• Spectrométries des biomolécules et agrégats
  • CLEA / RdC / A0-L02
  • 0472447975
Tandem ion mobility spectrometry coupled to laser excitation
Anne-Laure Simon, Fabien Chirot, Chang Min Choi, Christian Clavier, Marc Barbaire, Jacques Maurelli, Xavier Dagany, Luke Macaleese, Philippe Dugourd
Review of Scientific Instruments, vol. 86, pArticle Number: 094101 (2015)
Structural exploration and Förster theory modeling for the interpretation of gas-phase FRET measurements: Chromophore-grafted Amyloid-β peptides
Alexander Kulesza, Steven Daly, Luke Macaleese, Rodolphe Antoine, Philippe Dugourd
The Journal of Chemical Physics, vol. 143, p025101 (2015)
Multiple Electron Ejection from Proteins Resulting from Single-Photon Excitation in the Valence Shell
Rodolphe Antoine, Quentin Enjalbert, Luke Macaleese, Philippe Dugourd, Alexandre Giuliani, L. Nahon
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, vol. 5, p1666-1671 (2014)
Structure of Pb2+-deprotonated dGMP complexes in the gas phase: a combined MS-MS/IRMPD spectroscopy/Ion Mobility study
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, vol. 16, p14127-14138 (2014)
Formation and characterisation of the silver hydride nanocluster cation [Ag3H2((Ph2P)(2)CH2)](+) and its release of hydrogen
Marion Girod, Marjan Krstić, Rodolphe Antoine, Luke Macaleese, Jérôme Lemoine, Athanasios Zavras, George N. Khairallah, Vlasta Bonačić- Koutecký, Philippe Dugourd, Richard A. J. O'Hair
Chemistry - A European Journal, vol. 20, p16626-16633 (2014)
Conformer-selective photoelectron spectroscopy of alpha-lactalbumin derived multianions in the gas phase
Matthias Vonderach, Marc-Oliver Winghart, Luke Macaleese, Fabien Chirot, Rodolphe Antoine, Philippe Dugourd, Patrick Weis, Oliver Hampe, Manfred M Kappes
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, vol. 16, p3007-3013 (2014)
Action-FRET: Probing the molecular conformation of mass-selected gas phase peptides with Förster Resonance Energy Transfer detected by acceptor specific fragmentation
Steven Daly, Frédéric Poussigue, Anne-Laure Simon, Luke Macaleese, Franck Bertorelle, Fabien Chirot, Rodolphe Antoine, Philippe Dugourd
Analytical Chemistry, vol. 86, p8798-8804 (2014)
An in-vacuum, pixelated detection system for mass spectrometric analysis and imaging of macromolecules
Julia Jungmann, Donald Smith, Andras Kiss, Luke Macaleese, Ronald Buijs, Ron M.A. Heeren
International Journal of Mass Spectrometry, vol. 341-342, p34-44 (2013)
Sparse spectral techniques for emission imaging
Andrei Kharchenko, Julia Jungmann, Luke Macaleese, Ron M.A. Heeren
International Journal of Mass Spectrometry, vol. 351, p37-46 (2013)
Binding motifs of silver in prion octarepeat model peptides: a joint ion mobility, IR and UV spectroscopies, and theoretical approach
Bruno Bellina, Isabelle Compagnon, Luke Macaleese, Fabien Chirot, Jérôme Lemoine, Philippe Maıtre, Michel Broyer, Rodolphe Antoine, Alexander Kulesza, Roland Mitrić, Vlasta Bonačić-Koutecký, Philippe Dugourd
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, vol. 14, p11433-11440 (2012)
Infrared Spectra of Protonated Uracil, Thymine and Cytosine
Jean-Yves Salpin, Sébastien Guillaumont, Jeanine Tortajada, Luke Macaleese, Joël Lemaire, Philippe Maıtre
ChemPhysChem, vol. 8, p2235-2244 (2007)
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