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Fast ultradense GdTa1-xNbxO4 scintillator crystals
Voloshyna O. Gerasymov I. Sidletskiy O. Kurtsev D. Gorbacheva T. Hubenko K. Boiaryntseva I. Ivanov A. Spassky D. Omelkov S. Belsky A.
Optical Materials, vol. 66, p. 332-337 (2017)
Growth of Ce-doped LGSO fiber-shaped crystals by the micro pulling down technique
Kononets V. Benamara O. Patton G. Dujardin C. Gridin S. Belsky A. Dobrovolskas D. Vaitkevicius A. Tamulaitis G. Baumer V. Belikov K. Sidletskiy O. Lebbou K.
Journal of Crystal Growth, vol. 412, p. 95-102 (2015)
Effect of the activator impurity on the scintillation yield in alkali-halide crystals
Gektin A. Gridin S. Vasyukov S. Vasil[QUOTE]ev A. Belsky A. Shiran N.
Physica Status Solidi B-basic Solid State Physics, vol. 252, p. 380-385 (2015)
The nature of luminescence centers in NaI:Eu single crystals
Shiran N. Gektin A. Boiaryntseva Ia. Vasyukov S. Gridin S. Belsky A.
Journal of Luminescence, vol. 164, p. 64-68 (2015)
Kinetic Model of Energy Relaxation in Csl:A (A = TI and In) Scintillators
Gridin S. Belsky A. Dujardin C. Gektin A. Shiran N. Vasil[QUOTE]ev A.
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, vol. 119, p. 20578-20590 (2015)
Deep traps can reduce memory effects of shallower ones in scintillators.
Moretti Federico Patton Gael Belsky Andrei Petrosyan Ashot G. Dujardin Christophe
Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP, vol. 18, p. 1178-84 (2015)
Scintillation Efficiency Improvement by Mixed Crystal Use
Gektin A. V. Belsky A. N. Vasil[QUOTE]ev A. N.
Ieee Transactions On Nuclear Science, vol. 61, p. 262-270 (2014)
Channels of Energy Losses and Relaxation in CsI:A Scintillators (A = Tl, In)
Gridin S. S. Belsky A. N. Shiran N. V. Gektin A. V.
Ieee Transactions On Nuclear Science, vol. 61, p. 246-251 (2014)
Energy Relaxation in LSO and LGSO Crystals Studied in the VUV Range
Kamenskikh I. A. Belsky A. N. Gektin A. V. Limonova M. V. Neicheva S. Sidletskiy O. C.
Ieee Transactions On Nuclear Science, vol. 61, p. 290-292 (2014)
Radioluminescence Sensitization in Scintillators and Phosphors: Trap Engineering and Modeling
Moretti F. Patton G. Belsky A. Fasoli M. Vedda A. Trevisani M. Bettinelli M. Dujardin C.
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, vol. 118, p. 9670-9676 (2014)
Scintillation properties of CsI:In single crystals
Gridin S. Belsky A. Moszynski M. Syntfeld-Kazuch A. Shiran N. Gektin A.
Nuclear Instruments [SLASH]& Methods In Physics Research Section A-accelerators Spectrometers Detect, vol. 761, p. 13-18 (2014)
Light yield sensitization by X-ray irradiation of the BaAl4O7:Eu2+ ceramic scintillator obtained by full crystallization of glass
Patton G. Moretti F. Belsky A. Al Saghir K. Chenu S. Matzen G. Allix M. Dujardin C.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, vol. 16, p. 24824-24829 (2014)
Light-yield improvement trends in mixed scintillation crystals
Sidletskiy O. Gektin A. Belsky A.
Physica Status Solidi A-applications and Materials Science, vol. 211, p. 2384-2387 (2014)
Phenomenological Approach to Prediction of Scintillation Yield in Mixed Crystals
Sidletskiy O. Gektin A. Grinyov B. Belsky A.
2014 Ieee International Conference On Oxide Materials For Electronic Engineering (omee), vol. aucun volume trouv, p. IEEE; Int Ctr Diffract Data; DEIS; IFPA; Minist Ed (2014)
Ce-doped Li(6)Ln(BO3)(3) (Ln = Y, Gd) Single crystals fibers grown by micro-pulling down method and luminescence properties
Koroleva T. S. Kidibaev M. M. Nehari A. Pedrini C. Lebbou K. Belsky A. N. Tcherepanov A. N. Ishchenko A. V. Ivanov V. Yu. Sedunova I. N. Teslenko O. S. Viktorov L. V. Shulgin B. V. Zheng L. H. Xu J. Kononets V. Sidletskiy O.
