. 132-135 (2014)
Thermal and Optical Characterization of Undoped and Neodymium-Doped Y3ScAl4O12 Ceramics
Pujol M. C. Maitre A. Carreaud J. Boulesteix R. Brenier A. Alombert-Goget G. Guyot Y. Carvajal J. J. Sole R. M. Massons J. Oleaga A. Salazar A. Gallardo I. Moreno P. de Aldana J. R. V. Aguilo M. Diaz F.
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, vol. 118, p. 13781-13789 (2014)
Large Ti-doped sapphire bulk crystal for high power laser applications
Alombert-Goget G. Lebbou K. Barthalay N. Legal H. Cheriaux G.
Optical Materials, vol. 36, p. 2004-2006 (2014)
Polycrystalline Yb3+-Er3+-co-doped YAG: Fabrication, TEM-EDX characterization, spectroscopic properties, and comparison with the single crystal
Hostasa J. Esposito L. Malchere A. Epicier T. Pirri A. Vannini M. Toci G. Cavalli E. Yoshikawa A. Guzik M. Alombert-Goget G. Guyot Y. Boulon G.
Journal of Materials Research, vol. 29, p. 2288-2296 (2014)
Multilayered YAG-Yb:YAG ceramics: manufacture and laser performance
Esposito L. Hostasa J. Piancastelli A. Toci G. Alderighi D. Vannini M. Epicier T. Malchere A. Alombert-Goget G. Boulon G.
Journal of Materials Chemistry C, vol. 2, p. 10138-10148 (2014)
Effect of Pulling Rate on Bubbles Distribution in Sapphire Crystals Grown by the Micropulling Down (mu-PD) Technique
Ghezal E. A. Li H. Nehari A. Alombert-Goget G. Brenier A. Lebbou K. Joubertt M. F. Soltani M. T.
Crystal Growth [SLASH]& Design, vol. 12, p. 4098-4103 (2012)
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