BIANCE Anne-Laure
Liquides et interfaces
Téléphone: 0472448228
Bureau: BRILLOUIN / 1er / 11-001
Position: CR
Email: anne-laure.biance[at]
17 publications à l'ILM ces 5 dernières années. Voir les 29 pubblications des 15 dernières années.
Electrokinetic transport in liquid foams
Advances In Colloid and Interface Science, vol. 247, p. Advances In Colloid and Interface Science (2017)
Bending modulus of bidisperse particle rafts: Local and collective contributions
Petit Pauline Biance Anne-Laure Lorenceau Elise Planchette Carole
Physical Review E, vol. 93, p. Physical Review E (2016)
On the generation of a foam film during a topological rearrangement
Petit P. Seiwert J. Cantat I. Biance A. -. L.
Journal of Fluid Mechanics, vol. 763, p. Journal of Fluid Mechanics (2015)
Surface conductivity measurements in nanometric to micrometric foam films
Journal of Physics-condensed Matter, vol. 27, p. Journal of Physics-condensed Matter (2015)
Ultra-sensitive flow measurement in individual nanopores through pressure - driven particle translocation
Gadaleta Alessandro Biance Anne-Laure Siria Alessandro Bocquet Lyderic
Nanoscale, vol. 7, p. Nanoscale (2015)
Two types of Cassie-to-Wenzel wetting transitions on superhydrophobic surfaces during drop impact
Lee Choongyeop Nam Youngsuk Lastakowski Henri Hur Janet I. Shin Seungwon Biance Anne-Laure Pirat Christophe Kim Chang-Jin [QUOTE]. [QUOTE]. C. J. [QUOTE]. [QUOTE]. Ybert Christophe
Soft Matter, vol. 11, p. Soft Matter (2015)
Leidenfrost drops: Effect of gravity
Maquet L. Brandenbourger M. Sobac B. Biance A. -. L. Colinet P. Dorbolo S.
Epl, vol. 110, p. Epl (2015)
Holes and cracks in rigid foam films
Petit P. C. Le Merrer M. Biance A. -. L.
Journal of Fluid Mechanics, vol. 774, p. Journal of Fluid Mechanics (2015)
Bridging local to global dynamics of drop impact onto solid substrates
Lastakowski H. Boyer F. Biance A. L. Pirat C. Ybert C.
Journal of Fluid Mechanics, vol. 747, p. Journal of Fluid Mechanics (2014)
Generation and stability of bubbles in a cement based slurry
Petit P. Javierre I. Jezequel P. H. Biance A. L.
Cement and Concrete Research, vol. 60, p. Cement and Concrete Research (2014)
Osmotic Flow through Fully Permeable Nanochannels
Lee C. Cottin-Bizonne C. Biance A. L. Joseph P. Bocquet L. Ybert C.
Physical Review Letters, vol. 112, p. Physical Review Letters (2014)
Oil repartition in a foam film architecture
Piroird K. Lorenceau E. Biance A. L.
Soft Matter, vol. 10, p. Soft Matter (2014)
Anomalous zeta potential in foam films.
Physical review letters, vol. 113, p. Physical review letters (2014)
Soft Nanofluidic Transport in a Soap Film
Bonhomme Oriane Liot Olivier Biance Anne-Laure Bocquet Lyderic
Phys. Rev. Lett., vol. 110, p. Phys. Rev. Lett. (2013)
Coalescence of armored interface under impact
Planchette C. Biance A.-L. Pitois O. Lorenceau E.
Physics of Fluids, vol. 25, p. Physics of Fluids (2013)
Surface wave on a particle raft
planchette carole lorenceau elise biance anne-laure
soft matter, vol. 8, p. soft matter (2012)
Transition of liquid marble impacts onto solid surfaces
Planchette C. Biance A. L. Lorenceau E.
EPL, vol. 97, p. EPL (2012)
The anatomy of a crease, from folding to ironing
Benusiglio Adrien Mansard Vincent Biance Anne-Laure Bocquet Lyderic
SOFT MATTER, vol. 8, p. SOFT MATTER (2012)
Transport of Long Neutral Polymers in the Semidilute Regime througha Protein Nanopore
Oukhaled Abdel Ghani Biance Anne-Laure Pelta Juan Auvray Loic Bacri Laurent
How Topological Rearrangements and Liquid Fraction Control Liquid Foam Stability
Biance A. L. Delbos A. Pitois O.
Physical Review Letters, vol. 106, p. Physical Review Letters (2011)
Experimental study of foam jets
Lespiat R. Hohler R. Biance A. L. Cohen-Addad S.
Physics Of Fluids, vol. 22, p. Physics Of Fluids (2010)
Topological transition dynamics in a strained bubble cluster
Biance A. L. Cohen-Addad S. Hohler R.
Soft Matter, vol. 5, p. Soft Matter (2009)
Exploration of the ultimate patterning potential achievable with focused ion beams
Gierak J. Bourhis E. Faini G. Patriarche G. Madouri A. Jede R. Bruchhaus L. Bauerdick S. Schiedt B. Biance A. L. Auvray L.
Sub-5 nm FIB direct patterning of nanodevices
Gierak J. Madouri A. Biance A. L. Bourhis E. Patriarche G. Ulysse C. Lucot D. Lafosse X. Auvray L. Bruchhaus L. Jede R.
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