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8 publications à l'ILM ces 5 dernières années. Voir les 12 pubblications des 15 dernières années.
Anomeric memory of the glycosidic bond upon fragmentation and its consequences for carbohydrate sequencing
Schindler Baptiste Barnes Loic Renois Gina Gray Christopher Chambert Stephane Fort Sebastien Flitsch Sabine Loison Claire Allouche Abdul-Rahman Compagnon Isabelle
Nature Communications, vol. 8, p. 973 (2017)
Molecular electrometer and binding of cations to phospholipid bilayers
Catte Andrea Girych Mykhailo Javanainen Matti Loison Claire Melcr Josef Miettinen Markus S. Monticelli Luca Maatta Jukka Oganesyan Vasily S. Ollila O. H. Samuli Tynkkynen Joona Vilov Sergey
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, vol. 18, p. 32560-32569 (2016)
Mixed Mechanism of Lubrication by Lipid Bilayer Stacks.
Botan Alexandru Joly Laurent Fillot Nicolas Loison Claire
Langmuir : the ACS journal of surfaces and colloids, vol. 31, p. 12197-202 (2015)
Optical properties of prodigiosin and obatoclax: action spectroscopy and theoretical calculations
Drink Evangeline Dugourd Philippe Dumont Elise Aronssohn Nils Antoine Rodolphe Loison Claire
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, vol. 17, p. 25946-25955 (2015)
Toward Atomistic Resolution Structure of Phosphatidylcholine Headgroup and Glycerol Backbone at Different Ambient Conditions
Botan Alexandru Favela-Rosales Fernando Fuchs Patrick F. J. Javanainen Matti Kanduc Matej Kulig Waldemar Lamber Antti Loison Claire Lyubartsev Alexander Miettinen Markus S. Monticelli Luca Maatta Jukka Ollila O. H. Samuli Retegan Marius Rog
Journal of Physical Chemistry B, vol. 119, p. 15075-15088 (2015)
Optical Properties of a Visible Push-Pull Chromophore Covalently Bound to Carbohydrates: Solution and Gas-Phase Spectroscopy Combined to Theoretical Investigations
Enjalbert Quentin Racaud Amandine Lemoine Jerome Redon Sebastien Ayhan Mehmet Menaf Andraud Chantal Chambert Stephane Bretonniere Yann Loison Claire Antoine Rodolphe Dugourd Philippe
Journal of Physical Chemistry B, vol. 116, p. 841-851 (2012)
CaSi2, the antibonding-sister of MgB2?
Loison C. Rosner H.
Solid State Communications, vol. 150, p. 2076-2079 (2010)
Microsolvation effects on the optical properties of crystal violet
Chemistry-a European Journal, vol. 14, p. 7351-7357 (2008)
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