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IRMPD Spectroscopy Sheds New (Infrared) Light on the Sulfate Pattern of Carbohydrates
Schindler B. Barnes L. Gray C. J. Chambert S. Flitsch S. L. Oomens J. Daniel R. Allouche A. R. Compagnon I.
Journal of Physical Chemistry A, vol. 121, p. 2114-2120 (2017)
Influence of long-range Coulomb interaction in velocity map imaging
Barillot T. Bredy R. Celep G. Cohen S. Compagnon I. Concina B. Constant E. Danakas S. Kalaitzis P. Karras G. Lepine F. Loriot V. Marciniak A. Predelus-Renois G. Schindler B. Bordas C.
Journal of Chemical Physics, vol. 147, p. 013929 (2017)
Bottom-Up Elucidation of Glycosidic Bond Stereochemistry
Gray C. J. Schindler B. Migas L. G. Picmanova M. Allouche A. R. Green A. P. Mandal S. Motawia M. S. Sanchez-Perez R. Bjarnholt N. Moller B. L. Rijs A. M. Barran P. E. Compagnon I. Eyers C. E. Flitsch S. L.
Analytical Chemistry, vol. 89, p. 4540-4549 (2017)
Angularly resolved RABBITT using a second harmonic pulse
Loriot Vincent Marciniak Alexandre Karras Gabriel Schindler Baptiste Renois-Predelus Gina Compagnon Isabelle Concina Bruno Bredy Richard Celep Gulabi Bordas Christian Constant Eric Lepine Franck
Journal of Optics, vol. 19, p. 114003 (2017)
Anomeric memory of the glycosidic bond upon fragmentation and its consequences for carbohydrate sequencing
Schindler Baptiste Barnes Loic Renois Gina Gray Christopher Chambert Stephane Fort Sebastien Flitsch Sabine Loison Claire Allouche Abdul-Rahman Compagnon Isabelle
Nature Communications, vol. 8, p. 973 (2017)
FAIMS-MS-IR spectroscopy workflow: a multidimensional platform for the analysis of molecular isoforms
Schindler Baptiste Depland Agathe Depraz Renois-Predelus Gina Karras Gabriel Concina Bruno Celep Gulabi Maurelli Jacques Loriot Vincent Constant Eric Bredy Richard Bordas Christian Lepine Franck Compagnon Isabelle
International Journal For Ion Mobility Spectrometry, vol. 20, p. 119-124 (2017)
Discrimination of patterns of N-acetylation in chitooligosaccharides by gas phase IR spectroscopy integrated to mass spectrometry
Wattjes Jasper Schindler Baptiste Trombotto Stephane David Laurent Moerschbacher Bruno M. Compagnon Isabelle
Pure and Applied Chemistry, vol. 89, p. 1349-1357 (2017)
MS/IR, a new MS-based hyphenated method for analysis of hexuronic acid epimers in glycosaminoglycans.
Schindler Baptiste Renois-Predelus Gina Bagdadi Nassiba Melizi Sihem Barnes Loic Chambert Stephane Allouche Abdul-Rahman Compagnon Isabelle
Glycoconjugate journal, vol. aucun volume trouv, p. aucune page trouv?e! (2016)
Insights into the fragmentation pathways of gas-phase protonated sulfoserine
Patrick Amanda L. Stedwell Corey N. Schindler Baptiste Compagnon Isabelle Berden Giel Oomens Jos Polfer Nicolas C.
International Journal of Mass Spectrometry, vol. 379, p. 26-32 (2015)
Anharmonic simulations of the vibrational spectrum of sulfated compounds: application to the glycosaminoglycan fragment glucosamine 6-sulfate
Barnes Loic Schindler Baptiste Allouche Abdul-Rahman Simon Daniel Chambert Stephane Oomens Jos Compagnon Isabelle
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, vol. 17, p. 25705-25713 (2015)
Resolving XUV induced femtosecond and attosecond dynamics in polyatomic molecules with a compact attosecond beamline
Loriot V. Marciniak A. Quintard L. Despre V. Schindler B. Compagnon I. Concina B. Celep G. Bordas C. Catoire F. Constant E. Lepine F.
Xxix International Conference On Photonic, Electronic, and Atomic Collisions (icpeac2015), Pts 1-12, vol. 635, p. Univ Autonoma Madrid; Consejo Super Investigacione (2015)
Distinguishing isobaric phosphated and sulfated carbohydrates by coupling of mass spectrometry with gas phase vibrational spectroscopy
Schindler B. Joshi J. Allouche A. R. Simon D. Chambert S. Brites V. Gaigeot M. P. Compagnon I.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, vol. 16, p. 22131-22138 (2014)
UV photodissociation of trapped ions following ion mobility separation in a Q-ToF mass spectrometer
Bellina B. Brown J. M. Ujma J. Murray P. Giles K. Morris M. Compagnon I. Barran P. E.
