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Thermodynamics of Fluid Polyamorphism
Anisimov M. A. Duska M. Caupin F. Amrhein L. E. Rosenbaum A. Sadus R. J.
Physical Review X, vol. 8, p. 011004 (2018)
Shrinking of Rapidly Evaporating Water Microdroplets Reveals their Extreme Supercooling
Goy Claudia Potenza Marco A. C. Dedera Sebastian Tomut Marilena Guillerm Emmanuel Kalinin Anton Voss Kay-Obbe Schottelius Alexander Petridis Nikolaos Prosvetov Alexey Tejeda Guzman Fernandez Jose M. Trautmann Christina Caupin Frederic Glasma
Physical Review Letters, vol. 120, p. 015501 (2018)
Two-structure thermodynamics for the TIP4P/2005 model of water covering supercooled and deeply stretched regions
Biddle John W. Singh Rakesh S. Sparano Evan M. Ricci Francesco Gonzalez Miguel A. Valeriani Chantal Abascal Jose L. F. Debenedetti Pablo G. Anisimov Mikhail A. Caupin Frederic
Journal of Chemical Physics, vol. 146, p. 034502 (2017)
Compressibility Anomalies in Stretched Water and Their Interplay with Density Anomalies
Holten Vincent Qiu Chen Guillerm Emmanuel Wilke Max Ricka Jaroslav Frenz Martin Caupin Frederic
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, vol. 8, p. 5519-5522 (2017)
Equation of state for water and its line of density maxima down to -120 MPa.
Pallares Gael Gonzalez Miguel A. Abascal Jose Luis F. Valeriani Chantal Caupin Frederic
Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP, vol. 18, p. 5896-900 (2016)
Water: A Tale of Two Liquids
Gallo Paola Arnann-Winkel Katrin Angell Charles Austen Anisimov Mikhail Alexeevich Caupin Frederic Chakravarty Charusita Lascaris Erik Loerting Thomas Panagiotopoulos Athanassios Zois Russo John Sellberg Jonas Alexander Stanley Harry Eugene Ta
Chemical Reviews, vol. 116, p. 7463-7500 (2016)
A comprehensive scenario of the thermodynamic anomalies of water using the TIP4P/2005 model
Gonzalez Miguel A. Valeriani Chantal Caupin Frederic Abascal Jose L. F.
Journal of Chemical Physics, vol. 145, p. 054505 (2016)
Molecular mechanism for cavitation in water under tension
Menzl Georg Gonzalez Miguel A. Geiger Philipp Caupin Frederic Abascal Jose L. F. Valeriani Chantal Dellago Christoph
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol. 113, p. 13582-13587 (2016)
Escaping the no man[QUOTE]s land: Recent experiments on metastable liquid water
Journal of Non-crystalline Solids, vol. 407, p. Energia Campus Int Excellence; Barcelona Knowledge (2015)
Brillouin spectroscopy of fluid inclusions proposed as a paleothermometer for subsurface rocks
El Mekki-Azouzi Mouna Tripathi Chandra Shekhar Pati Pallares Gael Gardien Veronique Caupin Frederic
Scientific Reports, vol. 5, p. 13168 (2015)
Viscosity of deeply supercooled water and its coupling to molecular diffusion
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol. 112, p. 12020-12025 (2015)
Anomalies in bulk supercooled water at negative pressure
Pallares G. Azouzi M. E. Gonzalez M. A. Aragones J. L. Abascal J. L. F. Valeriani C. Caupin F.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol. 111, p. 7936-7941 (2014)
Detecting vapour bubbles in simulations of metastable water
Gonzalez M. A. Menzl G. Aragones J. L. Geiger P. Caupin F. Abascal J. L. F. Dellago C. Valeriani C.
Journal of Chemical Physics, vol. 141, p. 18C511 (2014)
A coherent picture of water at extreme negative pressure
Azouzi Mouna El Mekki Ramboz Claire Lenain Jean-Francois Caupin Frederic
Nature Physics, vol. 9, p. 38-41 (2013)
The Stability Limit and Other Open Questions On Water At Negative Pressure
Caupin Frederic Stroock Abraham D.
Liquid Polymorphism, vol. 152, p. 51-80 (2013)
Exploring water and other liquids at negative pressure
Caupin Frederic Arvengas Arnaud Davitt Kristina Azouzi Mouna El Mekki Shmulovich Kirill I. Ramboz Claire Sessoms David A. Stroock Abraham D.
Journal of Physics-condensed Matter, vol. 24, p. 284110 (2012)
Cavitation in Heavy Water and Other Liquids
Arvengas Arnaud Herbert Eric Cersoy Sophie Davitt Kristina Caupin Frederic
Journal of Physical Chemistry B, vol. 115, p. 14240-14245 (2011)
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