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In situ measurement of plasticity accompanying Hydrogen induced cracking
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, vol. 48, p28567-28582 (2023)
Luminescent and sustainable d10 coinage metal thiolate coordination polymers for high-temperature optical sensing
Ahmad Abdallah, Shefali Vaidya, Saly Hawila, Sophie-Laure Ornis, Grégoire Nebois, Adrien Barnet, Nathalie Guillou, Alexandra Fateeva, Adel Mesbah, Gilles Ledoux, Antoine Bérut, Loïc Vanel, Aude Demessence
iScience, vol. 26, p106016 (2023)
Immersed Cantilever Apparatus for Mechanics and Microscopy
Akash Singh, Michio Tateno, G Simon, Loïc Vanel, Mathieu Leocmach
Measurement Science and Technology, vol. 32, p125603 (2021)
How heat controls fracture: the thermodynamics of creeping and avalanching cracks
Tom Vincent-Dospital, Renaud Toussaint, Stéphane Santucci, Loïc Vanel, Daniel Bonamy, Hattali, M L, Alain Cochard, Eirik Flekkøy, Knut Jørgen Måløy
Soft Matter, vol. 16, p9590-9602 (2020)
Continuously Sheared Granular Matter Reproduces in Detail Seismicity Laws
S. Lherminier, R. Planet, V. Levy Dit Vehel, G Simon, Loïc Vanel, K. j. Måløy, O. Ramos
Physical Review Letters, vol. 122, p218501 (2019)
Brittle-to-quasibrittle transition in creep rupture of 2D disordered elastic materials
Claudio Fusco, Didier Long, Loïc Vanel
Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment, vol. 2019, p053301 (2019)
Bending to Kinetic Energy Transfer in Adhesive Peel Front Microinstability
V. de Zotti, K. Rapina, Pierre-Philippe Cortet, Loïc Vanel, S. Santucci
Physical Review Letters, vol. 122, p068005 (2019)
A new test method to simulate low-severity wear conditions experienced by rubber tire materials
M. Huang, Matthieu Guibert, Jean J. Thevenet, C. Fayolle, T. Chaussée, L. Guy, Loïc Vanel, Jean-Luc Loubet, Paul Sotta
Wear, vol. 410-411, p72-82 (2018)
Interacting Cracks Obey a Multiscale Attractive to Repulsive Transition
Marie-Émeline Schwaab, Thierry Biben, Stéphane Santucci, Anthony Gravouil, Loïc Vanel
Physical Review Letters, vol. 120, p255501 (2018)
Inertial and stick-slip regimes of unstable adhesive tape peeling
Marie-Julie Dalbe, Richard Villey, Matteo Ciccotti, Stéphane Santucci, Pierre-Philippe Cortet, Loïc Vanel
Soft Matter, vol. 12, p4537 - 4548 (2016)
Dielectric Spectroscopy of a Stretched Polymer Glass: Heterogeneous Dynamics and Plasticity
Roberto Pérez-Aparicio, Denis Cottinet, Caroline Crauste-Thibierge, Loïc Vanel, Paul Sotta, Jean-Yves Delannoy, Didier Long, Sergio Ciliberto
Macromolecules, vol. 49, p3889-3898 (2016)
A Multi-Channel Setup to Study Fractures in Scintillators
A. Tantot, C. Bouard, R. Briche, G. Lefèvre, B. Manier, Neïl Zaïm, Stéphanie Deschanel, Loïc Vanel, P.C.F. Di Stefano
Measur.Sci.Tech., vol. 27, p125601 (2016)
Multiscale Stick-Slip Dynamics of Adhesive Tape Peeling
Marie-Julie Dalbe, Pierre-Philippe Cortet, Matteo Ciccotti, Loïc Vanel, Stéphane Santucci
Physical Review Letters, vol. 115, p128301 (2015)
Repulsion and Attraction between a Pair of Cracks in a Plastic Sheet
Marie-Julie Dalbe, Juha Koivisto, Loïc Vanel, Amandine Miksic, Osvanny Ramos, Mikko Alava, Stéphane Santucci
Physical Review Letters, vol. 114 (2015)
From Dark Matter to Brittle Fracture
P. C. F. Di Stefano, C. Bouard, Ciliberto Sergio, Stéphanie Deschanel, Osvanny Ramos, Stéphane Santucci, A. Tantot, Loïc Vanel, N. Zaim
, vol. 8, p183-186 (2015)
Rate-dependent elastic hysteresis during the peeling of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
Richard Villey, Costantino Creton, Pierre-Philippe Cortet, Marie-Julie Dalbe, Thomas Jet, Baudouin Saintyves, Stéphane Santucci, Loïc Vanel, David J. Yarusso, Matteo Ciccotti
Soft Matter, vol. 11, p3480-3491 (2015)
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