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Triple-line kinetics for solid films
Tripathi A. K. Pierre-Louis O.
Physical Review E, vol. 97, p. 022801 (2018)
Nanoroughness Strongly Impacts Lipid Mobility in Supported Membranes
Blachon Florence Harb Frederic Munteanu Bogdan Piednoir Agnes Fulcrand Remy Charitat Thierry Fragneto Giovanna Pierre-Louis Olivier Tinland Bernard Rieu Jean-Paul
Langmuir, vol. 33, p. 2444-2453 (2017)
Thixotropy and shear thinning of lubricated contacts with confined membranes.
Le Goff Thomas To Tung B. T. Pierre-Louis Olivier
The European physical journal. E, Soft matter, vol. 40, p. 44-44 (2017)
Dewetting of patterned solid films: Towards a predictive modelling approach
Trautmann M. Cheynis F. Leroy F. Curiotto S. Pierre-Louis O. Muller P.
Applied Physics Letters, vol. 110, p. 263105 (2017)
Solid-state wetting at the nanoscale
Progress In Crystal Growth and Characterization of Materials, vol. 62, p. 177-202 (2016)
Shape transition in nano-pits after solid-phase etching of SiO2 by Si islands
Leroy F. Saito Y. Curiotto S. Cheynis F. Pierre-Louis O. Mueller P.
Applied Physics Letters, vol. 106, p. 191601 (2015)
Transition to coarsening for confined one-dimensional interfaces with bending rigidity
Le Goff Thomas Politi Paolo Pierre-Louis Olivier
Physical Review E, vol. 92, p. 022918 (2015)
Kink dynamics with oscillating forces
Le Goff Thomas Pierre-Louis Olivier Politi Paolo
Journal of Statistical Mechanics-theory and Experiment, vol. 8, p. P08004 (2015)
Nonequilibrium diffusion of reactive solid islands
Leroy F. Saito Y. Cheynis F. Bussmann E. Pierre-Louis O. Muller P.
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Surface fluctuations of liquids confined on flat and patterned solid substrates
Pottier B. Verneuil E. Talini L. Pierre-Louis O.
Physical Review E, vol. 89, p. 052403 (2014)
Frozen states and order-disorder transition in the dynamics of confined membranes
Le Goff T. Politi P. Pierre-Louis O.
Physical Review E, vol. 90, p. 032114 (2014)
Wetting of Elastic Solids on Nanopillars
Ignacio M. Saito Y. Smereka P. Pierre-Louis O.
Physical Review Letters, vol. 112, p. 146102 (2014)
Modeling dewetting of ultra-thin solid films
Comptes Rendus Physique, vol. 14, p. 553-563 (2013)
Trends and perspectives in solid-state wetting
Comptes Rendus Physique, vol. 14, p. 529-530 (2013)
Solid-state wetting on nanopatterned substrates
Saito Yukio Ignacio Maxime Pierre-Louis Olivier
Comptes Rendus Physique, vol. 14, p. 619-628 (2013)
Dewetting of solid films with substrate-mediated evaporation
Physical Review E, vol. 85, p. 011602 (2012)
[GUILLEMET]The Princess and the Pea[GUILLEMET] at the Nanoscale: Wrinkling and Delamination of Graphene on Nanoparticles
Yamamoto Mahito Pierre-Louis Olivier Huang Jia Fuhrer Michael S. Einstein Theodore L. Cullen William G.
Physical Review X, vol. 2, p. 041018 (2012)
Nonlinear Wavelength Selection in Surface Faceting under Electromigration
Barakat F. Martens K. Pierre-Louis O.
Physical Review Letters, vol. 109, p. 056101 (2012)
Pattern-induced thermal unbinding of filaments
Physical Review E, vol. 83, p. 011801 (2011)
Anisotropy and Coarsening in the Instability of Solid Dewetting Fronts
Physical Review Letters, vol. 106, p. 105506 (2011)
Imbibition of Solids in Nanopillar Arrays
Gaillard P. Saito Y. Pierre-Louis O.
Physical Review Letters, vol. 106, p. 195501 (2011)
Dynamics of solid thin-film dewetting in the silicon-on-insulator system
Bussmann E. Cheynis F. Leroy F. Muller P. Pierre-Louis O.
New Journal of Physics, vol. 13, p. 043017 (2011)
Fully Reversible Transition from Wenzel to Cassie-Baxter States on Corrugated Superhydrophobic Surfaces
Vrancken R. J. Kusumaatmaja H. Hermans K. Prenen A. M. Pierre-Louis O. Bastiaansen C. W. M. Broer D. J.
Langmuir, vol. 26, p. 3335-3341 (2010)
Collapse of an adsorbate island on substrate pillars
Takano K. Saito Y. Pierre-Louis O.
Physical Review B, vol. 82, p. 075410 (2010)
Atomic step motion during the dewetting of ultra-thin films
Pierre-Louis O. Chame A. Dufay M.
European Physical Journal B, vol. 77, p. 57-63 (2010)
Crystal surfaces in and out of equilibrium: A modern view
Misbah C. Pierre-Louis O. Saito Y.
Reviews of Modern Physics, vol. 82, p. 981-1040 (2010)
Dewetting of Ultrathin Solid Films
Pierre-Louis O. Chame A. Saito Y.
Physical Review Letters, vol. 103, p. 195501 (2009)
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