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From Dark Matter to Brittle Fracture
Di Stefano P. C. F. Bouard C. Ciliberto S. Deschanel S. Ramos O. Santucci S. Tantot A. Vanel L. Zaim N.
Fracture, Fatigue, Failure and Damage Evolution, Vol 8, vol. 8, p. Soc Experimental Mech (2016)
A Granular Experiment Approach To Earthquakes
Lherminier S. Planet R. Simon G. Maloy K. J. Vanel L. Ramos O.
Revista Cubana De Fisica, vol. 33, p. 55-58 (2016)
Repulsion and Attraction between a Pair of Cracks in a Plastic Sheet
Dalbe Marie-Julie Koivisto Juha Vanel Loic Miksic Amandine Ramos Osvanny Alava Mikko Santucci Stephane
Physical Review Letters, vol. 114, p. 205501 (2015)
High Frequency Monitoring Reveals Aftershocks in Subcritical Crack Growth
Stojanova M. Santucci S. Vanel L. Ramos O.
Physical Review Letters, vol. 112, p. 115502 (2014)
Revealing the Structure of a Granular Medium through Ballistic Sound Propagation
Lherminier S. Planet R. Simon G. Vanel L. Ramos O.
Physical Review Letters, vol. 113, p. 098001 (2014)
Experimental Study of the Effect of Disorder on Subcritical Crack Growth Dynamics
Ramos O. Cortet P.-P. Ciliberto S. Vanel L.
Phys. Rev. Lett., vol. 110, p. 165506- (2013)
Foraging at the Edge of Chaos: Internal Clock versus External Forcing
Nicolis S. C. Fernandez J. Perez-Penichet C. Noda C. Tejera F. Ramos O. Sumpter D. J. T. Altshuler E.
Physical Review Letters, vol. 110, p. 268104 (2013)
Sound and light from fractures in scintillators.
Tantot A. Santucci S. Ramos O. Deschanel S. Verdier M. -. A. Mony E. Wei Y. Ciliberto S. Vanel L. Di Stefano P. C. F.
Physical review letters, vol. 111, p. 154301-154301 (2013)
Softening Induced Instability of a Stretched Cohesive Granular Layer
Alarcon H. Ramos O. Vanel L. Vittoz F. Melo F. Geminard J. C.
Physical Review Letters, vol. 105, p. 208001 (2010)
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