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Shape-selective purification of gold nanorods with low aspect ratio using a simple centrifugation method
Boksebeld Maxime Blanchard Nicholas P. Jaffal Ali Chevolot Yann Monnier Virginie
Gold Bulletin, vol. 50, p. 69-76 (2017)
Thermal transport properties in amorphous/nanocrystalline metallic composites: A microscopic insight
Tlili A. Pailhes S. Debord R. Ruta B. Gravier S. Blandin J. -. J. Blanchard N. Gomes S. Assy A. Tanguy A. Giordano V. M.
Acta Materialia, vol. 136, p. 425-435 (2017)
GaAs Core/SrTiO3 Shell Nanowires Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Guan X. Becdelievre J. Meunier B. Benali A. Saint-Girons G. Bachelet R. Regreny P. Botella C. Grenet G. Blanchard N. P. Jaurand X. Silly M. G. Sirotti F. Chauvin N. Gendry M. Penuelas J.
Nano Letters, vol. 16, p. 2393-2399 (2016)
GaAs nanowires with oxidation-proof arsenic capping for the growth of an epitaxial shell
Guan X. Becdelievre J. Benali A. Botella C. Grenet G. Regreny P. Chauvin N. Blanchard N. P. Jaurand X. Saint-Girons G. Bachelet R. Gendry M. Penuelas J.
Nanoscale, vol. 8, p. 15637-15644 (2016)
Structure and morphology of Ge nanowires on Si (001): Importance of the Ge islands on the growth direction and twin formation
Boudaa F. Blanchard N. P. Descamps-Mandine A. Benamrouche A. Gendry M. Penuelas J.
Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 117, p. 055302 (2015)
Crystal orientation mapping via ion channeling: An alternative to EBSD
Langlois C. Douillard T. Yuan H. Blanchard N. P. Descamps-Mandine A. Van de Moortele B. Rigotti C. Epicier T.
Ultramicroscopy, vol. 157, p. 65-72 (2015)
Luminescence nanothermometry with alkyl-capped silicon nanoparticles dispersed in nonpolar liquids
Hajjaji H. Alekseev S. Guillot G. Blanchard N. P. Monnier V. Chevolot Y. Bremond G. Querry M. Philippon D. Vergne P. Bluet J. M.
Nanoscale Research Letters, vol. 9, p. 94 (2014)
Plasmonic bipyramids for fluorescence enhancement and protection against photobleaching
Navarro J. R. G. Lerouge F. Micouin G. Cepraga C. Favier A. Charreyre M. T. Blanchard N. P. Lerme J. Chaput F. Focsan M. Kamada K. Baldeck P. L. Parola S.
Nanoscale, vol. 6, p. 5138-5145 (2014)
Surface reconstruction and optical absorption changes for Ge nanoclusters grown on chemically oxidized Si(100) surfaces
Lysenko V. S. Kondratenko S. V. Kozyrev Y. N. Kladko V. P. Gomeniuk Y. V. Melnichuk Y. Y. Blanchard N. B.
Semiconductor Science and Technology, vol. 28, p. 085009 (2013)
Synthesis of PEGylated gold nanostars and bipyramids for intracellular uptake
Navarro Julien R. G. Manchon Delphine Lerouge Frederic Blanchard Nicholas P. Marotte Sophie Leverrier Yann Marvel Jacqueline Chaput Frederic Micouin Guillaume Gabudean Ana-Maria Mosset Alexis Cottancin Emmanuel Baldeck Patrice L. Kamada Kenji
Nanotechnology, vol. 23, p. 465602 (2012)
Morphological and structural properties of InP/Gd2O3 nanowires grown by molecular beam epitaxy on silicon substrate
Penuelas J. Lu X. Blanchard N. P. Saint-Girons G. Vilquin B. Cremillieu P. Mazurczyk R. Gendry M.
Journal of Crystal Growth, vol. 347, p. 49-52 (2012)
Optical signatures of thiolate/Cu(110) and S/Cu(110) surface structures
Martin D. S. Lane P. D. Isted G. E. Cole R. J. Blanchard N. P.
Physical Review B, vol. 82, p. 075428 (2010)
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