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Ultrasmall Silica-Based Bismuth Gadolinium Nanoparticles for Dual Magnetic Resonance-Computed Tomography Image Guided Radiation Therapy
Detappe Alexandre Thomas Eloise Tibbitt Mark W. Kunjachan Sijumon Zavidij Oksana Parnandi Nishita Reznichenko Elizaveta Lux Francois Tillemen Olivier Berbeco Ross
Nano Letters, vol. 17, p. Nano Letters (2017)
Ga-68-radiolabeled AGuIX nanoparticles as dual-modality imaging agents for PET/MRI-guided radiation therapy
Bouziotis P. Stellas D. Thomas E. Truillet C. Tsoukalas C. Lux F. Tsotakos T. Xanthopoulos S. Paravatou-Petsotas M. Gaitanis A. Moulopoulos L. A. Koutoulidis V. Anagnostopoulos C. D. Tillement O.
Nanomedicine, vol. 12, p. Nanomedicine (2017)
Multimodal imaging Gd-nanoparticles functionalized with Pittsburgh compound B or a nanobody for amyloid plaques targeting
Pansieri J. Plissonneau M. Stransky-Heilkron N. Dumoulin M. Heinrich-Balard L. Rivory P. Morfin J. F. Toth E. Saraiva M. J. Allemann E. Tillement O. Forge V. Lux F. Marquette C.
Nanomedicine, vol. 12, p. Nanomedicine (2017)
Silica-Based Bismuth-Gadolinium Nanoparticles for MRI and CT Image-Guided Radiation Therapy
Detappe A. Thomas E. Tibbitt M. Kunjachan S. Zavidij O. Parnandi N. Reznichenko E. Lux F. Tillement O. Berbeco R. I.
International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics, vol. 99, p. International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics (2017)
Radiosensitization of resistant (Head and Neck) tumor cells by metal nanoparticles
Falk M. Stefancikova L. Lacombe S. Salado D. Porcel E. Pagacova E. Tillement O. Lux F. Depes D. Falkova I. Bacikova A. Kozubek S.
Febs Journal, vol. 284, p. Febs Journal (2017)
Ultrasmall Theranostic Nanoparticles for the Treatment of Multiple Brain Metastases By Radiation Therapy: A First in Man
Lux F. Verry C. Dufort S. Tillement O. Le Duc G. Balosso J.
International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics, vol. 99, p. International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics (2017)
Magnetic Resonance Lymphography at 9.4 T Using a Gadolinium-Based Nanoparticle in Rats Investigations in Healthy Animals and in a Hindlimb Lymphedema Model
Mueller Andreas Fries Peter Jelvani Bijan Lux Francois Ruebe Claudia E. Kremp Stephanie Giovanoli Pietro Buecker Arno Menger Michael D. Laschke Matthias W. Frueh Florian S.
Investigative Radiology, vol. 52, p. Investigative Radiology (2017)
Ultrasmall AGuIX theranostic nanoparticles for vascular-targeted interstitial photodynamic therapy of glioblastoma
Thomas Eloise Colombeau Ludovic Gries Mickael Peterlini Thibaut Mathieu Clelia Thomas Noemie Boura Cedric Frochot Celine Vanderesse Regis Lux Francois Barberi-Heyob Muriel Tillement Olivier
International Journal of Nanomedicine, vol. 12, p. International Journal of Nanomedicine (2017)
Gadolinium-based nanoparticles as sensitizing agents to carbon ions in head and neck tumor cells
Wozny Anne-Sophie Aloy Marie-Therese Alphonse Gersende Magne Nicloas Janier Marc Tillement Olivier Lux Francois Beuve Michael Rodriguez-Lafrasse Claire
Nanomedicine-nanotechnology Biology and Medicine, vol. 13, p. Nanomedicine-nanotechnology Biology and Medicine (2017)
Pushing radiation therapy limitations with theranostic nanoparticles
Detappe Alexandre Lux Francois Tillement Olivier
Nanomedicine, vol. 11, p. Nanomedicine (2016)
Gadolinium-Based Nanoparticles and Radiation Therapy for Multiple Brain Melanoma Metastases: Proof of Concept before Phase I Trial.
