Pour l'équipe 'Modélisation de la Matière Condensée et des Interfaces' Il y a 105 publications pour les 5 dernières années
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Thixotropy and shear thinning of lubricated contacts with confined membranes.
Le Goff Thomas, To Tung B. T., Pierre-Louis Olivier
The European physical journal. E, Soft matter, vol. 40, p. 44-44 (2017)
Ab initio modeling of dislocation core properties in metals and semiconductors
Rodney D., Ventelon L., Clouet E., Pizzagalli L., Willaime F.
Acta Materialia, vol. 124, p. 633-659 (2017)
Decoupling of viscosity and relaxation processes in supercooled water: a molecular dynamics study with the TIP4P/2005f model
Guillaud Emmanuel, Merabia Samy, de Ligny Dominique, Joly Laurent
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, vol. 19, p. 2124-2130 (2017)
Nanoroughness Strongly Impacts Lipid Mobility in Supported Membranes
Blachon Florence, Harb Frederic, Munteanu Bogdan, Piednoir Agnes, Fulcrand Remy, Charitat Thierry, Fragneto Giovanna, Pierre-Louis Olivier, Tinland Bernard, Rieu Jean-Paul
Langmuir, vol. 33, p. 2444-2453 (2017)
Theory of harmonic dissipation in disordered solids
Damart T., Tanguy A., Rodney D.
Physical Review B, vol. 95, p. 054203 (2017)
Thermal transmission at Si/Ge interface: ab initio lattice dynamics calculation
Alkurdi A., Merabia S.
Eurotherm Seminar No 108 - Nanoscale and Microscale Heat Transfer V, vol. 785, p. UNSP 012001 (2017)
Molecular dynamics analysis of the friction between a water-methanol liquid mixture and a non-polar solid crystal surface
Nakaoka S., Yamaguchi Y., Omori T., Joly L.
Journal of Chemical Physics, vol. 146, p. 174702 (2017)
Dewetting of patterned solid films: Towards a predictive modelling approach
Trautmann M., Cheynis F., Leroy F., Curiotto S., Pierre-Louis O., Muller P.
Applied Physics Letters, vol. 110, p. 263105 (2017)
Atomic-scale modeling of twinning disconnections in zirconium
MacKain O., Cottura M., Rodney D., Clouet E.
Physical Review B, vol. 95, p. 134102 (2017)
Thermal Transport at Solid-Liquid Interfaces: High Pressure Facilitates Heat Flow through Nonlocal Liquid Structuring
Han H. X., Merabia S., Muller-Plathe F.
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, vol. 8, p. 1946-1951 (2017)
Anomalous capillary filling and wettability reversal in nanochannels
Gravelle Simon, Ybert Christophe, Bocquet Lyderic, Joly Laurent
Physical Review E, vol. 93, p. 033123 (2016)
Effect of grain boundary trapping kinetics on diffusion in polycrystalline materials: hydrogen transport in Ni
Ilin Dmitrii N., Kutsenko Anton A., Tanguy Dome, Olive Jean-Marc
Modelling and Simulation In Materials Science and Engineering, vol. 24, p. 035008 (2016)
Plastic anisotropy and dislocation trajectory in BCC metals
Dezerald Lucile, Rodney David, Clouet Emmanuel, Ventelon Lisa, Willaime Francois
Nature Communications, vol. 7, p. 11695 (2016)
Influence of trap connectivity on H diffusion: Vacancy trapping
Wang Yu, Connetable D., Tanguy D.
Acta Materialia, vol. 103, p. 334-340 (2016)
Reversible dilatancy in entangled single-wire materials
Rodney David, Gadot Benjamin, Martinez Oriol Riu, du Roscoat Sabine Rolland, Orgeas Laurent
Nature Materials, vol. 15, p. 72-+ (2016)
Numerical study of the structural and vibrational properties of amorphous Ta2O5 and TiO2-doped Ta2O5
Damart T., Coillet E., Tanguy A., Rodney D.
Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 119, p. 175106 (2016)
Dislocation/hydrogen interaction mechanisms in hydrided nanocrystalline palladium films
Amin-Ahmadi Behnam, Connetable Damien, Fivel Marc, Tanguy Doeme, Delmelle Renaud, Turner Stuart, Malet Loic, Godet Stephane, Pardoen Thomas, Proost Joris, Schryvers Dominique, Idrissi Hosni
Acta Materialia, vol. 111, p. 253-261 (2016)
Rheology of an Ionic Liquid with Variable Carreau Exponent: A Full Picture by Molecular Simulation with Experimental Contribution
Voeltzel Nicolas, Vergne Philippe, Fillot Nicolas, Bouscharain Nathalie, Joly Laurent
Tribology Letters, vol. 64, p. 25 (2016)
Optimal shape of entrances for a frictionless nanochannel
Physical Review Fluids, vol. 1, p. 054103 (2016)
Wetting layer of copper on the tantalum (001) surface
Dupraz M., Poloni R., Ratter K., Rodney D., De Santis M., Gilles B., Beutier G., Verdier M.
