Physique des Nanostructures et Emission de Champ
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3 publications à l'ILM ces 5 dernières années. Voir les 17 pubblications des 15 dernières années.
Direct Growth of Carbon Nanotubes on New High-Density 3D Pyramid-Shaped Microelectrode Arrays for Brain-Machine Interfaces
Motlagh Bahareh Ghane Choueib May Mesgar Alireza Hajhosseini Hasanuzzaman Md. Sawan Mohamad
Micromachines, vol. 7, p. 163 (2016)
Field Emission as a tool for Exploring New Phenemena in Nanomechanics
2015 28th International Vacuum Nanoelectronics Conference (ivnc), vol. 2015, p. IEEE; AVS Nanometer Scale Sci [SLASH]& Technol; SU (2015)
performance of field-emitting resonating carbon nanotubes as radio-frequency demodulators
vincent p. poncharal p. barois t. perisanu s. gouttenoire v. frachon h. lazarus a. de langre e. minoux e. charles m. ziaei a. guillot d. choueib m. ayari a. purcell s. t.
physical review b, vol. 83, p. 155446 (2011)
Theoretical electronic investigation of the low-lying electronic states of the LuF molecule
Hamade Y. Taher F. Choueib M. Monteil Y.
Canadian Journal of Physics, vol. 87, p. 1163-1169 (2009)
Driving self-sustained vibrations of nanowires with a constant electron beam
Vincent P. Perisanu S. Ayari A. Choueib M. Gouttenoire V. Bechelany M. Brioude A. Cornu D. Purcell S. T.
Physical Review B, vol. 76, p. 085435 (2007)
Ultra high sensitive detection of mechanical resonances of nanowires by field emission microscopy
Perisanu S. Vincent P. Ayari A. Choueib M. Guillot D. Bechelany M. Cornu D. Miele P. Purcell S. T.
Physica Status Solidi A-applications and Materials Science, vol. 204, p. 1645-1652 (2007)
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