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Nanoroughness Strongly Impacts Lipid Mobility in Supported Membranes
Blachon Florence Harb Frederic Munteanu Bogdan Piednoir Agnes Fulcrand Remy Charitat Thierry Fragneto Giovanna Pierre-Louis Olivier Tinland Bernard Rieu Jean-Paul
Langmuir, vol. 33, p. Langmuir (2017)
High quality factor confined Tamm modes
Symonds C. Azzini S. Lheureux G. Piednoir A. Benoit J. M. Lemaitre A. Senellart P. Bellessa J.
Scientific Reports, vol. 7, p. Scientific Reports (2017)
Gypsum Dissolution Rate from Atomic Step Kinetics
Zareeipolgardani B. Piednoir A. Colombani J.
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, vol. 121, p. Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2017)
In situ synthesis of silver benzene-dithiolate hybrid films
Brenier Roger Piednoir Agnes Bertorelle Franck Penuelas Jose Grenet Genevieve
Thin Solid Films, vol. 600, p. Thin Solid Films (2016)
Multifunctional surfaces from multi-step generation of silver thiolate
Brenier R. Piednoir A. Penuelas J.
Colloids and Surfaces A-physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, vol. 453, p. Colloids and Surfaces A-physicochemical and Engineering Aspects (2014)
Forming two-dimensional structure of DNA-functionalized Au nanoparticles via lipid diffusion in supported lipid bilayers
Isogai T. Piednoir A. Akada E. Akahoshi Y. Tero R. Harada S. Ujihara T. Tagawa M.
Journal of Crystal Growth, vol. 401, p. Journal of Crystal Growth (2014)
Laser spectrometry for multi-elemental imaging of biological tissues
Scientific Reports, vol. 4, p. Scientific Reports (2014)
Role of the biomolecular interactions in the structure and tribological properties of synovial fluid
Mirea D. A. Trunfio-Sfarghiu A. -. M. Matei C. I. Munteanu B. Piednoir A. Rieu J. P. Blanchin M. G. Berthier Y.
Tribology International, vol. 59, p. Tribology International (2013)
Multiscale characterization of partially demineralized superficial and deep dentin surfaces
Pelin Irina M. Trunfio-Sfarghiu Ana-Maria Farge Pierre Piednoir Agnes Pirat Christophe Ramos Stella M. M.
European Journal of Oral Sciences, vol. 121, p. European Journal of Oral Sciences (2013)
Formation and optical properties of silver perfluorodecanethiolate nanoparticles.
Brenier Roger Piednoir Agnes Bessueille Francois Penuelas Jose Terrier Nicolas
Journal of colloid and interface science, vol. 408, p. Journal of colloid and interface science (2013)
Capacitive detection of buried interfaces by a dynamic surface force apparatus
Villey Richard Piednoir Agnes Sharma Preeti Cottin-Bizonne Cecile Cross Benjamin Phaner-Goutorbe Magali Charlaix Elisabeth
Review of Scientific Instruments, vol. 84, p. Review of Scientific Instruments (2013)
Adhesion forces between AFM tips and superficial dentin surfaces
Pressure solution at the molecular scale
Pachon-Rodriguez E.A. Piednoir A. Colombani J.
Physical Review Letters, vol. 107, p. Physical Review Letters (2011)
Amplification of electro-osmotic flows by wall slippage: direct measurements on OTS-surfaces
Audry M. C. Piednoir A. Joseph P. Charlaix E.
Faraday Discussions, vol. 146, p. Faraday Discussions (2010)
Pd(111) versus Pd-Au(111) in carbon monoxide oxidation under elevated pressures
Piednoir A. Languille M. A. Piccolo L. Valcarcel A. Aires F. J. C. S. Bertolini J. C.
Catalysis Letters, vol. 114, p. Catalysis Letters (2007)
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