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Comparison of Different Ion Mobility Setups Using Poly (Ethylene Oxide) PEO Polymers: Drift Tube, TIMS, and T-Wave
Haler J. R. N. Massonnet P. Chirot F. Kune C. Comby-Zerbino C. Jordens J. Honing M. Mengerink Y. Far J. Dugourd P. De Pauw E.
Journal of the American Society For Mass Spectrometry, vol. 29, p. Journal of the American Society For Mass Spectrometry (2018)
Conformational Dynamics in Ion Mobility Data
Poyer S. Comby-Zerbino C. Choi C. M. MacAleese L. Deo C. Bogliotti N. Xie J. Salpin J. Y. Dugourd P. Chirot F.
Analytical Chemistry, vol. 89, p. Analytical Chemistry (2017)
Au-10(SG)(10): A Chiral Gold Catenane Nanocluster with Zero Confined Electrons. Optical Properties and First-Principles Theoretical Analysis
Bertorelle F. Russier-Antoine I. Calin N. Comby-Zerbino C. Bensalah-Ledoux A. Guy S. Dugourd P. Brevet P. F. Sanader Z. Krstic M. Bonacic-Koutecky V. Antoine R.
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, vol. 8, p. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters (2017)
Zwitterion functionalized gold nanoclusters for multimodal near infrared fluorescence and photoacoustic imaging
Shen D. J. Henry M. Trouillet V. Comby-Zerbino C. Bertorelle F. Sancey L. Antoine R. Coll J. L. Josserand V. Le Guevel X.
Apl Materials, vol. 5, p. Apl Materials (2017)
Size Characterization of Glutathione-Protected Gold Nanoclusters in the Solid, Liquid and Gas Phases
Soleilhac Antonin Bertorelle Franck Comby-Zerbino Clothilde Chirot Fabien Calin Nathalie Dugourd Philippe Antoine Rodolphe
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, vol. 121, p. Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2017)
Bulky Counterions: Enhancing the Two-Photon Excited Fluorescence of Gold Nanoclusters.
Bertorelle Franck Moulin Christophe Soleilhac Antonin Comby-Zerbino Clothilde Dugourd Philippe Russier-Antoine Isabelle Brevet Pierre-Francois Antoine Rodolphe
Chemphyschem : a European journal of chemical physics and physical chemistry, vol. aucun volume trouv, p. Chemphyschem : a European journal of chemical physics and physical chemistry (2017)
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