Dynamique Multi-Echelles d’Edifices moléculaires
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IRMPD Spectroscopy Sheds New (Infrared) Light on the Sulfate Pattern of Carbohydrates
Schindler B. Barnes L. Gray C. J. Chambert S. Flitsch S. L. Oomens J. Daniel R. Allouche A. R. Compagnon I.
Journal of Physical Chemistry A, vol. 121, p. Journal of Physical Chemistry A (2017)
Influence of long-range Coulomb interaction in velocity map imaging
Barillot T. Bredy R. Celep G. Cohen S. Compagnon I. Concina B. Constant E. Danakas S. Kalaitzis P. Karras G. Lepine F. Loriot V. Marciniak A. Predelus-Renois G. Schindler B. Bordas C.
Journal of Chemical Physics, vol. 147, p. Journal of Chemical Physics (2017)
Bottom-Up Elucidation of Glycosidic Bond Stereochemistry
Gray C. J. Schindler B. Migas L. G. Picmanova M. Allouche A. R. Green A. P. Mandal S. Motawia M. S. Sanchez-Perez R. Bjarnholt N. Moller B. L. Rijs A. M. Barran P. E. Compagnon I. Eyers C. E. Flitsch S. L.
Analytical Chemistry, vol. 89, p. Analytical Chemistry (2017)
Resolving XUV induced femtosecond and attosecond dynamics in polyatomic molecules with a compact attosecond beamline
Loriot V. Marciniak A. Quintard L. Despre V. Schindler B. Compagnon I. Concina B. Celep G. Bordas C. Catoire F. Constant E. Lepine F.
Xxix International Conference On Photonic, Electronic, and Atomic Collisions (icpeac2015), Pts 1-12, vol. 635, p. Xxix International Conference On Photonic, Electronic, and Atomic Collisions (icpeac2015), Pts 1-12 (2015)
Distinguishing isobaric phosphated and sulfated carbohydrates by coupling of mass spectrometry with gas phase vibrational spectroscopy
Schindler B. Joshi J. Allouche A. R. Simon D. Chambert S. Brites V. Gaigeot M. P. Compagnon I.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, vol. 16, p. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (2014)
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