Kotb Shady Detappe Alexandre Lux Francois Appaix Florence Barbier Emmanuel L. Tran Vu-Long Plissonneau Marie Gehan Helene Lefranc Florence Rodriguez-Lafrasse Claire Verry Camille Berbeco Ross Tillement Olivier Sancey Lucie
Theranostics, vol. 6, p. Theranostics (2016)
Improving proton therapy by metal-containing nanoparticles: nanoscale insights
Schlatholter Thomas Eustache Pierre Porcel Erika Salado Daniela Stefancikova Lenka Tillement Olivier Lux Francois Mowat Pierre Biegun Aleksandra K. van Goethem Marc-Jan Remita Hynd Lacombe Sandrine
International Journal of Nanomedicine, vol. 11, p. International Journal of Nanomedicine (2016)
The High Radiosensitizing Efficiency of a Trace of Gadolinium-Based Nanoparticles in Tumors
Dufort Sandrine Le Duc Geraldine Salome Murielle Bentivegna Valerie Sancey Lucie Brauer-Krisch Elke Requardt Herwig Lux Francois Coll Jean-Luc Perriat Pascal Roux Stephane Tillement Olivier
Scientific Reports, vol. 6, p. Scientific Reports (2016)
3D Imaging of Nanoparticle Distribution in Biological Tissue by Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
Gimenez Y. Busser B. Trichard F. Kulesza A. Laurent J. M. Zaun V. Lux F. Benoit J. M. Panczer G. Dugourd P. Tillement O. Pelascini F. Sancey L. Motto-Ros V.
Scientific Reports, vol. 6, p. Scientific Reports (2016)
Minor changes in the macrocyclic ligands but major consequences on the efficiency of gold nanoparticles designed for radiosensitization
Laurent G. Bernhard C. Dufort S. Sanchez G. Jimenez Bazzi R. Boschetti F. Moreau M. Vu T. H. Collin B. Oudot A. Herath N. Requardt H. Laurent S. Elst L. Vander Muller R. Dutreix M. Meyer M. Brunotte F. Perriat P. Lux F. Tillement O. L
Nanoscale, vol. 8, p. Nanoscale (2016)
Synthesis and Characterization of Zr-89-Labeled Ultrasmall Nanoparticles
Truillet Charles Thomas Eloise Lux Francois Huynh Loc T. Tillement Olivier Evans Michael J.
Molecular Pharmaceutics, vol. 13, p. Molecular Pharmaceutics (2016)
Key clinical beam parameters for nanoparticle-mediated radiation dose amplification
Detappe Alexandre Kunjachan Sijumon Drane Pascal Kotb Shady Myronakis Marios Biancur Douglas E. Ireland Thomas Wagar Matthew Lux Francois Tillement Olivier Berbeco Ross
Scientific Reports, vol. 6, p. Scientific Reports (2016)
Effect of gadolinium-based nanoparticles on nuclear DNA damage and repair in glioblastoma tumor cells
Stefancikova Lenka Lacombe Sandrine Salado Daniela Porcel Erika Pagacova Eva Tillement Olivier Lux Francois Depes Daniel Kozubek Stanislav Falk Martin
Journal of Nanobiotechnology, vol. 14, p. Journal of Nanobiotechnology (2016)
MRI-guided clinical 6-MV radiosensitization of glioma using a unique gadolinium-based nanoparticles injection
Verry Camille Dufort Sandrine Barbier Emmanuel Luc Montigon Olivier Peoc[QUOTE]h Michel Chartier Philippe Lux Francois Balosso Jacques Tillement Olivier Sancey Lucie Le Duc Geraldine
Nanomedicine, vol. 11, p. Nanomedicine (2016)
Safety Evaluation and Imaging Properties of Gadolinium-Based Nanoparticles in nonhuman primates
Kotb Shady Piraquive Joao Lamberton Franck Lux Francois Verset Michael Di Cataldo Vanessa Contamin Hugues Tillement Olivier Canet-Soulas Emmanuelle Sancey Lucie
Scientific Reports, vol. 6, p. Scientific Reports (2016)
MR imaging, targeting and characterization of pulmonary fibrosis using intra-tracheal administration of gadolinium-based nanoparticles.
