Our team participates in several scientific collaborations and projects


  • Structural and magnetic properties of FeAu nanoparticles

Science Without Borders : joint project with Universiy of Campinas, Instituto de Física "Gleb Wataghin", Brazil

  • From Individual Transitions to Surface-Plasmon Resonances in Nano-Gold and Silver

ANR FIT_SPRING (2014-2017) : H. Weissker (CINaM) - M. Kociak (LPS) - M. Hillekamp (ILM)

  • Ultrasensitive Label-Free Biosensing Through Interferometric Measurements of Plasmonic Nanoparticles

Labex Imust (2013-2016) : F. Lerouge (Lab. Chimie, ENS Lyon) - C. Bonnet & E.Cottancin (ILM)

  • In operando monitoring by environmental microscopy and nanoplasmonics of nanoalloy catalytic reactivity,

Projet ARC-Énergie (2013-2016) : L. Piccolo (IRCELYON) - C. Langlois (Mateis) - E.Cottancin (ILM)

  • Characterization of size effects in the time-resolved optical response of embedded metal clusters, with Femto-Nano team, ILM.


  • Several collaborations in the frame of the "Lyon Cluster Research Platform" (PLYRA).



  • Research Group on Thermodynamics, Fragmentation and aggregation of complex molecular systems isolated, GDR CNRS 2758. 


Finished projects


  • Transition metal based nano-antennas: new broad-band plasmonic sensors,

TOMBAPIC, Labex Imust (2012-2013) : C. Jamois (INL) - E.Cottancin (ILM)

  • New hybrid nanoparticle systems for multiphoton absorption phototherapy with high spatial resolution.

ANR NanoPDT (2010-2013) : S. Parola & F. Lerouge, Laboratoire de Chimie (UMR 5182), Université Lyon 1, ENS Lyon.

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