Analyst, vol. 139, p. 6348-6351 (2014)
Binding motifs of silver in prion octarepeat model peptides: a joint ion mobility, IR and UV spectroscopies, and theoretical approach
Bellina Bruno Compagnon Isabelle MacAleese Luke Chirot Fabien Lemoine Jerome Maitre Philippe Broyer Michel Antoine Rodolphe Kulesza Alexander Mitric Roland Bonacic-Koutecky Vlasta Dugourd Philippe
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, vol. 14, p. 11433-11440 (2012)
Globule to Helix Transition in Sodiated Polyalanines
Martens Jonathan K. Compagnon Isabelle Nicol Edith McMahon Terry B. Clavaguera Carine Ohanessian Gilles
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, vol. 3, p. 3320-3324 (2012)
Spectroscopic Signatures of Peptides Containing Tryptophan Radical Cations
Angewandte Chemie-international Edition, vol. 50, p. 11430-11432 (2011)
Doubly Charged Silver Clusters Stabilized by Tryptophan: Ag-4(2+) as an Optical Marker for Monitoring Particle Growth
Kulesza Alexander Mitric Roland Bonacic-Koutecky Vlasta Bellina Bruno Compagnon Isabelle Broyer Michel Antoine Rodolphe Dugourd Philippe
Angewandte Chemie-international Edition, vol. 50, p. 878-881 (2011)
UV spectroscopy of entire proteins in the gas phase
Bellina B. Compagnon I. Joly LL. Albrieux F. Allouche A. R. Bertorelle F. Lemoine J. Antoine R. Dugourd Ph
International Journal of Mass Spectrometry, vol. 297, p. 36-40 (2010)
In trap fragmentation and optical characterization of rotaxanes
Rijs Anouk M. Compagnon Isabelle Silva Alissa Hannam Jeffrey S. Leigh David A. Kay Euan R. Dugourd Philippe
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, vol. 12, p. 12556-12561 (2010)
Internal Proton Transfer Leading to Stable Zwitterionic Structures in a Neutral Isolated Peptide
Rijs Anouk M. Ohanessian Gilles Oomens Jos Meijer Gerard von Helden Gert Compagnon Isabelle
Angewandte Chemie-international Edition, vol. 49, p. 2332-2335 (2010)
Gas-Phase Synthesis and Intense Visible Absorption of Tryptophan-Gold Cations
Antoine Rodolphe Bertorelle Franck Broyer Michel Compagnon Isabelle Dugourd Philippe Kulesza Alexander Mitric Roland Bonacic-Koutecky Vlasta
Angewandte Chemie-international Edition, vol. 48, p. 7829-7832 (2009)
Photoabsorption and photofragmentation of isolated cationic silver cluster-tryptophan hybrid systems
Mitric Roland Petersen Jens Kulesza Alexander Bonacic-Koutecky Vlasta Tabarin Thibault Compagnon Isabelle Antoine Rodolphe Broyer Michel Dugourd Philippe
Journal of Chemical Physics, vol. 127, p. 134301 (2007)
Optical absorption of isolated silver cluster-tryptophan: A joint experimental and theoretical study
Tabarin T. Antoine R. Compagnon I. Broyer M. Dugourd P. Mitric R. Petersen J. Bonacic-Koutecky V.
European Physical Journal D, vol. 43, p. Royal Swedish Acad Sci; Nobel Inst Phys; Swedish S (2007)
Electron photodetachment dissociation of DNA polyanions in a quadrupole ion trap mass spectrometer
Gabelica Valerie Tabarin Thibault Antoine Rodolphe Rosu Frederic Compagnon Isabelle Broyer Michel De Pauw Edwin Dugourd Philippe
Analytical Chemistry, vol. 78, p. 6564-6572 (2006)
Secondary structures of short peptide chains in the gas phase: double resonance spectroscopy of protected dipeptides.
Chin Wutharath Dognon Jean-Pierre Canuel Clelia Piuzzi Francois Dimicoli Iliana Mons Michel Compagnon Isabelle von Helden Gert Meijer Gerard
The Journal of chemical physics, vol. 122, p. 54317-54317 (2005)
Application of molecular beam deflection time-of-flight mass spectrometry to peptide analysis
Antoine R. Compagnon I. Rayane D. Broyer M. Dugourd P. Sommerer N. Rossignol M. Pippen D. Hagemeister F. C. Jarrold M. F.
Analytical Chemistry, vol. 75, p. 5512-5516 (2003)
Structural electric dipole in small ionic nanocrystals
Chemical Physics Letters, vol. 367, p. PII S0009-2614(02)01696-2 (2003)
Electric susceptibility of unsolvated glycine-based peptides
Antoine R. Compagnon I. Rayane D. Broyer M. Dugourd P. Breaux G. Hagemeister F. C. Pippen D. Hudgins R. R. Jarrold M. F.
Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol. 124, p. 6737-6741 (2002)
Electric dipole moments and conformations of isolated peptides
Antoine R. Compagnon I. Rayane D. Broyer M. Dugourd P. Breaux G. Hagemeister F. C. Pippen D. Hudgins R. R. Jarrold M. F.
European Physical Journal D, vol. 20, p. 583-587 (2002)
Electric dipole moments and polarizabilities of single excess electron sodium fluoride clusters: Experiment and theory
Rayane D. Compagnon I. Antoine R. Broyer M. Dugourd P. Labastie P. L[QUOTE]Hermite J. M. Le Padellec A. Durand G. Calvo F. Spiegelman F. Allouche A. R.
Journal of Chemical Physics, vol. 116, p. 10730-10738 (2002)
Permanent electric dipole and conformation of unsolvated tryptophan
Compagnon I. Hagemeister F. C. Antoine R. Rayane D. Broyer M. Dugourd P. Hudgins R. R. Jarrold M. F.
Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol. 123, p. 8440-8441 (2001)
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