Tassali Nawal Bianchi Andrea Lux Francois Raffard Gerard Sanchez Stephane Tillement Olivier Cremillieux Yannick
Contrast media [SLASH]& molecular imaging, vol. 11, p. Contrast media [SLASH]& molecular imaging (2016)
Characterization of the diffusion process of different Gadolinium-based nanoparticles within the brain tissue after ultrasound induced Blood-Brain Barrier permeabilization
Conti Allegra Magnin Remi Gerstenmayer Matthieu Lux Francois Tillement Olivier Meriaux Sebastien Della Penna Stefania Romani Gian Luca Dumont Erik Le Bihan Denis Larrat Benoit
2016 Ieee International Ultrasonics Symposium (ius), vol. aucun volume trouv, p. 2016 Ieee International Ultrasonics Symposium (ius) (2016)
Combining ultrasmall gadolinium-based nanoparticles with photon irradiation overcomes radioresistance of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma
Miladi Imen Aloy Marie-Therese Armandy Emma Mowat Pierre Kryza David Magne Nicolas Tillement Olivier Lux Francois Billotey Claire Janier Marc Rodriguez-Lafrasse Claire
Nanomedicine-nanotechnology Biology and Medicine, vol. 11, p. Nanomedicine-nanotechnology Biology and Medicine (2015)
Nebulized Gadolinium-Based Nanoparticles: A Theranostic Approach for Lung Tumor Imaging and Radiosensitization
Dufort Sandrine Bianchi Andrea Henry Maxime Lux Francois Le Duc Geraldine Josserand Veronique Louis Cedric Perriat Pascal Cremillieux Yannick Tillement Olivier Coll Jean-Luc
Small, vol. 11, p. Small (2015)
Long-Term in Vivo Clearance of Gadolinium-Based AGuIX Nanoparticles and Their Biocompatibility after Systemic Injection.
Sancey Lucie Kotb Shady Truillet Charles Appaix Florence Marais Arthur Thomas Eloise van der Sanden Boudewijn Klein Jean-Philippe Laurent Blandine Cottier Michele Antoine Rodolphe Dugourd Philippe Panczer Gerard Lux Francois Perriat Pascal
ACS nano, vol. 9, p. ACS nano (2015)
Multifunctional ultrasmall nanoplatforms for vascular-targeted interstitial photodynamic therapy of brain tumors guided by real-time MRI
Bechet Denise Auger Florent Couleaud Pierre Marty Eric Ravasi Laura Durieux Nicolas Bonnet Corinne Plenat Francois Frochot Celine Mordon Serge Tillement Olivier Vanderesse Regis Lux Francois Perriat Pascal Guillemin Francois Barberi-Heyob M
Nanomedicine-nanotechnology Biology and Medicine, vol. 11, p. Nanomedicine-nanotechnology Biology and Medicine (2015)
Orotracheal administration of contrast agents: a new protocol for brain tumor targeting
Bianchi Andrea Moncelet Damien Lux Francois Plissonneau Marie Rizzitelli Silvia Ribot Emeline Julie Tassali Nawal Bouchaud Veronique Tillement Olivier Voisin Pierre Cremillieux Yannick
Nmr In Biomedicine, vol. 28, p. Nmr In Biomedicine (2015)
Gadolinium-based nanoparticles for theranostic MRI-radiosensitization.
