• Modélisation de la Matière Condensée et des Interfaces
  • BRILLOUIN / 5ème / 15-005
  • 0472431473
A deep-neural network potential to study transformation-induced plasticity in zirconia
Jin-Yu Zhang, Gaël Huynh, Fu-Zhi Dai, Tristan Albaret, Shi-Hao Zhang, Shigenobu Ogata, David Rodney
Journal of the European Ceramic Society, vol. 44, p4243-4254 (2024)
David Rodney, Pierre-Antoine Geslin, Sylvain Patinet, Vincent Démery, Alberto Rosso
Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering, vol. 32, p18 (2024)
Equilibrium versus non-equilibrium stacking fault widths in NiCoCr
C Baruffi, M. Ghazisaeidi, David Rodney, W.A. Curtin
Scripta Materialia, vol. 235, p115536 (2023)
Atomic-scale modeling of 1/2 (110){001} edge dislocations in UO2: Core properties and mobility
Marion Borde, Michel Freyss, Emeric Bourasseau, Bruno Michel, David Rodney, Jonathan Amodeo
Journal of Nuclear Materials, vol. 574, p154157 (2023)
Coarse-grained molecular dynamic model for metallic materials
Loïc Chalamet, Yasushi Shibuta, David Rodney
Computational Materials Science, vol. 228, p112306 (2023)
Elastic modelling of lattice distortions in concentrated random alloys
Bassem Sboui, David Rodney, Pierre-Antoine Geslin
Acta Materialia, vol. 257, p119117 (2023)
Mobility of carbon-decorated screw dislocations in bcc iron
Lisa Ventelon, Daniel Caillard, Bérengère Lüthi, Emmanuel Clouet, David Rodney, François Willaime
Acta Materialia, vol. 247, p118716 (2023)
$Ab\ initio$ informed yield criterion across body-centered cubic transition metals
Baptiste Bienvenu, Lucile Dezerald, David Rodney, Emmanuel Clouet
Acta Materialia, vol. 236, p118098 (2022)
Influence of stress correlations on dislocation glide in random alloys
Ali Rida, Enrique Martinez, David Rodney, Pierre-Antoine Geslin
Physical Review Materials, vol. 6, p033605 (2022)
Carbon-induced strengthening of bcc iron at the atomic scale
Arnaud Allera, Fabienne Ribeiro, Michel Perez, David Rodney
Physical Review Materials, vol. 6, p013608 (2022)
Screw dislocations in BCC transition metals: from ab initio modeling to yield criterion
Emmanuel Clouet, Baptiste Bienvenu, Lucile Dezerald, David Rodney
Comptes Rendus. Physique, vol. 22, ppp. 83-116 (2021)
Microelasticity model of random alloys. Part I: mean square displacements and stresses
Pierre-Antoine Geslin, David Rodney
Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, vol. 153, p104479 (2021)
Microstructural effects on the dynamical relaxation of glasses and glass composites: A molecular dynamics study
Guo-Jian Lyu, Ji-Chao Qiao, Yao Yao, Yun-Jiang Wang, Julien Morthomas, Claudio Fusco, David Rodney
Acta Materialia, vol. 220, p117293 (2021)
Anharmonic effect on the thermally activated migration of {101̄2} twin interfaces in magnesium
Yuji Sato, T D Swinburne, Shigenobu Ogata, David Rodney
Materials Research Letters, vol. 9, p231-238 (2021)
Microelasticity model of random alloys, Part II: Displacement and stress correlations
Pierre-Antoine Geslin, Ali Rida, David Rodney
Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, vol. 153, p104480 (2021)
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