Crystal growth

Head : K.Lebbou

Members: A.Nehari, G.Cagnoli

PhD students: Téo Aventin, J.Xu

Single crystal growth or solidification eutectic materials for various applications such as lasers, scintillators, aerospace and piezo-electric devices are in the focus of our activity. We are studying and optimizing the growth conditions for design, conception and production of these crystals. Our team can produce large bulk single crystals with diameter up to 150mm. We also have micro-pulling down (µ-PD) technology allowing the growth of shaped crystals such as circular, squared or hollow fibers, ribbons up to 1 meter… Our crystal growth activity is developed in close connection with the industrial sector. Laser Heated Pedestral growth (LHPG) facility is available for refractory materials. For larger crystals, including cutting, polishing and packaging, the team is deeply collaborating with the Cristalinnov Platform.

 Some recent publications :


Langatate & atmosphere
Opt. Matter. (2022)

Impact of growth atmosphere on langatate (La3Ga5.5Ta0·5O14) crystals grown by czochralski technique and its coloration

B. Boutahraoui, E.A. Ghezal, A. Nehari, K. Zaidat, M. Allani, H. Cabane, M. Dumortier, I. Gerasymov, O. Sidletskiy, S. Obbade, Laurent Jouffret, K Lebbou

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C co-doping effect
Crust. Growth & Des.. (2021)

Impact of Carbon Co-Doping on the Optical and Scintillation Properties of a YAG:Ce Scintillator

Oleg Sidletskiy, Iaroslav Gerasymov, Yanina Boyaryntseva, Pavlo Arhipov, Serhii Tkachenko,
Olga Zelenskaya, Kateryna Bryleva, Konstantin Belikov, Kheirreddine Lebbou, Christophe Dujardin, Bernd Büchner, and Borys Grynyov

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cw-wave laser
Opt. Materials Express (2020)

Spectroscopic properties and continuous-wave laser operation of Nd:Ca0.7La0.3Mg0.3Al11.7O19 crystal


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bubbles in sapphire?
CrystEngComm (2019)

Seed orientation and pulling rate effects on bubbles and strain distribution on a sapphire crystal grown by the micro-pulling down method

R.Bouaita, G.Alombert-Goget, E.Ghezal, A.Nehari, O.Benamara, M.Benchiheub, G.Cagnoli, K.Yamamoto, X.Xu, V.Motto-Ros, H.Li, C.Dujardin and K. Lebbou

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Eutectics for LED
CrystEngComm (2019)

Structure and white LED properties of Ce-doped YAG-Al2O3 eutectics grown by the micro-pulling- down method

Q.Song, X.Xu, J.Liu, X.Bu, D.Li, P.Liu, Y.Wang, J.Xu and K. Lebbou

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Lead-free Piezoelectric crystals
CrystEngComm (2019)

Lead-free piezoelectric crystals grown by the micro-pulling down technique in the BaTiO3– CaTiO3–BaZrO3 system

P.Veber, K.Bartosiewicz, J.Debray, G.Alombert-Goget, O.Benamara, V.Motto-Ros, M.Pham Thi, A.Borta-Boyon, H.Cabane, K.Lebbou, F.Levassort, K.Kamada, A.Yoshikawa and M.Maglione

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LuAG:Tm laser fiber
IEEE Phot. Tech. Lett. (2018)

Laser Operation in a Tm:LuAG Crystal Grown by the Micro-Pulling-Down Technique

Q. Song, X. Xu , Z. Zhou, B. Xu , D. Li, P. Liu, J. Xu, and K. Lebbou

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Spinodal Decomposition
Cryst. Growth. \& Des. (2018)

Spinodal Decomposition in Lead-free Piezoelectric BaTiO3−CaTiO3− BaZrO3 Crystals

G. Buse, C. Xin, P. Marchet, A. Borta-Boyon, M. Pham-Thi, H. Cabane,E. Veron, M. Josse, M. Velazquez, M. Lahaye, E. Lebraud, M. Maglione, and P. Veber

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Solidification with E-field
Cryst. Res. \& Tech. (2018)

Electric Field Effects During Solidification of the Ternary Oxide Eutectic Al2O3-YAG-ZrO2

M. Cherif, P. Hicher, O. Benamara, K. Lebbou, R. Haumont, and T. Duffar

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Using after heater?
CrystEngComm (2018)

Experimental and numerical effects of active afterheater addition on the growth of langatate (La3Ga5.5Ta0.5O14) crystals by the Czochralski method

I.Lasloudji, F.Mokhtari, A.Nehari, G.Alombert-Goget and K. Lebbou

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A new defect in TiSa
CrystEngComm (2017)

Scattering defect in large diameter titanium doped sapphire crystal grown by Kyropoulos technique

G. Alombert-Goget, Y. Guyot, A. Nehari, O. Benamara, N. Blanchard, A. Brenier, N. Barthalayb and K. Lebbou

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Microstructures in eutectics
J. Cryst. Growth. (2016)

Microstructure and crystallography of Al2O3–Y3Al5O12–ZrO2 ternary eutectic oxide grown by the micropulling down technique

O. Benamara, M. Cherif, T. Duffar, K. Lebbou

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Doping Sapphir
J. Lumin (2016)

Luminescence and coloration of undoped and Ti-doped sapphire crystals grown by Czochralski technique

G. Alombert-Goget, H. Li, Y. Guyot, A. Brenier, K. Lebbou

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