Lux Francois Sancey Lucie Bianchi Andrea Cremillieux Yannick Roux Stephane Tillement Olivier
Nanomedicine (London, England), vol. 10, p. Nanomedicine (London, England) (2015)
Gadolinium nanoparticles and contrast agent as radiation sensitizers
Taupin Florence Flaender Melanie Delorme Rachel Brochard Thierry Mayol Jean-Francois Arnaud Josiane Perriat Pascal Sancey Lucie Lux Francois Barth Rolf F. Carriere Marie Ravanat Jean-Luc Elleaume Helene
Physics In Medicine and Biology, vol. 60, p. Physics In Medicine and Biology (2015)
The electronic properties of mixed valence hydrated europium chloride thin film
Silly M. G. Charra F. Lux F. Lemercier G. Sirotti F.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, vol. 17, p. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (2015)
[Ultrasmall nanoparticles for radiotherapy: AGuIX].
Lux F. Detappe A. Dufort S. Sancey L. Louis C. Carme S. Tillement O.
Cancer radiotherapie : journal de la Societe francaise de radiotherapie oncologique, vol. 19, p. Cancer radiotherapie : journal de la Societe francaise de radiotherapie oncologique (2015)
Ultrasmall Nanoplatforms as Calcium-Responsive Contrast Agents for Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Moussaron Albert Vibhute Sandip Bianchi Andrea Guenduez Serhat Kotb Shady Sancey Lucie Motto-Ros Vincent Rizzitelli Silvia Cremillieux Yannick Lux Francois Logothetis Nikos K. Tillement Olivier Angelovski Goran
Small, vol. 11, p. Small (2015)
The In Vivo Radiosensitizing Effect of Gold Nanoparticles Based MRI Contrast Agents
Miladi I. Alric C. Dufort S. Mowat P. Dutour A. Mandon C. Laurent G. Brauer-Krisch E. Herath N. Coll J. L. Dutreix M. Lux F. Bazzi R. Billotey C. Janier M. Perriat P. Le Duc G. Roux S. Tillement O.
Small, vol. 10, p. Small (2014)
Targeting and in vivo imaging of non-small-cell lung cancer using nebulized multimodal contrast agents
Bianchi A. Dufort S. Lux F. Fortin P. Y. Tassali N. Tillement O. Coll J. L. Cremillieux Y.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol. 111, p. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2014)
A 5-(difluorenyl)-1,10-phenanthroline- based Ru( II) complex as a coating agent for potential multifunctional gold nanoparticles
Moreau J. Lux F. Four M. Olesiak-Banska J. Matczyszyn K. Perriat P. Frochot C. Arnoux P. Tillement O. Samoc M. Ponterini G. Roux S. Lemercier G.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, vol. 16, p. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (2014)
In vivo MRI for effective non-invasive detection and follow-up of an orthotopic mouse model of lung cancer
Bianchi A. Dufort S. Fortin P. Y. Lux F. Raffard G. Tassali N. Tillement O. Coll J. L. Cremillieux Y.
Nmr In Biomedicine, vol. 27, p. Nmr In Biomedicine (2014)
Quantitative biodistribution and pharmacokinetics of multimodal gadolinium-based nanoparticles for lungs using ultrashort TE MRI
Bianchi A. Dufort S. Lux F. Courtois A. Tillement O. Coll J. L. Cremillieux Y.
Magnetic Resonance Materials In Physics Biology and Medicine, vol. 27, p. Magnetic Resonance Materials In Physics Biology and Medicine (2014)
Active targeting with Y-90 radiolabelled octreotate functionalized AGuIX ultra-small nano particles
Maurin M. Karczmarczyk U. Garnuszek P. Mikolajczak R. Sawicka A. Truillet C. Lux F. Clabaut A. Tillement O.
Nuclear Medicine and Biology, vol. 41, p. Nuclear Medicine and Biology (2014)
The use of theranostic gadolinium-based nanoprobes to improve radiotherapy efficacy
Sancey L. Lux F. Kotb S. Roux S. Dufort S. Bianchi A. Cremillieux Y. Fries P. Coll J. L. Rodriguez-Lafrasse C. Janier M. Dutreix M. Barberi-Heyob M. Boschetti F. Denat F. Louis C. Porcel E. Lacombe S. Le Duc G. Deutsch E. Perfettini J.