Optical Materials, vol. 35, p. 868-874 (2013)
A molecular precursor approach to monodisperse scintillating CeF3 nanocrystals.
Mishra Shashank Jeanneau Erwann Bulin Anne-Laure Ledoux Gilles Jouguet Bernadette Amans David Belsky Andrei Daniele Stephane Dujardin Christophe
Dalton transactions (Cambridge, England : 2003), vol. 42, p. 12633-43 (2013)
Intrinsic and impurity luminescence of rare earth ions doped KYE4 nanophosphors
Makhov V. N. Vanetsev A. S. Khaidukov N. M. Yin M. Wei X. T. Kotlov A. Belsky A. N.
Radiation Measurements, vol. 56, p. Ctr Innovat Competence SiLi Nano (2013)
Estimation of the Electron Thermalization Length in Ionic Materials
Belsky Andrei Ivanovskikh Konstantin Vasil[QUOTE]ev Andrey Joubert Marie-France Dujardin Christophe
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, vol. 4, p. 3534-3538 (2013)
Interaction of intense femtosecond laser pulses with KDP and DKDP crystals in the short wavelength regime
Duchateau Guillaume Geoffroy Ghita Belsky Andrei Fedorov Nikita Martin Patrick Guizard Stephane
Journal of Physics-condensed Matter, vol. 25, p. 435501 (2013)
Radiation hardness of LuAG:Ce and LuAG:Pr scintillator crystals
Derdzyan M. V. Ovanesyan K. L. Petrosyan A. G. Belsky A. Dujardin C. Pedrini C. Auffray E. Lecoq P. Lucchini M. Pauwels K.
Journal of Crystal Growth, vol. 361, p. 212-216 (2012)
Crossluminescence of Nanosized KYF4
Makhov Vladimir N. Vanetsev Alexander S. Khaidukov Nikolai M. Belsky Andrei N. Yin Min Wei XianTao Kotlov Aleksei
Ieee Transactions On Nuclear Science, vol. 59, p. 2102-2105 (2012)
Structure-Property Correlations in a Ce-Doped (Lu,Gd)(2)SiO5:Ce Scintillator
Sidletskiy Oleg Belsky Andrei Gektin Alexander Neicheva Svetlana Kurtsev Daniil Kononets Valerii Dujardin Christophe Lebbou Kheirreddine Zelenskaya Olga Tarasov Vladimir Belikov Konstantin Grinyov Boris
Crystal Growth [SLASH]& Design, vol. 12, p. 4411-4416 (2012)
Cerium-, praseodymium- and terbium-trapped excitons in oxides
Pedrini C. Belsky A. Ivanovskikh K. V. Petrosyan A. G. Sargsyan R. V. Kamenskikh I.
Chemical Physics Letters, vol. 515, p. 258-262 (2011)
Time-Resolved VUV Excited Luminescence of Y2O3-Yb Nanoparticles
Amans David Belsky Andrei Dujardin Christophe Hovsepyan Ashkhenh Kamenskikh Irina Kotlov Aleksei Ledoux Gilles Fedorov Nikita Pedrini Christian Vasil[QUOTE]ev Andrey N.
Ieee Transactions On Nuclear Science, vol. 57, p. Korean Minist Educ, Sci [SLASH]& Technol; Korean A (2010)
Luminescence and Scintillation Properties at the Nanoscale
Ieee Transactions On Nuclear Science, vol. 57, p. Korean Minist Educ, Sci [SLASH]& Technol; Korean A (2010)
Electron heating through a set of random levels in the conduction band of insulators induced by femtosecond laser pulses
Bachau H. Belsky A. N. Bogatyrev I. B. Gaudin J. Geoffroy G. Guizard S. Martin P. Popov Yu. V. Vasil[QUOTE]ev A. N. Yatsenko B. N.
Applied Physics A-materials Science [SLASH]& Processing, vol. 98, p. 679-689 (2010)
Probing the excitonic emission of ZnO nanoparticles using UV-VUV excitations
Tainoff D. Masenelli B. Melinon P. Belsky A. Ledoux G. Amans D. Dujardin C. Fedorov N. Martin P.