Physical Review B, vol. 94, p. 235427 (2016)
Carbon membranes for efficient water-ethanol separation
Gravelle Simon, Yoshida Hiroaki, Joly Laurent, Ybert Christophe, Bocquet Lyderic
Journal of Chemical Physics, vol. 145, p. 124708 (2016)
Importance of viscoelastic and interface bonding effects in the thermal boundary conductance of solid-water interfaces
Merabia S., Lombard J., Alkurdi A.
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, vol. 100, p. 287-294 (2016)
The Carbon-Water Interface: Modeling Challenges and Opportunities for the Water-Energy Nexus
Striolo Alberto, Michaelides Angelos, Joly Laurent
Annual Review of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Vol 7, vol. 7, p. 533-+ (2016)
Solid-state wetting at the nanoscale
Progress In Crystal Growth and Characterization of Materials, vol. 62, p. 177-202 (2016)
Dislocation locking versus easy glide in titanium and zirconium
Clouet Emmanuel, Caillard Daniel, Chaari Nermine, Onimus Fabien, Rodney David
Nature Materials, vol. 14, p. 931-+ (2015)
Phase field modelling of strain induced crystal growth in an elastic matrix.
Laghmach Rabia, Candau Nicolas, Chazeau Laurent, Munch Etienne, Biben Thierry
The Journal of chemical physics, vol. 142, p. 244905-244905 (2015)
Entangled single-wire NiTi material: A porous metal with tunable superelastic and shape memory properties
Gadot B., Martinez O. Riu, du Roscoat S. Rolland, Bouvard D., Rodney D., Orgeas L.
Acta Materialia, vol. 96, p. 311-323 (2015)
Shape transition in nano-pits after solid-phase etching of SiO2 by Si islands
Leroy F., Saito Y., Curiotto S., Cheynis F., Pierre-Louis O., Mueller P.
Applied Physics Letters, vol. 106, p. 191601 (2015)
Short- and medium-range orders in as-quenched and deformed SiO2 glasses: An atomistic study
Koziatek P., Barrat J. L., Rodney D.
Journal of Non-crystalline Solids, vol. 414, p. 7-15 (2015)
Nanobubbles around plasmonic nanoparticles: Thermodynamic analysis
Physical Review E, vol. 91, p. 043007 (2015)
Signature of dislocations and stacking faults of face-centred cubic nanocrystals in coherent X-ray diffraction patterns: a numerical study
Dupraz Maxime, Beutier Guillaume, Rodney David, Mordehai Dan, Verdier Marc
Journal of Applied Crystallography, vol. 48, p. 621-644 (2015)
Mixed Mechanism of Lubrication by Lipid Bilayer Stacks.
Botan Alexandru, Joly Laurent, Fillot Nicolas, Loison Claire
Langmuir : the ACS journal of surfaces and colloids, vol. 31, p. 12197-202 (2015)
Orientational anisotropy in simulated vapor-deposited molecular glasses
Lyubimov Ivan, Antony Lucas, Walters Diane M., Rodney David, Ediger M. D., de Pablo Juan J.
Journal of Chemical Physics, vol. 143, p. 094502 (2015)
Kink dynamics with oscillating forces
Le Goff Thomas, Pierre-Louis Olivier, Politi Paolo
Journal of Statistical Mechanics-theory and Experiment, vol. 8, p. P08004 (2015)
Hydrogen influence on diffusion in nickel from first-principles calculations
Wang Yu, Connetable D., Tanguy D.
Physical Review B, vol. 91, p. 094106 (2015)
From Paris to Lyon, and from simple to complex liquids: a view on Jean-Pierre Hansen's contribution
Barrat Jean-Louis, Biben Thierry, Bocquet Lyderic
Molecular Physics, vol. 113, p. 2378-2382 (2015)
Dislocation core reconstruction induced by carbon segregation in bcc iron
Ventelon Lisa, uethi B. L., Clouet E., Proville L., Legrand B., Rodney D., Willaime F.
