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Bureau: KASTLER / RdC / 10-010A-B
Position: IGR
Email: xavier.dagany[at]
3 publications à l'ILM ces 5 dernières années. Voir les 8 pubblications des 15 dernières années.
Tandem ion mobility spectrometry coupled to laser excitation
Review of Scientific Instruments, vol. 86, p. Review of Scientific Instruments (2015)
Profiling an electrospray plume by laser-induced fluorescence and Fraunhofer diffraction combined to mass spectrometry: influence of size and composition of droplets on charge-state distributions of electrosprayed proteins
Girod Marion Dagany Xavier Boutou Veronique Broyer Michel Antoine Rodolphe Dugourd Philippe Mordehai Alex Love Craig Werlich Mark Fjeldsted John Stafford George
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, vol. 14, p. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (2012)
Multisample matrix-assisted laser desorption source for molecular beams of neutral peptides
Review of Scientific Instruments, vol. 77, p. Review of Scientific Instruments (2006)
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