Séminaire Institut

Vendredi 1er Mars 2024 à 11h00.

Integrable rare-earth material platforms for optical quantum technologies

Diana Serrano
( Institut de Recherche de Chimie Paris (IRCP) – Chimie ParisTech)

Salle de séminaires Lippmann

Invité(e) par
Gilles Ledoux

présentera en 1 heure :

Quantum technologies aim at harnessing the peculiarities of quantum physics to develop real-world applications. These technologies are expected to have a significant societal impact with possible breakthrough achievements in fields such as sensing, information processing, and telecommunications. However, to be successful, many technological building blocks encompassing a wide range of disciplines will have to be established. Those include material sciences, which are due to provide material platforms with optimized quantum properties. In this seminar we will revisit the major requirements for materials to be useful for quantum technologies, and we will review recent progress on different forms of rare-earth crystals towards this goal [1-4].

[1] S. Liu, A. Fossa,, D. Serrano, A. Tallaire, A. Ferrier, P. Goldner, Defect Engineering for Quantum Grade Rare-Earth Nanocrystals, ACS Nano 14 (2020) 9953–9962.
[2] D. Serrano, J. Karlsson, A. Fossa,, A. Ferrier, P. Goldner, All-op,cal control of long-lived nuclear spins in rare-earth doped nanopar,cles, Nat. Commun. 9 (2018) 2127.
[3] A. Fossa,, D. Serrano, S. Liu, A. Tallaire, A. Ferrier, P. Goldner, Op,cal line broadening mechanisms in rare-earth doped oxide nanocrystals, J. Lumin. 263 (2023) 120050.
[4] D. Serrano, S.K. Kuppusamy, B. Heinrich, O. Fuhr, D. Hunger, M. Ruben, P. Goldner, Ultra- narrow op,cal linewidths in rare-earth molecular crystals, Nature 603 (2022) 241–246.


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