Physical Review B, vol. 91, p. 220102 (2015)
Nanolubrication by ionic liquids: molecular dynamics simulations reveal an anomalous effective rheology
Voeltzel Nicolas, Giuliani Andrew, Fillot Nicolas, Vergne Philippe, Joly Laurent
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, vol. 17, p. 23226-23235 (2015)
Transition to coarsening for confined one-dimensional interfaces with bending rigidity
Le Goff Thomas, Politi Paolo, Pierre-Louis Olivier
Physical Review E, vol. 92, p. 022918 (2015)
Temperature dependence of strain-induced crystallization in natural rubber: On the presence of different crystallite populations
Candau Nicolas, Laghmach Rabia, Chazeau Laurent, Chenal Jean-Marc, Gauthier Catherine, Biben Thierry, Munch Etienne
Polymer, vol. 60, p. 115-124 (2015)
First-principles prediction of kink-pair activation enthalpy on screw dislocations in bcc transition metals: V, Nb, Ta, Mo, W, and Fe
Dezerald L., Proville L., Ventelon Lisa, Willaime F., Rodney D.
Physical Review B, vol. 91, p. 094105 (2015)
Stability of self-interstitial clusters with C15 Laves phase structure in iron
Dezerald L., Marinica M. C., Ventelon L., Rodney D., Willaime F.
Journal of Nuclear Materials, vol. 449, p. 219-224 (2014)
Kinetics of Nanobubble Generation Around Overheated Nanoparticles
Physical Review Letters, vol. 112, p. 105701 (2014)
Rheological properties vs. local dynamics in model disordered materials at low temperature
Fusco C., Albaret T., Tanguy A.
European Physical Journal E, vol. 37, p. 43 (2014)
Nonequilibrium diffusion of reactive solid islands
Leroy F., Saito Y., Cheynis F., Bussmann E., Pierre-Louis O., Muller P.
Physical Review B, vol. 89, p. 235406 (2014)
Surface fluctuations of liquids confined on flat and patterned solid substrates
Pottier B., Verneuil E., Talini L., Pierre-Louis O.
Physical Review E, vol. 89, p. 052403 (2014)
Quantum Peierls stress of straight and kinked dislocations and effect of non-glide stresses
Barvinschi B., Proville L., Rodney D.
Modelling and Simulation In Materials Science and Engineering, vol. 22, p. 025006 (2014)
Thermal boundary conductance across rough interfaces probed by molecular dynamics
Merabia S., Termentzidis K.
Physical Review B, vol. 89, p. 054309 (2014)
Atomistic amorphous/crystalline interface modelling for superlattices and core/shell nanowires
France-Lanord A., Blandre E., Albaret T., Merabia S., Lacroix D., Termentzidis K.
Journal of Physics-condensed Matter, vol. 26, p. 055011 (2014)
First-Principles Study of Secondary Slip in Zirconium
Chaari N., Clouet E., Rodney D.
Physical Review Letters, vol. 112, p. 075504 (2014)
Atomistic modelling of hydrogen segregation to the Sigma 9{221}[110] symmetric tilt grain boundary in Al
Shen X. J., Tanguy D., Connetable D.
Philosophical Magazine, vol. 94, p. 2247-2261 (2014)
Ab initio modeling of the two-dimensional energy landscape of screw dislocations in bcc transition metals
Dezerald L., Ventelon L., Clouet E., Denoual C., Rodney D., Willaime F.
Physical Review B, vol. 89, p. 024104 (2014)
Anomalous zeta potential in foam films.
Physical review letters, vol. 113, p. 088301-088301 (2014)
Solid-state dewetting with a magic thickness: Electronic dewetting
Physical Review B, vol. 90, p. 195408 (2014)
Wetting of Elastic Solids on Nanopillars
Ignacio M., Saito Y., Smereka P., Pierre-Louis O.
Physical Review Letters, vol. 112, p. 146102 (2014)
Strain-Induced Crystallization of Natural Rubber and Cross-Link Densities Heterogeneities
Candau N., Laghmach R., Chazeau L., Chenal J. M., Gauthier C., Biben T., Munch E.
Macromolecules, vol. 47, p. 5815-5824 (2014)
First Order Pyramidal Slip of Screw Dislocations in Zirconium
Chaari N., Clouet E., Rodney D.
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A-physical Metallurgy and Materials Science, vol. 45A, p. 5898-5905 (2014)
Large permeabilities of hourglass nanopores: From hydrodynamics to single file transport
Gravelle S., Joly L., Ybert C., Bocquet L.
Journal of Chemical Physics, vol. 141, p. 18C526 (2014)
3D numerical simulations of vesicle and inextensible capsule dynamics
Farutin A., Biben T., Misbah C.
Journal of Computational Physics, vol. 275, p. 539-568 (2014)
Thermal properties of amorphous/crystalline silicon superlattices
France-Lanord A., Merabia S., Albaret T., Lacroix D., Termentzidis K.
