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8 publications à l'ILM ces 5 dernières années. Voir les 8 pubblications des 15 dernières années.
Nanoroughness Strongly Impacts Lipid Mobility in Supported Membranes
Blachon Florence Harb Frederic Munteanu Bogdan Piednoir Agnes Fulcrand Remy Charitat Thierry Fragneto Giovanna Pierre-Louis Olivier Tinland Bernard Rieu Jean-Paul
Langmuir, vol. 33, p. Langmuir (2017)
Nanoscale Dynamics versus Surface Interactions: What Dictates Osmotic Transport?
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, vol. 8, p. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters (2017)
Interplay between Raman shift and thermal expansion in graphene: Temperature-dependent measurements and analysis of substrate corrections
Linas S. Magnin Y. Poinsot B. Boisron O. Foerster G. D. Martinez V. Fulcrand R. Tournus F. Dupuis V. Rabilloud F. Bardotti L. Han Z. Kalita D. Bouchiat V. Calvo F.
Physical Review B, vol. 91, p. Physical Review B (2015)
Nanochannel arrays etched into hexagonal boron nitride meso-membranes by a focused ion beam
Linas S. Fulcrand R. Cauwet F. Poinsot B. Brioude A.
Rsc Advances, vol. 5, p. Rsc Advances (2015)
Sessile drop evaporation on (super)hydrophobic surfaces: Effect of low pressure on the contact line dynamics
Colloids and Surfaces A-physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, vol. 482, p. Colloids and Surfaces A-physicochemical and Engineering Aspects (2015)
Sub-additive ionic transport across arrays of solid-state nanopores
Gadaleta A. Sempere C. Gravelle S. Siria A. Fulcrand R. Ybert C. Bocquet L.
Physics of Fluids, vol. 26, p. Physics of Fluids (2014)
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