• Modélisation de la Matière Condensée et des Interfaces
  • BRILLOUIN / 4ème / 14-011
  • 0472432933
Depressurization-induced drop breakup through bubble growth
Physical Review Fluids, vol. 8 (2023)
Formation of smoother grain boundaries in 2D materials using high deposition rates during the last stages of growth
Fábio Reis, Bastien Marguet, Olivier Pierre-Louis
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Controlling the Shape of Small Clusters with and without Macroscopic Fields
Francesco Boccardo, Olivier Pierre-Louis
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Stress-Induced Acceleration and Ordering in Solid-State Dewetting
Francesco Boccardo, Fabrizio Rovaris, Ashwani Tripathi, Francesco Montalenti, Olivier Pierre-Louis
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Temperature transitions and degeneracy in the control of small clusters with a macroscopic field
Francesco Boccardo, Olivier Pierre-Louis
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Interface collisions with diffusive mass transport
Bastien Marguet, F. Reis, Olivier Pierre-Louis
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Hole opening from growing interfacial voids: A possible mechanism of solid state dewetting
Stefano Curiotto, Anna Chame, Pierre Müller, Carl Thompson, Olivier Pierre-Louis
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Controlling anisotropy in 2D microscopic models of growth
Luca Gagliardi, Olivier Pierre-Louis
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Delamination of multilayer graphene stacks from its substrate through wrinkle formation under high pressures
I.R. R Amaral, A. Forestier, A. Piednoir, R. Galafassi, Colin Bousige, Denis Machon, Olivier Pierre-Louis, R.S. S Alencar, A.G. G Souza Filho, Alfonso San-Miguel
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Undulation of a moving fluid membrane pushed by filament growth
Hiroshi Noguchi, Olivier Pierre-Louis
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Shear dynamics of confined membranes
Thomas Le Goff, Tung To, Olivier Pierre-Louis
Soft Matter (2021)
Disjoining-pressure-induced acceleration of mass shedding in solid-state dewetting
Ashwani K. Tripathi, Olivier Pierre-Louis
Physical Review E, vol. 101, p042802 (2020)
Shapes of Fe nanocrystals encapsulated at the graphite surface
Ann Lii-Rosales, Yong Han, Scott Julien, Olivier Pierre-Louis, Dapeng Jing, Kai-Tak Wan, Michael Tringides, James Evans, Patricia Thiel
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Orientation and morphology of solid-state dewetting holes
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The nonequilibrium crystallization force
Luca Gagliardi, Olivier Pierre-Louis
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2D nanostructure motion on anisotropic surfaces controlled by electromigration
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Thin film modeling of crystal dissolution and growth in confinement
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Adhesion dynamics of confined membranes
Thomas Le Goff, Olivier Pierre-Louis
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F. D. A. Aarão Reis, Olivier Pierre-Louis
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