Journal of Physics-condensed Matter, vol. 26, p. 355801 (2014)
Frozen states and order-disorder transition in the dynamics of confined membranes
Le Goff T., Politi P., Pierre-Louis O.
Physical Review E, vol. 90, p. 032114 (2014)
Stability of vacancy-hydrogen clusters in nickel from first-principles calculations
Tanguy D., Wang Y., Connetable D.
Acta Materialia, vol. 78, p. 135-143 (2014)
Modulated SiC nanowires: Molecular dynamics study of their thermal properties
Termentzidis Konstantinos, Barreteau Thibaut, Ni Yuxiang, Merabia Samy, Zianni Xanthippi, Chalopin Yann, Chantrenne Patrice, Volz Sebastian
Physical Review B, vol. 87, p. 125410 (2013)
Numerical study of a slip-link model for polymer melts and nanocomposites.
Del Biondo Diego, Masnada Elian M., Merabia Samy, Couty Marc, Barrat Jean-Louis
The Journal of chemical physics, vol. 138, p. 194902-194902 (2013)
A new parametrization of the Stillinger-Weber potential for an improved description of defects and plasticity of silicon
Pizzagalli L., Godet J., Guenole J., Brochard S., Holmstrom E., Nordlund K., Albaret T.
Journal of Physics-condensed Matter, vol. 25, p. 055801 (2013)
Modeling dewetting of ultra-thin solid films
Comptes Rendus Physique, vol. 14, p. 553-563 (2013)
On the problem of slipper shapes of red blood cells in the microvasculature
Tahiri N., Biben T., Ez-Zahraouy H., Benyoussef A., Misbah C.
Microvascular Research, vol. 85, p. 40-45 (2013)
Trends and perspectives in solid-state wetting
Comptes Rendus Physique, vol. 14, p. 529-530 (2013)
Optimizing water permeability through the hourglass shape of aquaporins.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol. 110, p. 16367-72 (2013)
Strain-induced crystallization in natural rubber: A model for the microstructural evolution
Laghmach R., Biben T., Laghmach R., Chazeau L., Chenal J. M., Munch E., Gauthier C.
Constitutive Models For Rubber, vol. Viii, p. Endurica; Leartiker; Eusko Jaurlaritza Gobierno Va (2013)
Nanofluidic Osmotic Diodes: Theory and Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Picallo C. B., Gravelle S., Joly L., Charlaix E., Bocquet L.
Physical Review Letters, vol. 111, p. 244501 (2013)
Solid-state wetting on nanopatterned substrates
Saito Yukio, Ignacio Maxime, Pierre-Louis Olivier
Comptes Rendus Physique, vol. 14, p. 619-628 (2013)
Entanglement-induced reinforcement in polymer nanocomposites
Masnada Elian, Merabia Samy, Couty Marc, Barrat Jean-Louis
Soft Matter, vol. 9, p. 10532-10544 (2013)
Ultralow Liquid/Solid Friction in Carbon Nanotubes: Comprehensive Theory for Alcohols, Alkanes, OMCTS, and Water
Falk Kerstin, Sedlmeier Felix, Joly Laurent, Netz Roland R., Bocquet Lyderic
Langmuir, vol. 28, p. 14261-14272 (2012)
Nonequilibrium Cluster Diffusion During Growth and Evaporation in Two Dimensions
Saito Y., Dufay M., Pierre-Louis O.
Phys. Rev. Lett., vol. 108, p. 245504 (2012)
Unique Nonlinear Behavior of Nano-Filled Elastomers: From the Onset of Strain Softening to Large Amplitude Shear Deformations
Papon A., Merabia S., Guy L., Lequeux F., Montes H., Sotta P., Long D. R.
Macromolecules, vol. 45, p. 2891-2904 (2012)
"The Princess and the Pea" at the Nanoscale: Wrinkling and Delamination of Graphene on Nanoparticles
Yamamoto Mahito, Pierre-Louis Olivier, Huang Jia, Fuhrer Michael S., Einstein Theodore L., Cullen William G.
Physical Review X, vol. 2, p. 041018 (2012)
Dewetting of solid films with substrate-mediated evaporation
Physical Review E, vol. 85, p. 011602 (2012)
Nonlinear Wavelength Selection in Surface Faceting under Electromigration
Barakat F., Martens K., Pierre-Louis O.
Physical Review Letters, vol. 109, p. 056101 (2012)
Activated drying in hydrophobic nanopores and the line tension of water
Guillemot Ludivine, Biben Thierry, Galarneau Anne, Vigier Gerard, Charlaix Elisabeth
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol. 109, p. 19557-19562 (2012)
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