• Modélisation de la Matière Condensée et des Interfaces
  • BRILLOUIN / 4ème / 14-017
  • 0472448339
Lattice thermal conductivity and mechanical properties of the single-layer penta-NiN 2 explored by a deep-learning interatomic potential
Pedram Mirchi, Christophe Adessi, Samy Merabia, Ali Rajabpour
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (2024)
Extreme near-field heat transfer between silica surfaces
Ali Rajabpour, Julien El Hajj, Mauricio Gómez Viloria, R. Messina, Philippe Ben-Abdallah, Yangyu Guo, Samy Merabia
Applied Physics Letters, vol. 124, p192203 (2024)
Full thermoelectric characterization of a single molecule
Andrea Gemma, Fatemeh Tabatabaei, Ute Drechsler, Anel Zulji, Hervé Dekkiche, Nico Mosso, Thomas Niehaus, Martin R Bryce, Samy Merabia, Bernd Gotsmann
Nature Communications, vol. 14, p3868 (2023)
Giant slip length at a supercooled liquid-solid interface
Suzanne Lafon, Alexis Chennevière, Frédéric Restagno, Samy Merabia, Laurent Joly
Physical Review E, vol. 107, p025101 (2023)
Enhanced Heat Flow between Charged Nanoparticles and an Aqueous Electrolyte
Reza Rabani, Mohammad Hassan Saidi, Ali Rajabpour, Laurent Joly, Samy Merabia
Langmuir, vol. 39, p15222-15230 (2023)
Atomistic modeling of extreme near-field heat transport across nanogaps between two polar dielectric materials
Yangyu Guo, Mauricio Gómez Viloria, R. Messina, Philippe Ben-Abdallah, Samy Merabia
Physical Review B, vol. 108, p085434 (2023)
Complex coupling between surface charge and thermo-osmotic phenomena
Mehdi Ouadfel, Michael de San Féliciano, Cecilia Herrero, Samy Merabia, Laurent Joly
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, vol. 25, p24321-24331 (2023)
Conductive heat transfer through nanoconfined argon gas: From continuum to free-molecular regime
Reza Rabani, Samy Merabia, Ahmadreza Pishevar
International Journal of Thermal Sciences, vol. 192, p108391 (2023)
Basal-plane heat transport in graphite thin films
Yangyu Guo, Xiao-Ping Luo, Zhongwei Zhang, Samy Merabia, Massahiro Nomura, Sebastian Volz
Physical Review B, vol. 107, p195430 (2023)
Size-dependent effects of the thermal transport at gold nanoparticle–water interfaces
Oscar Gutiérrez-Varela, Samy Merabia, Ruben Santamaria
The Journal of Chemical Physics, vol. 157, p084702 (2022)
Ultra-high liquid–solid thermal resistance using nanostructured gold surfaces coated with graphene
Cecilia Herrero, Laurent Joly, Samy Merabia
Applied Physics Letters, vol. 120, p171601 (2022)
Molecular electronic refrigeration against parallel phonon heat leakage channels
Fatemeh Tabatabaei, Samy Merabia, Bernd Gotsmann, Mika Prunnila, Thomas Niehaus
Nanoscale, vol. 14, p11003-11011 (2022)
Enhancement and anticipation of the Ioffe-Regel crossover in amorphous/nanocrystalline composites
Ameni Tlili, V. M. Giordano, Yaroslav Beltukov, Paul Desmarchelier, Samy Merabia, Anne Tanguy
Nanoscale, vol. 11, p21502-21512 (2019)
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