• Liquides et interfaces
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Aggregation-fragmentation and individual dynamics of active clusters
Nature Communications, vol. 9, p696 (2018)
Nanoscale Dynamics versus Surface Interactions: What Dictates Osmotic Transport?
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, vol. 8, p478 - 483 (2017)
Influence of molecular-surface interactions on osmotic flow in nanochannels
Choongyeop Lee, Cecile Cottin-Bizonne, Rémy Fulcrand, Laurent Joly, Christophe Ybert
, p252-255 (2017)
Active colloids segmentation and tracking
Xiaofang Wang, Boyang Gao, Simon Masnou, Liming Chen, Isaac Theurkauff, Cecile Cottin-Bizonne, Yuqian Zhao, Frank Shih
Pattern Recognition, vol. 60, p177-188 (2016)
Velocity Condensation for Magnetotactic Bacteria
Jean-Francois Rupprecht, Nicolas Waisbord, Christophe Ybert, Cecile Cottin-Bizonne, Lyderic Bocquet
Physical Review Letters, vol. 116 (2016)
Destabilization of a flow focused suspension of magnetotactic bacteria
Nicolas Waisbord, Christopher T. Lefèvre, Lyderic Bocquet, Christophe Ybert, Cecile Cottin-Bizonne
Physical Review Fluids, vol. 1, p53203 - 53203 (2016)
Diffusiophoresis at the macroscale
Cyril Mauger, Romain Volk, Nathanaël Machicoane, Mickaël Bourgoin, Cecile Cottin-Bizonne, Christophe Ybert, Florence Raynal
Physical Review Fluids, vol. 1, p034001 (2016)
Water Drop Evaporation on Mushroom-like Superhydrophobic Surfaces: Temperature Effects
Rodney Marcelo Do Nascimento, Cecile Cottin-Bizonne, Christophe Pirat, Stella M.M. Ramos
Langmuir, vol. 32, p2005-2009 (2016)
Perméabilité optimale des aquaporines : Une histoire de forme ?
Médecine/Sciences, vol. 31, p174-179 (2015)
Nonequilibrium equation of state in suspensions of active colloids
Félix Ginot, Isaac Theurkauff, Demian Levis, Christophe Ybert, Lyderic Bocquet, Ludovic Berthier, Cecile Cottin-Bizonne
Physical Review, vol. 5, p011004 (2015)
Osmotic Flow through Fully Permeable Nanochannels
C. Lee, Cecile Cottin-Bizonne, Anne-Laure Biance, Pierre Joseph, Lyderic Bocquet, Christophe Ybert
Physical Review Letters, vol. 112, p244501 (2014)
How a “pinch of salt” can tune chaotic mixing of colloidal suspensions
Julien Deseigne, Cecile Cottin-Bizonne, Abraham D. Stroock, Lyderic Bocquet, Christophe Ybert
Soft Matter, vol. 10 (2014)
Chaotic mixing in effective compressible flows
Romain Volk, Cyril Mauger, Mickaël Bourgoin, Cecile Cottin-Bizonne, Christophe Ybert, Florence Raynal
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Evidence of slippage breakdown for a superhydrophobic microchannel
Physics of Fluids, vol. 26, p082004 (2014)
Effect of Surface Elasticity on the Rheology of Nanometric Liquids
Richard Villey, Emmanuelle Martinot, Cecile Cottin-Bizonne, Magali Phaner-Goutorbe, Liliane Léger, Frédéric Restagno, Elisabeth Charlaix
Physical Review Letters, vol. 111, p215701 (2013)
Capacitive detection of buried interfaces by a dynamic surface force apparatus.
Richard Villey, Agnès Piednoir, Preeti Sharma, Cecile Cottin-Bizonne, Benjamin Cross, Magali Phaner-Goutorbe, Élisabeth Charlaix
Review of Scientific Instruments, vol. 84, p085113 (2013)
Optimizing water permeability through the hourglass shape of aquaporins
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol. 110, p16367-16372 (2013)
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