British Journal of Radiology, vol. 87, p. British Journal of Radiology (2014)
The issues and tentative solutions for contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging at ultra-high field strength
Fries P. Morelli J. N. Lux F. Tillement O. Schneider G. Buecker A.
Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews-nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology, vol. 6, p. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews-nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology (2014)
Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy: a new approach for nanoparticle's mapping and quantification in organ tissue
Sancey L. Motto-Ros V. Kotb S. Wang X. Lux F. Panczer G. Yu J. Tillement O.
Journal of Visualized Experiments, vol. 88, p. Journal of Visualized Experiments (2014)
Small rigid platforms functionalization with quaternary ammonium: Targeting extracellular matrix of chondrosarcoma
Miot-Noirault E. Vidal A. Morlieras J. Bonazza P. Auzeloux P. Besse S. Dauplat M. M. Peyrode C. Degoul F. Billotey C. Lux F. Redini F. Tillement O. Chezal J. M. Kryza D. Janier M.
Nanomedicine-nanotechnology Biology and Medicine, vol. 10, p. Nanomedicine-nanotechnology Biology and Medicine (2014)
Gadolinium-based nanoparticles to improve the hadrontherapy performances
Porcel E. Tillement O. Lux F. Mowat P. Usami N. Kobayashi K. Furusawa Y. Le Sech C. Li S. Lacombe S.
Nanomedicine-nanotechnology Biology and Medicine, vol. 10, p. Nanomedicine-nanotechnology Biology and Medicine (2014)
Innovative multimodal DOTA/NODA nanoparticles for MRI and PET imaging for tumor detection.
Truillet Charles Bouziotis Penelope Tsoukalas Charalambos Sancey Lucie Denat Franck Boschetti Frederic Stellas Dimitris Anagnostopoulos Constantinos D. Koutoulidis Vassilis Moulopoulos Lia A. Lux Francois Perriat P. Tillement Olivier
EJNMMI physics, vol. 1, p. EJNMMI physics (2014)
Internalization pathways into cancer cells of gadolinium-based radiosensitizing nanoparticles
Rima Wael Sancey Lucie Aloy Marie-Therese Armandy Emma Alcantara Gustavo B. Epicier Thierry Malchere Annie Joly-Pottuz Lucile Mowat Pierre Lux Francois Tillement Olivier Burdin Beatrice Rivoire Annie Boule Christelle Anselme-Bertrand Isabell
Biomaterials, vol. 34, p. Biomaterials (2013)
In vivo evidence of the targeting of cartilaginous tissue by pyridinium functionalized nanoparticles.
Morlieras Jessica Chezal Jean-Michel Miot-Noirault Elizabeth Vidal Aurelien Besse Sophie Kryza David Truillet Charles Mignot Anna Antoine Rodolphe Dugourd Philippe Redini Francoise Sancey Lucie Lux Francois Perriat Pascal Janier Marc Tillem
Chemical communications (Cambridge, England), vol. 49, p. Chemical communications (Cambridge, England) (2013)
A top-down synthesis route to ultrasmall multifunctional gd-based silica nanoparticles for theranostic applications.
Mignot Anna Truillet Charles Lux Francois Sancey Lucie Louis Cedric Denat Franck Boschetti Frederic Bocher Laura Gloter Alexandre Stephan Odile Antoine Rodolphe Dugourd Philippe Luneau Dominique Novitchi Ghenadie Figueiredo Leandro Carlos d
Chemistry (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany), vol. 19, p. Chemistry (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany) (2013)
Slow CCL2-dependent translocation of biopersistent particles from muscle to brain
Khan Zakir Combadiere Christophe Authier Francois-Jerome Itier Valerie Lux Francois Exley Christopher Mahrouf-Yorgov Meriem Decrouy Xavier Moretto Philippe Tillement Olivier Gherardi Romain K. Cadusseau Josette
Bmc Medicine, vol. 11, p. Bmc Medicine (2013)
The biodistribution of gold nanoparticles designed for renal clearance.
