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GUY Stephan
Matériaux et Nanostructures Photoniques
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11 publications à l'ILM ces 5 dernières années. Voir les 26 pubblications des 15 dernières années.
Au-10(SG)(10): A Chiral Gold Catenane Nanocluster with Zero Confined Electrons. Optical Properties and First-Principles Theoretical Analysis
Bertorelle F. Russier-Antoine I. Calin N. Comby-Zerbino C. Bensalah-Ledoux A. Guy S. Dugourd P. Brevet P. F. Sanader Z. Krstic M. Bonacic-Koutecky V. Antoine R.
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, vol. 8, p. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters (2017)
Large-Scale Synthesis of Helicene-Like Molecules for the Design of Enantiopure Thin Films with Strong Chiroptical Activity
Bensalah-Ledoux Amina Pitrat Delphine Reynaldo Thibault Srebro-Hooper Monika Moore Barry II Autschbach Jochen Crassous Jeanne Guy Stephan Guy Laure
Chemistry-a European Journal, vol. 22, p. Chemistry-a European Journal (2016)
The growth of zinc phthalocyanine thin films by pulsed laser deposition
Novotny Michal Sebera Jakub Bensalah-Ledoux Amina Guy Stephan Bulir Jiri Fitl Premysl Vlcek Jan Zakutna Dominika Maresova Eva Hubik Pavel Kratochvilova Irena Vrnata Martin Lancok Jan
Journal of Materials Research, vol. 31, p. Journal of Materials Research (2016)
Chiral supramolecular gold-cysteine nanoparticles: Chiroptical and nonlinear optical properties
Progress In Natural Science-materials International, vol. 26, p. Progress In Natural Science-materials International (2016)
Symmetry breaking and birth of chirality in molecular film at the air/water interface: an approach with nonlinear optics
Organic Photonic Materials and Devices Xvii, vol. 9360, p. Organic Photonic Materials and Devices Xvii (2015)
Optimization of optical properties of high chiral planar waveguides obtained by sol-gel method
Hadiouche D. Le Luyer C. Guy L. Bensalah-Ledoux A. Saoudi S. Khireddine H. Guy S.
Optical Materials, vol. 36, p. Optical Materials (2014)
Optical properties of zinc phthalocyanine thin films prepared by pulsed laser deposition
Novotny M. Bulir J. Bensalah-Ledoux A. Guy S. Fitl P. Vrnata M. Lancok J. Moine B.
Applied Physics A-materials Science [SLASH]& Processing, vol. 117, p. Applied Physics A-materials Science [SLASH]& Processing (2014)
Chiral Supramolecular Assemblies from Achiral and Chiral Molecules Investigated by Second Harmonic Generation at the Air-Water Interface
Light Manipulating Organic Materials and Devices, vol. 9181, p. Light Manipulating Organic Materials and Devices (2014)
Chiral organic thin films: How far pulsed laser deposition can conserve chirality
Guy S. Bensalah-Ledoux A. Lambert A. Guillin Y. Guy L. Mulatier J. C.
Thin Solid Films, vol. 520, p. Thin Solid Films (2012)
Fluoride and oxyfluoride glasses for optical applications
Nazabal V. Poulain M. Olivier M. Pirasteh P. Camy P. Doualan J. -. L. Guy S. Djouama T. Boutarfaia A. Adam J. L.
Journal of Fluorine Chemistry, vol. 134, p. Journal of Fluorine Chemistry (2012)
Sol-gel chirowaveguides investigated via MLine technique
Guy S. Stoita-Crisan A. Bensalah-Ledoux A. Vautey T. Guy L.
Optical Materials, vol. 34, p. Optical Materials (2011)
Impact of the radiation trapping on lifetime measurement of Er3+ doped glasses
Stoita A. Vautey T. Jacquier B. Guy S.
Journal of Luminescence, vol. 130, p. Journal of Luminescence (2010)
The use of LCMS as an analytical tool for hydrolysis/polycondensation monitoring of a chiral ORMOSIL precursor
Guy L. Vautey T. Le Luyer C. Guy S.
Journal of Sol-gel Science and Technology, vol. 52, p. Journal of Sol-gel Science and Technology (2009)
Pure chiral organic thin films with high isotropic optical activity synthesized by UV pulsed laser deposition
Guy Stephan Guy Laure Bensalah-Ledoux Amina Pereira Antonio Grenard Vincent Cosso Olivier Vautey Teophile
Journal of Materials Chemistry, vol. 19, p. Journal of Materials Chemistry (2009)
Nd3+-doped LiYF4 thin films prepared by pulsed laser deposition
Garapon C. Guy S. Skasasian S. Bensalah A. Champeaux C. Brenier R.
Applied Physics A-Materials Science [SLASH]& Processing, vol. 91, p. Applied Physics A-Materials Science [SLASH]& Processing (2008)
Measurement of the fraction of reabsorbed light in an Er3+-doped glass
Stoita A. Guy S. Jacquier B.
