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  • Structure et dynamique multi-échelles des édifices moléculaires
  • KASTLER / 1er / 11-011
CO2 laser enhanced rapid IRMPD spectroscopy for glycan analysis
Baptiste Moge, Oznur Yeni, Alicia Infantino, Isabelle Compagnon
International Journal of Mass Spectrometry, vol. 490, p117071 (2023)
Conformational preferences of the flexible galactofuranose sugar in gas-phase
Oznur Yeni, Abdul-Rahman Allouche, Laurent Legentil, Vincent Ferrières, Isabelle Compagnon
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, vol. 25, p20373-20380 (2023)
Ring-Size Memory of Galactose-Containing MS/MS Fragments: Application to the Detection of Galactofuranose in Oligosaccharides and Their Sequencing
Oznur Yeni, Simon Ollivier, Baptiste Moge, David Ropartz, Hélène Rogniaux, Laurent Legentil, Vincent Ferrières, Isabelle Compagnon
Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol. 145, p15180–15187 (2023)
Rapid IRMPD (InfraRed multiple photon dissociation) analysis for glycomics
Oznur Yeni, Baptiste Schindler, Baptiste Moge, Isabelle Compagnon
Analyst (2022)
O -Acetylated sugars in the gas phase: stability, migration, positional isomers and conformation
Oznur Yeni, Amira Gharbi, Stéphane Chambert, Jean Rouillon, Abdul-Rahman Allouche, Baptiste Schindler, Isabelle Compagnon
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (2022)
Synthesis of an Exhaustive Library of Naturally Occurring Galf-Manp and Galp-Manp Disaccharides. Toward Fingerprinting According to Ring Size by Advanced Mass Spectrometry-Based IM-MS and IRMPD
Bénédicte Favreau, Oznur Yeni, Simon Ollivier, Joël Boustie, Françoise Lohezic-Le Devehat, Jean-Paul Guégan, Mathieu Fanuel, Hélène Rogniaux, Richard Brédy, Isabelle Compagnon, David Ropartz, Laurent Legentil, Vincent Ferrières
Journal of Organic Chemistry, vol. 86, p6390–6405 (2021)
Distinguishing Galactoside Isomers with Mass Spectrometry and Gas-Phase Infrared Spectroscopy
Jordan S Ho, Amira Gharbi, Baptiste Schindler, Oznur Yeni, Richard Brédy, Laurent Legentil, Vincent Ferrières, Laura L Kiessling, Isabelle Compagnon
Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol. 143, p10509-10513 (2021)
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