BIANCE Anne-Laure
  • Liquides et interfaces
  • BRILLOUIN / 1er / 11-001
  • 0472448228
Anomalous ionic transport in tunable angstrom-size water films on silica
Aymeric Allemand, Menghua Zhao, Olivier O. Vincent, Remy Fulcrand, Laurent Joly, Christophe Ybert, Anne-Laure Biance
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol. 120 (2023)
Interfacial Characterization of Ruthenium-Based Amphiphilic Photosensitizers
Yousra Timounay, Andrea Pannwitz, David Klein, Anne-Laure Biance, Marlene Hoefnagel, Indraneel Sen, Alain Cagna, Marie Le Merrer, Sylvestre Bonnet
Langmuir, vol. 38, p9697-9707 (2022)
Microscopic Origins of the Viscosity of a Lennard-Jones Liquid
Farid Rizk, Simon Gelin, Anne-Laure Biance, Laurent Joly
Physical Review Letters, vol. 129, p074503 (2022)
Dynamic arrest during the spreading of a yield stress fluid drop
Grégoire Martouzet, Loren Jørgensen, Yoann Pelet, Anne-Laure Biance, Catherine Barentin
Physical Review Fluids, vol. 6, p044006 (2021)
Generation and stability of cement soap films
Djilani Ahmed Abdourahman, Arthur Geniere, Mélodie Auriol, Florent Dalas, Anne-Laure Biance, Marie Le Merrer
Soft Matter, vol. 17, p2429-2438 (2021)
Electrokinetic sweeping of colloids at a reactive magnesium oxide interface.
Soft Matter, vol. 17, p8705-8711 (2021)
Drag reduction on drop during impact on multiscale superhydrophobic surfaces
Grégoire Martouzet, Choongyeop Lee, Christophe Pirat, Christophe Ybert, Anne-Laure Biance
Journal of Fluid Mechanics, vol. 892 (2020)
Thermally Enhanced Electro-osmosis to Control Foam Stability
Physical Review X, vol. 10, p021015 (2020)
Electroosmosis near surfactant laden liquid–air interfaces
Soft Matter, vol. 14, p2604 - 2609 (2018)
Rupture of granular rafts: effects of particle mobility and polydispersity
Carole Planchette, Elise Lorenceau, Anne-Laure Biance
Soft Matter, vol. 14, p6419 - 6430 (2018)
Liquid fraction profile in a liquid foam under an applied voltage
Physical Review Fluids, vol. 3, p110505 (2018)
Cohesion and agglomeration of wet powders
Pascal Raux, Anne-Laure Biance
Physical Review Fluids, vol. 3, p014301 (2018)
Measuring surface charge: Why experimental characterization and molecular modeling should be coupled
Remco Hartkamp, Anne-Laure Biance, Li Fu, Jean-François Dufrêche, Oriane Bonhomme, Laurent Joly
Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science, vol. 37, p101 - 114 (2018)
Level-set simulations of a 2D topological rearrangement in a bubble assembly: effects of surfactant properties
Andrea Titta, Marie Le Merrer, François Detcheverry, Peter D M Spelt, Anne-Laure Biance
Journal of Fluid Mechanics, vol. 838, p222-247 (2018)
Electrokinetic transport in liquid foams
Advances in Colloid and Interface Science, vol. 247, p477 - 490 (2017)
Bending modulus of bidisperse particle rafts: Local and collective contributions
Pauline C. Petit, Anne-Laure Biance, Carole Planchette, Elise Lorenceau
Physical Review E, vol. 93, p2361 - 2376 (2016)
Holes and cracks in rigid foam films
Pauline C. Petit, Marie Le Merrer, Anne-Laure Biance
Journal of Fluid Mechanics, vol. 774 (2015)
On the generation of a foam film during a topological rearrangement
Pauline Petit, Jacopo Seiwert, Isabelle Cantat, Anne-Laure Biance
Journal of Fluid Mechanics, vol. 763, p286 (2015)
Ultra-sensitive flow measurement in individual nanopores through pressure – driven particle translocation
Alessandro Gadaleta, Anne-Laure Biance, Alessandro Siria, Lyderic Bocquet
Nanoscale, vol. 7, p7965-7970 (2015)
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