Colloidal synthesis

Head : B.Mahler

PhD students: A. Hubley, M. Baravaglio

One of the most mature ways to produce nanoparticles of controlled size, crystal structure, shape and surface consists of the reaction of organometallic precursors in a high boiling point solvent, regulated by the adjunction of ligands. We possess a strong experience in the colloidal synthesis of semiconductor nanocrystals (the so called “quantum dots”) and their heterostructures. We particularly focus on the control of their electronic and optical properties (fluorescence and blinking for example) through the design of optimized core/shell heterostructures. We are currently developing original ways to synthesize colloidal two-dimensional materials - down to the monolayer thickness - for light-harvesting applications (photocatalysis and photovoltaics).

 Some recent publications :


Chiral perovskites
Adv. Opt. Mat. (2022)

Chiral perovskite nanoplatelets exhibiting circularly polarized luminescence through ligand optimization

Austin Hubley, Amina Bensalah‐Ledoux, Bruno Baguenard, Stephan Guy, Benjamin Abécassis, Benoit Mahler

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2D monolayers
JPCC (2021)

2D Monolayer of the 1T’phase of alloyed WSSe from colloidal synthesis

Ashkan Shahmanesh, Davide Romanin, Corentin Dabard, Sang-Soo Chee, Charlie Gréboval, Christophe Methivier, Mathieu G Silly, Julien Chaste, Matthieu Bugnet, Debora Pierucci, Abdelkarim Ouerghi, Matteo Calandra, Emmanuel Lhuillier, Benoit Mahler

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Multi-exciton in 2D
ACS Apple. Nano. Matter. (2020)

Auger recombination and multiple exciton generation in colloidal two-dimensional perovskite nanoplatelets: Implications for light-emitting devices

Carolina Villamil Franco, Benoît Mahler, Christian Cornaggia, Thomas Gustavsson, Elsa Cassette

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GAP in WS2 nanosheets
Appl. Phys. Lett. (2019)

Evidence for a narrow band gap phase in 1T0 WS2 nanosheet

D.Pierucci, J.Zribi, C.Livache, C.Gréboval, M.Silly, J.Chaste, G.Patriarche, D.Montarnal, E.Lhuillier, A.Ouerghi and B.Mahler

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Scintillating CdSe Nanoplatelets
npj 2D Mater. and Appl. (2019)

On the use of CdSe scintillating nanoplatelets as time taggers for high-energy gamma detection

R.Turtos, S.Gundacker, S.Omelkov, B.Mahler, A.Khan, J.Saaring, Z.Meng, A.Vasil'ev, C.Dujardin, M.Kirm, I.Moreels, E.Auffray and P.Lecoq

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CdSe Nanoplatelets growth
ACS Omega (2018)

Synthesis of CdSe Nanoplatelets without Short-Chain Ligands: Implication for Their Growth Mechanisms

YeJiang, Wilfried-SoloOjo, BenoitMahler, XiangzhenXu, Benjamin Abećassis and Benoit Dubertret

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A review on 2D materials
Chemical review (2016)

Two-Dimensional Colloidal Nanocrystals

M. Nasilowski, B. Mahler, E. Lhuillier, S. Ithurria and B. Dubertret

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Metals and 2D CdSe
J.Phys.Chem.C (2016)

Metallic Functionalization of CdSe 2D Nanoplatelets and Its Impact on Electronic Transport

B. Mahler, L. Guillemot, L. Bossard-Giannesini, S. Ithurria, D. Pierucci, A. Ouerghi, G. Patriarche, R. Benbalagh, E. Lacaze, F. Rochet and E. Lhuillier

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2D nanobalance
Nanoscale (2016)

The mass load effect on the resonant acoustic frequencies of colloidal semiconductor nanoplatelets

A. Girard, L. Saviot, S. Pedetti, M-D. Tessier, J. Margueritat, H. Gehan, B. Mahler, B. Dubertret and A. Mermet

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