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A universal and ultrasensitive vectorial nanomechanical sensor for imaging 2D force fields
de Lepinay Laure Mercier Pigeau Benjamin Besga Benjamin Vincent Pascal Poncharal Philippe Arcizet Olivier
Nature Nanotechnology, vol. 12, p. 156-162 (2017)
Field Emission as a tool for Exploring New Phenemena in Nanomechanics
2015 28th International Vacuum Nanoelectronics Conference (ivnc), vol. 2015, p. IEEE; AVS Nanometer Scale Sci [SLASH]& Technol; SU (2015)
Ultrahigh interlayer friction in multiwalled boron nitride nanotubes
Nigues A. Siria A. Vincent P. Poncharal P. Bocquet L.
Nature Materials, vol. 13, p. 688-693 (2014)
Bidimensional nano-optomechanics and topological backaction in a non-conservative radiation force field
Gloppe A. Verlot P. Dupont-Ferrier E. Siria A. Poncharal P. Bachelier G. Vincent P. Arcizet O.
Nature Nanotechnology, vol. 9, p. 920-926 (2014)
Signal amplification in a synchronized field emission NEMS
2012 International Conference On Electromagnetics In Advanced Applications (iceaa), vol. 2012, p. Univ Stellenbosch, Politecnico Torino; IEEE Antenn (2012)
performance of field-emitting resonating carbon nanotubes as radio-frequency demodulators
vincent p. poncharal p. barois t. perisanu s. gouttenoire v. frachon h. lazarus a. de langre e. minoux e. charles m. ziaei a. guillot d. choueib m. ayari a. purcell s. t.
physical review b, vol. 83, p. 155446 (2011)
A single nitrogen-vacancy defect coupled to a nanomechanical oscillator
Arcizet O. Jacques V. Siria A. Poncharal P. Vincent P. Seidelin S.
Nature Physics, vol. 7, p. 879-883 (2011)
Simple modeling of self-oscillations in nanoelectromechanical systems
Lazarus A. Barois T. Perisanu S. Poncharal P. Manneville P. de Langre E. Purcell S. T. Vincent P. Ayari A.
Applied Physics Letters, vol. 96, p. 193114 (2010)
Effect of rotational stacking faults on the Raman spectra of folded graphene
Poncharal P. Ayari A. Michel T. Sauvajol J. L.
Physical Review B, vol. 79, p. 195417 (2009)
AFM and Raman Studies of Graphene Exfoliated on SiC
Tiberj A. Martin M. Camara N. Poncharal P. Michel T. Sauvajol J. -. L. Godignon P. Camassel J.
Silicon Carbide and Related Materials 2008, vol. 615-617, p. Minist Educ [SLASH]& Cienc; ACCIO; Generalitat Cat (2009)
Raman spectra of misoriented bilayer graphene
Poncharal P. Ayari A. Michel T. Sauvajol J. L.
Physical Review B, vol. 78, p. 113407 (2008)
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