PAILHES Stéphane
  • Transport, Nanomagnétisme et Matériaux pour l'Énergie
  • BRILLOUIN / 4ème / 14-019
  • 0472431018
In situ X-ray diffraction study of a TiO2 nanopowder Spark Plasma Sintering under very high pressure
Sandrine Cottrino, Thomas Gaudisson, Stéphane Pailhes, Emanuela Archina Ferrara, S. Mishra, S. Daniele, Mohamed Mézouar, Alain Largeteau, Yann Le Godec, Sylvie Le Floch
Journal of the European Ceramic Society, vol. 43, p2783-2793 (2023)
From phonons to the thermal properties of complex thermoelectric crystals: The case of type-I clathrates
Stéphane Pailhes, V. M. Giordano, Shelby R Turner, Pierre-François Lory, Christophe Candolfi, Marc de Boissieu, Holger Euchner
Results in Physics, vol. 49, p106487 (2023)
Effect of extreme mechanical densification on the electrical properties of carbon nanotube micro-yarns
Cassandre Miralaei, Sylvie Le Floch, Regis Debord, Hung Nguyen, Julio Cesar da Silva, Alfonso San-Miguel, Hélène Le Poche, Stéphane Pailhes, V. Pischedda
Nanotechnology, vol. 33, p275708 (2022)
A chiral 3D silver( i )–benzenedithiolate coordination polymer exhibiting photoemission and non-linear optical response
Saly Hawila, Ahmad Abdallah, Jean-Luc Rukemampunzi, Alexandra Fateeva, Gilles Ledoux, Régis Debord, Stéphane Pailhes, Nathalie Guillou, Florian Massuyeau, Romain Gautier, Adel Mesbah, Aude Demessence
Chemical Communications, vol. 58, p8081-8084 (2022)
Isostructural phase transition by point defect reorganization in the binary type-I clathrate Ba7.5Si45
Régis Debord, Holger Euchner, V. Pischedda, Michael Hanfland, Alfonso San-Miguel, Patrice Mélinon, Stéphane Pailhes, Denis Machon
Acta Materialia, vol. 210, p116824 (2021)
Impact of temperature and mode polarization on the acoustic phonon range in complex crystalline phases: A case study on intermetallic clathrates
S. Turner, Stéphane Pailhes, F. Bourdarot, J. Ollivier, Stéphane Raymond, T. Keller, Y. Sidis, J.-P. Castellan, P.-F. Lory, H. Euchner, M. Baitinger, Yu. Grin, H. Schober, M. de Boissieu, V. M. Giordano
Physical Review Research, vol. 3, p013021 (2021)
Giant Tuning of Electronic and Thermoelectric Properties by Epitaxial Strain in p-Type Sr-Doped LaCrO 3 Transparent Thin Films
Dong Han, Rahma Moalla, Ignasi Fina, V. M. Giordano, Marc D’esperonnat, Claude Botella, G. Grenet, Régis Debord, Stéphane Pailhes, Guillaume Saint-Girons, Romain Bachelet
ACS Applied Electronic Materials, vol. 3, p3461-3471 (2021)
Reduced phase space of heat-carrying acoustic phonons in single-crystalline InTe
Shantanu Misra, Céline Barreteau, Jean-Claude Crivello, V. M. Giordano, John-Paul Castellan, Yvan Sidis, Petr Levinský, Jiří Hejtmánek, Bernard Malaman, Anne Dauscher, Bertrand Lenoir, Christophe Candolfi, Stéphane Pailhes
Physical Review Research, vol. 2, p043371 (2020)
Optimum in the thermoelectric efficiency of nanostructured Nb-doped TiO 2 ceramics: from polarons to Nb–Nb dimers
Alexandre Verchère, Stéphane Pailhes, Sylvie Le Floch, Sandrine Cottrino, Régis Debord, Gilbert Fantozzi, Shantanu Misra, Christophe Candolfi, Bertrand Lenoir, Stephane Daniele, S. Mishra
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, vol. 22, p13008-13016 (2020)
Impact of structural complexity and disorder on lattice dynamics and thermal conductivity in the o- Al 13 Co 4 phase
P.-F. Lory, V. M. Giordano, P. Gille, H. Euchner, M. Mihalkovič, E. Pellegrini, M. Gonzalez, L.-P. Regnault, P. Bastie, H. Schober, Stéphane Pailhes, M. S. Johnson, Yu. Grin, Marc de Boissieu
Physical Review B, vol. 102, p024303 (2020)
Effect of High Pressure Spark Plasma Sintering on the Densification of a Nb-Doped TiO2 Nanopowder
Alexandre Verchère, Sandrine Cottrino, Gilbert Fantozzi, S. Mishra, Thomas Gaudisson, Nicholas Blanchard, Stéphane Pailhes, S. Daniele, Sylvie Le Floch
Ceramics, vol. 3, p507-520 (2020)
Anisotropic low-energy vibrational modes as an effect of cage geometry in the binary barium silicon clathrate Ba24Si100
Romain Viennois, Michael Marek Koza, Régis Debord, Pierre Toulemonde, Hannu Mutka, Stéphane Pailhes
Physical Review B, vol. 101, p224302 (2020)
Lattice Dynamics Study of Thermoelectric Oxychalcogenide BiCuChO (Ch = Se, S)
Romain Viennois, Patrick Hermet, Mickael Beaudhuin, Jean-Louis Bantignies, David Maurin, Stéphane Pailhes, M. T. Fernandez-Diaz, M.M. Koza, Céline Barreteau, Nita Dragoe, David Berardan
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, vol. 123, p16046-16057 (2019)
Understanding lattice thermal conductivity in thermoelectric clathrates: A density functional theory study on binary Si-based type-I clathrates
Holger Euchner, Stéphane Pailhes, V. M. Giordano, Marc de Boissieu
Physical Review B: Condensed Matter and Materials Physics (1998-2015), vol. 97 (2018)
Absence of confinement in (SrTiO3)/(SrTi0.8Nb0.2O3) superlattices
G. Bouzerar, S. Thebaud, Robert Bouzerar, Stéphane Pailhes, Christophe Adessi
Physical Review Materials, vol. 2, p035402 (2018)
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