Alric Christophe Miladi Imen Kryza David Taleb Jacqueline Lux Francois Bazzi Rana Billotey Claire Janier Marc Perriat Pascal Roux Stephane Tillement Olivier
Nanoscale, vol. 5, p. Nanoscale (2013)
Evidence of Mixed-Valence Hydrated Europium-Chloride Phase in Vacuum by Means of Optical and Electronic Spectroscopies
Silly Mathieu G. Blanchandin Stephanie Sirotti Fausto Lux Francois Chevreux Sylviane Lemercier Gilles Charra Fabrice
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, vol. 117, p. Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2013)
Bifunctional polypyridyl-Ru(ii) complex grafted onto gadolinium-based nanoparticles for MR-imaging and photodynamic therapy.
Truillet Charles Lux Francois Moreau Juliette Four Mickael Sancey Lucie Chevreux Sylviane Boeuf Gaelle Perriat Pascal Frochot Celine Antoine Rodolphe Dugourd Philippe Portefaix Christophe Hoeffel Christine Barberi-Heyob Muriel Terryn Christi
Dalton transactions (Cambridge, England : 2003), vol. 42, p. Dalton transactions (Cambridge, England : 2003) (2013)
Biodistribution of ultra small gadolinium-based nanoparticles as theranostic agent: Application to brain tumors
Miladi Imen Le Duc Geraldine Kryza David Berniard Aurelie Mowat Pierre Roux Stephane Taleb Jacqueline Bonazza Pauline Perriat Pascal Lux Francois Tillement Olivier Billotey Claire Janier Marc
Journal of Biomaterials Applications, vol. 28, p. Journal of Biomaterials Applications (2013)
Functionalization of Small Rigid Platforms with Cyclic RGD Peptides for Targeting Tumors Overexpressing alphavbeta3-Integrins.
Morlieras Jessica Dufort Sandrine Sancey Lucie Truillet Charles Mignot Anna Rossetti Fabien Dentamaro Mario Laurent Sophie Vander Elst Luce Muller Robert N. Antoine Rodolphe Dugourd Philippe Roux Stephane Perriat Pascal Lux Francois Coll Je
Bioconjugate chemistry, vol. 24, p. Bioconjugate chemistry (2013)
Mapping nanoparticles injected into a biological tissue using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
Motto-Ros V. Sancey L. Wang X. C. Ma Q. L. Lux F. Bai X. S. Panczer G. Tillement O. Yu J.
Spectrochimica Acta Part B-atomic Spectroscopy, vol. 87, p. Spectrochimica Acta Part B-atomic Spectroscopy (2013)
Contrast Enhanced Lung MRI in Mice Using Ultra-Short Echo Time Radial Imaging and Intratracheally Administrated Gd-DOTA-Based Nanoparticles
Bianchi Andrea Lux Francois Tillement Olivier Cremillieux Yannick
Magnetic Resonance In Medicine, vol. 70, p. Magnetic Resonance In Medicine (2013)
X-ray-Induced Singlet Oxygen Activation with Nanoscintillator-Coupled Porphyrins
Bulin Anne-Laure Truillett Charles Chouikrat Rima Lux Francois Frochot Celine Amans David Ledoux Gilles Tillement Olivier Perriat Pascal Barberi-Heyob Muriel Dujardin Christophe
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, vol. 117, p. Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2013)
Preliminary results of Y-90 and Lu-177 radiolabelling of ultra small rigid particles as multimodal probes
Maurin Michal Garnuszek Piotr Mikolajczak Renata Truillet Charles Lux F. Clabaut A. Tillement Oilivier
Journal of Labelled Compounds [SLASH]& Radiopharmaceuticals, vol. 56, p. Journal of Labelled Compounds [SLASH]& Radiopharmaceuticals (2013)
High-Resolution Cellular MRI: Gadolinium and Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for in-Depth Dual-Cell Imaging of Engineered Tissue Constructs
Di Corato R. Gazeau F. Le Visage C. Fayol D. Levitz P. Lux F. Letourneur D. Luciani N. Tillement O. Wilhelm C.