Journal Of Luminescence, vol. 129, p. 1798-1801 (2009)
Quenching of excitonic luminescence of alkaline earth fluorides excited by VUV harmonics of femtosecond laser
Fedorov N. Belsky A. Constant E. Descamps D. Martin P. Vasil[QUOTE]ev A. N.
Journal of Luminescence, vol. 129, p. Lyon 1; cnrs; lpcm; Univ Lyon (2009)
Exciton-exciton interactions in CdWO4 irradiated by intense femtosecond vacuum ultraviolet pulses
Kirm M. Nagirnyi V. Feldbach E. De Grazia M. Carre B. Merdji H. Guizard S. Geoffroy G. Gaudin J. Fedorov N. Martin P. Vasil[QUOTE]ev A. Belsky A.
Physical Review B, vol. 79, p. 233103 (2009)
Spectroscopic properties of CeF3 and LuF3 : Ce3+ thin films grown by molecular beam epitaxy
Dujardin C. Pedrini C. Garnier N. Belsky A. N. Lebbou K. Ko J. M. Fukuda T.
Optical Materials, vol. 16, p. 69-76 (2001)
Cerium-doped fluorescent and scintillating ionic crystals
Pedrini C. Dujardin C. Gacon J. C. Belsky A. N. Vasil[QUOTE]ev A. N. Petrosyan A. G.
Radiation Effects and Defects In Solids, vol. 154, p. 277-286 (2001)
Progress in the development of LuAlO3-based scintillators
Belsky A. N. Auffray E. Lecoq P. Dujardin C. Garnier N. Canibano H. Pedrini C. Petrosyan A. G.
Ieee Transactions On Nuclear Science, vol. 48, p. 1095-1100 (2001)
Luminescence of insulating crystals induced by an XUV laser
Belsky A. N. Kamenskikh I. A. Sebban S. Jaegle P. Jamelot G. Carillon A. Klisnick A. Zeitoun P. Albert F. Ros D. Rus B. Martin P. Pedrini C.
Journal De Physique Iv, vol. 11, p. Soc Francaise Phys; Soc Francaise Opt; Thomson CSF (2001)
CsI(Tl) layers spectroscopy - Comparison with crystals
Garnier N. Pedrini C. Dujardin C. Belsky A. N.
Radiation Effects and Defects In Solids, vol. 154, p. 383-386 (2001)
Growth and light yield performance of dense Ce3+-doped (Lu,Y)AlO3 solid solution crystals
Petrosyan A. G. Ovanesyan K. L. Shirinyan G. O. Butaeva T. I. Pedrini C. Dujardin C. Belsky A.
Journal of Crystal Growth, vol. 211, p. Assoc Crystal Growth; NASA, Div Micrograv Sci [SLA (2000)
Fast fluorescence and scintillation properties of cerium and praseodymium doped lutetium orthoborates
Zhang L. Pedrini C. Madej C. Dujardin C. Gacon J. C. Moine B. Kamenskikh I. Belsky A. Shaw D. A. Mac Donald M. A. Mesnard P. Fouassier C. Van[QUOTE]t Spijker J. C. van Eijk C. W. E.
Radiation Effects and Defects In Solids, vol. 150, p. 47-52 (1999)
Energy transfer in inorganic scintillators
Belsky A. N. Kamenskikh I. A. Mikhailin V. V. Pedrini C. Vasil[QUOTE]ev A. N.
Radiation Effects and Defects In Solids, vol. 150, p. 1-10 (1999)
On the role of the 4f-Lu level in the scintillation mechanisms of cerium-doped lutetium-based fluoride crystals
Blanc W. Dujardin C. Gacon J. C. Pedrini C. Moine B. Belsky A. N. Kamenskikh I. Kirm M. Zimmerer G.
Radiation Effects and Defects In Solids, vol. 150, p. 41-46 (1999)
Cerium-bound excitons and fluorescence quenching effects in cerium doped LaLuO3 single crystals
Pedrini C. Zhang L. Dujardin C. Petrosyan A. Belsky A. N.
Radiation Effects and Defects In Solids, vol. 150, p. 29-33 (1999)
Simulation of energy conversion and transfer in CeF3 after VUV photon absorption
Glukhov R. A. Belsky A. N. Pedrini C. Vasil[QUOTE]ev A. N.
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, vol. 275, p. ERES; Ctr Natl Rech Sci (CNRS); French Minist Educ (1998)
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