Applied Physics B-lasers and Optics, vol. 87, p. Applied Physics B-lasers and Optics (2007)
Preparation by PVD of Er/Ce-doped PZG fluoride glass channel waveguide for integrated optical amplifiers at 1.5 mu m
Gao Y. P. Boulard B. Couchaud M. Vasilief I. Guy S. Duverger C. Jacquier B.
Optical Materials, vol. 28, p. Optical Materials (2006)
Excited states Tm spectroscopy in ZBLAN glass for S-band amplifier
Guy S. Jurdyc A. M. Jacquier B. Meffre W. M.
Optics Communications, vol. 250, p. Optics Communications (2005)
Propagation losses and gain measurements in erbium-doped fluoride glass channel waveguides by use of a double-pass technique
Vasilief I. Guy S. Jacquier B. Boulard B. Gao Y. P. Duverger C. Haquin H. Nazabal V. Adam J. L. Couchaud M. Fulbert L. Cassagnettes C. Rooms F. Barbier D.
Applied Optics, vol. 44, p. Applied Optics (2005)
Structural properties and luminescence of rare-earth ions in transition-metal fluoride glasses
Boulard B. Guy S. Vasiliev I. Jestin Y. Duverger C. Ferrari M.
Philosophical Magazine, vol. 84, p. Philosophical Magazine (2004)
Two crystallographic sites in erbium-doped fluoride glass by frequency-resolved and site-selective spectroscopies
Guy S. Bigot L. Vasilief I. Jacquier B. Boulard B. Gao Y. P.
Journal of Non-crystalline Solids, vol. 336, p. Journal of Non-crystalline Solids (2004)
Frequency modulation spectroscopy of erbium-cerium codoped fluoride glasses for optical amplifiers
Vasilief I. Guy S. Jacquier B. Haquin H. Fonteneau G. Adam J. L. Couchaud M. Fulbert L. Rabarot M. Boulard B. Gao Y. Duverger C.
Optical Materials, vol. 24, p. Optical Materials (2003)
Structure of fluoride glasses analyzed by fluorescence line narrowing spectroscopy
Vasilief I. Guy S. Bigot L. Jacquier B. Boulard B. Duverger C. Gao Y.
Journal De Physique Iv, vol. 12, p. Journal De Physique Iv (2002)
Optical properties of Tm3+ ions in GeGaSSb glasses
Jurdyc A. M. Rault G. Meffre W. Le Person J. Guy S. Smektala F. Adam J. L.
Rare-earth-doped Materials and Devices Vi, vol. 4645, p. Rare-earth-doped Materials and Devices Vi (2002)
Efficient 4f(3)(F-4(3/2))-> 4f(2)5d excited-state absorption in Nd3+ doped fluoride crystals
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, vol. 323, p. Journal of Alloys and Compounds (2001)
Room temperature photon avalanche in Ho3+ doped YAF, YAP, YLF and ZBLAN
Malinowski M. Wnuk A. Frukacz Z. Chadeyron G. Mahiou R. Guy S. Joubert M. F.
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, vol. 323, p. Journal of Alloys and Compounds (2001)
Room temperature photon avalanche upconversion in Tm3+-doped fluoroindate glasses
Martin I. R. Rodriguez V. D. Guyot Y. Guy S. Boulon G. Joubert M. F.
Journal of Physics-condensed Matter, vol. 12, p. Journal of Physics-condensed Matter (2000)
Study on 4F(2)5d <-> 4f(3) in Nd(III)-doped fluorides
Guy S. Guyot Y. Tkachuk A. M. Razumova I. K. Joubert M. F.
Journal De Physique Iv, vol. 10, p. Journal De Physique Iv (2000)
Rare earth-doped confined structures for amplifiers and lasers
Jacquier B. Lebrasseur E. Guy S. Belarouci A. Menchini F.
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, vol. 303, p. Journal of Alloys and Compounds (2000)
Violet upconverted luminescence via photon-avalanche pumping in monoclinic LiKYF5 : Nd3+ single-centered laser crystals
Chadeyron G. Mahiou R. Joubert M. F. Guy S. Jacquier B. Kaminskii A. A. Khaidukov N. M.
Physica Status Solidi A-applied Research, vol. 171, p. Physica Status Solidi A-applied Research (1999)
Photon avalanche upconversion in YAlO3 : Ho3+ crystals
Joubert M. F. Guy S. Malinowski M. Piramidowicz R. Wnuk A. Chadeyron G.
Radiation Effects and Defects In Solids, vol. 150, p. Radiation Effects and Defects In Solids (1999)
Room-temperature photon avalanche upconversion in Tm3+: Y2O3 crystals
Martin I. R. Goutaudier C. Guy S. Guyot Y. Boulon G. Cohen-Adad M. T. Joubert M. F.
Physical Review B, vol. 60, p. Physical Review B (1999)
Photon avalanche upconversion in various Tm3+-doped materials
Guy S. Joubert M. F. Jacquier B.
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, vol. 275, p. Journal of Alloys and Compounds (1998)
High-inversion densities in Nd : YAG: Upconversion and bleaching
Guy S. Bonner C. L. Shepherd D. P. Hanna D. C. Tropper A. C.
Ieee Journal of Quantum Electronics, vol. 34, p. Ieee Journal of Quantum Electronics (1998)
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