Acs Nano, vol. 7, p. Acs Nano (2013)
Gadolinium-based nanoparticles sensitize head and neck carcinoma stem and nonstem cells to low and high LET radiation.
Aloy M. T. Miladi L. Armandy E. Billotey C. Tillement O. Lux F. Perriat P. Janier M. Rodriguez-Lafrasse C.
Cancer Research, vol. 73, p. Cancer Research (2013)
Mapping of native inorganic elements and injected nanoparticles in a biological organ with laser-induced plasma
Motto-Ros V. Sancey L. Ma Q. L. Lux F. Bai X. S. Wang X. C. Yu Jin Panczer G. Tillement O.
Applied Physics Letters, vol. 101, p. Applied Physics Letters (2012)
Multifunctional Peptide-Conjugated Hybrid Silica Nanoparticles for Photodynamic Therapy and MRI
Benachour Hamanou Seve Aymeric Bastogne Thierry Frochot Celine Vanderesse Regis Jasniewski Jordane Miladi Imen Billotey Claire Tillement Olivier Lux Francois Barberi-Heyob Muriel
Theranostics, vol. 2, p. Theranostics (2012)
Long-distance energy transfer photosensitizers arising in hybrid nanoparticles leading to fluorescence emission and singlet oxygen luminescence quenching
Seve Aymeric Couleaud Pierre Lux Francois Tillement Olivier Arnoux Philippe Andre Jean-Claude Frochot Celine
Photochemical [SLASH]& Photobiological Sciences, vol. 11, p. Photochemical [SLASH]& Photobiological Sciences (2012)
Real-Time Monitoring of Photocytotoxicity in Nanoparticles-Based Photodynamic Therapy: A Model-Based Approach
Benachour Hamanou Bastogne Thierry Toussaint Magali Chemli Yosra Seve Aymeric Frochot Celine Lux Francois Tillement Olivier Vanderesse Regis Barberi-Heyob Muriel
Plos One, vol. 7, p. Plos One (2012)
Ultrasmall Rigid Particles as Multimodal Probes for Medical Applications
Lux Francois Mignot Anna Mowat Pierre Louis Cedric Dufort Sandrine Bernhard Claire Denat Franck Boschetti Frederic Brunet Claire Antoine Rodolphe Dugourd Philippe Laurent Sophie Vander Elst Luce Muller Robert Sancey Lucie Josserand Veroniqu
Angewandte Chemie-international Edition, vol. 50, p. Angewandte Chemie-international Edition (2011)
Toward an Image-Guided Microbeam Radiation Therapy Using Gadolinium-Based Nanoparticles
Le Duc Geraldine Miladi Imen Alric Christophe Mowat Pierre Braeuer-Krisch Elke Bouchet Audrey Khalil Enam Billotey Claire Janier Marc Lux Francois Epicier Thierry Perriat Pascal Roux Stephane Tillement Olivier
Acs Nano, vol. 5, p. Acs Nano (2011)
In Vitro Radiosensitizing Effects of Ultrasmall Gadolinium Based Particles on Tumour Cells
Mowat P. Mignot A. Rima W. Lux F. Tillement O. Roulin C. Dutreix M. Bechet D. Huger S. Humbert L. Barberi-Heyob M. Aloy M. T. Armandy E. Rodriguez-Lafrasse C. Le Duc G. Roux S. Perriat P.
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, vol. 11, p. Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (2011)
Size-induced effect upon the N,el temperature of the antiferro/paramagnetic transition in gadolinium oxide nanoparticles
Mutelet B. Keller N. Roux S. Flores-Gonzales M. A. Lux F. Martini M. Tillement O. Billotey C. Janier M. Villiers C. Novitchi Ghenadie Luneau Dominique Perriat P.
Applied Physics A-materials Science [SLASH]& Processing, vol. 105, p. Applied Physics A-materials Science [SLASH]& Processing (2011)
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