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Structural and cooperative length scales in polymer gels.
The European physical journal. E, Soft matter, vol. 40, p. 5-5 (2017)
In-depth phenotypic characterization of multicellular tumor spheroids: Effects of 5-Fluorouracil.
Virgone-Carlotta Angelique Lemasson Manon Mertani Hichem C. Diaz Jean-Jacques Monnier Sylvain Dehoux Thomas Delanoe-Ayari Helene Riviere Charlotte Rieu Jean-Paul
PloS one, vol. 12, p. e0188100-e0188100 (2017)
Periodic traction in migrating large amoeba of Physarum polycephalum.
Rieu Jean-Paul Delanoe-Ayari Helene Takagi Seiji Tanaka Yoshimi Nakagaki Toshiyuki
Journal of the Royal Society, Interface / the Royal Society, vol. 12, p. - (2015)
A contractile and counterbalancing adhesion system controls the 3D shape of crawling cells
Burnette D. T. Shao L. Ott C. Pasapera A. M. Fischer R. S. Baird M. A. Loughian C. D. Delanoe-Ayari H. Paszek M. J. Davidson M. W. Betzig E. Lippincott-Schwartz J.
Journal of Cell Biology, vol. 205, p. 83-96 (2014)
Intracellular stresses in patterned cell assemblies
Moussus M. Loughian C. D. Fuard D. Courcon M. Gulino-Debra D. Delanoe-Ayari H. Nicolas A.
Soft Matter, vol. 10, p. 2414-2423 (2014)
Capillary rise of yield-stress fluids
Geraud B. Jorgensen L. Petit L. Delanoe-Ayari H. Jop P. Barentin C.
Epl, vol. 107, p. 58002 (2014)
Fine Tuning of Tissues[QUOTE] Viscosity and Surface Tension through Contractility Suggests a New Role for alpha-Catenin.
Stirbat Tomita Vasilica Mgharbel Abbas Bodennec Selena Ferri Karine Mertani Hichem C. Rieu Jean-Paul Delanoe-Ayari Helene
PloS one, vol. 8, p. e52554-e52554 (2013)
Multicellular aggregates: a model system for tissue rheology.
Vasilica Stirbat Tomita Tlili Sham Houver Thibault Rieu Jean-Paul Barentin Catherine Delanoe-Ayari Helene
The European physical journal. E, Soft matter, vol. 36, p. 9898-9898 (2013)
Scaling concepts in cell physics: paradigms for cell adhesion
Delanoe-Ayari H. Brevier J. Riveline D.
Soft Matter, vol. 7, p. 824-829 (2011)
The role of fluctuations and stress on the effective viscosity of cell aggregates
Marmottant P. Mgharbel A. Kafer J. Audren B. Rieu J. P. Vial J. C. van der Sanden B. Maree A. F. M. Graner F. Delanoe-Ayari H.
Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The United States Of America, vol. 106, p. 17271-17275 (2009)
Changes in the magnitude and distribution of forces at different Dictyostelium developmental stages
Delanoe-Ayari H. Iwaya S. Maeda Y. T. Inose J. Riviere C. Sano M. Rieu J. P.
Cell Motility And The Cytoskeleton, vol. 65, p. 314-331 (2008)
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