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6 publications à l'ILM ces 5 dernières années. Voir les 24 pubblications des 15 dernières années.
Structural and cooperative length scales in polymer gels.
The European physical journal. E, Soft matter, vol. 40, p. 5-5 (2017)
Elasticity and yielding of a calcite paste: scaling laws in a dense colloidal suspension
Liberto Teresa Le Merrer Marie Barentin Catherine Bellotto Maurizio Colombani Jean
Soft Matter, vol. 13, p. 2014-2023 (2017)
Capillary rise of yield-stress fluids
Geraud B. Jorgensen L. Petit L. Delanoe-Ayari H. Jop P. Barentin C.
Epl, vol. 107, p. 58002 (2014)
Confined flows of a polymer microgel.
Geraud Baudouin Bocquet Lyderic Barentin Catherine
The European physical journal. E, Soft matter, vol. 36, p. 9845-9845 (2013)
Multicellular aggregates: a model system for tissue rheology.
Vasilica Stirbat Tomita Tlili Sham Houver Thibault Rieu Jean-Paul Barentin Catherine Delanoe-Ayari Helene
The European physical journal. E, Soft matter, vol. 36, p. 9898-9898 (2013)
Yielding dynamics of a Herschel-Bulkley fluid: a critical-like fluidization behaviour
Divoux Thibaut Tamarii David Barentin Catherine Teitel Stephen Manneville Sebastien
SOFT MATTER, vol. 8, p. 4151-4164 (2012)
Stress Overshoot In A Simple Yield Stress Fluid: An Extensive Study Combining Rheology And Velocimetry
Divoux Thibaut And Barentin Catherine And Manneville Sebastien
Soft Matter, vol. 7, p. 9335-9349 (2011)
From Stress-Induced Fluidization Processes To Herschel-Bulkley Behaviour In Simple Yield Stress Fluids
Divoux Thibaut And Barentin Catherine And Manneville Sebastien
Soft Matter, vol. 7, p. 8409-8418 (2011)
Transient Shear Banding in a Simple Yield Stress Fluid
Divoux T. Tamarii D. Barentin C. Manneville S.
Physical Review Letters, vol. 104, p. 208301 (2010)
Shear-induced fragmentation of laponite suspensions
Gibaud T. Barentin C. Taberlet N. Manneville S.
Soft Matter, vol. 5, p. 3026-3037 (2009)
Dynamics of fakir liquids: from slip to Splash
Journal Of Adhesion Science And Technology, vol. 22, p. 335-351 (2008)
Fluorescent or not? Size-dependent fluorescence switching for polymer-stabilized gold clusters in the 1.1-1.7 nm size range
Schaeffer N. Tan B. Dickinson C. Rosseinsky M. J. Laromaine A. McComb D. W. Stevens M. M. Wang Y. Q. Petit L. Barentin C. Spiller D. G. Cooper A. I. Levy R.
Chemical Communications, vol. 34, p. 3986-3988 (2008)
Tracer diffusion in a soft glassy material
Petit L. Barentin C. Colombani J. Ybert C. Barrat J. L. Bocquet L.
XVth International Congress On Rheology - AIP Conf. Proc., vol. 1027, p. 734-736 (2008)
Influence of boundary conditions on yielding in a soft glassy material
T. Gibaud C. Barentin S. Manneville
Physical Review Letters, vol. 101, p. 258302 (2008)
Flow and segregation in sheared granular slurries
Barentin C. Azanza E. Pouligny B.
Europhysics Letters, vol. 66, p. 139-145 (2004)
Cell movements and mechanical force distribution during the migration of Dictyostelium slugs
Rieu J. P. Barentin C. Sawai S. Maeda Y. Sawada Y.
Journal of Biological Physics, vol. 30, p. 345-364 (2004)
Freezing Of Very Asymmetric Binary Hard-Sphere Mixtures
Journal Of Physics-Condensed Matter, vol. 7, p. L13-L17 (1995)
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