LE ROY Damien
  • Transport, Nanomagnétisme et Matériaux pour l'Énergie
  • BRILLOUIN / 3ème / 13-008
  • 0472431519
Finite size effects on the metamagnetic phase transition in a thick B2 FeRh nanocluster film
Guillermo Herrera, Anthony Robert, Sara Gonzalez, Patrick Schoeffmann, A. Tamion, Florent Tournus, L. Bardotti, Olivier Boisron, Clement Albin, Nicholas Blanchard, Infante Ingrid C., Pedro Rojo Romeo, Bruno Canut, Edwige Otero, Philippe Ohresser, Fabrice Wilhelm, Andrei Rogalev, Matthieu Bugnet, Damien Le Roy, Véronique Dupuis
Nanoscale (2024)
Magnetic Membranes for Cell Growth Under Curved and Reversible Deformations
Valentin Chalut, Damien Le Roy, Thibault Mercier, Marie‐Charlotte Audry, Victor Vieille, Thibaut Devillers, A.-L. Deman, Caterina Tomba
Small Science, p2400141 (2024)
Microchip for Immunomagnetic Sorting of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs)
Lucie Descamps, Emmanuelle Laurenceau, Sophie Cavassila, Léa Payen, Damien Le Roy, A.-L. Deman
, vol. 2804, p91-100 (2024)
Preferential orientations of FeRh nanomagnets deposited on a BaTiO$_3$ epitaxial thin film
A. Reyes, Guillermo Herrera, Pierre Capiod, Damien Le Roy, Véronique Dupuis, Infante Ingrid C., Guillaume Saint-Girons, Romain Bachelet, Andrea Resta, Philippe Ohresser, Lucio Martinelli, X. Weng, Gilles Renaud, Florent Tournus
Physical Review B, vol. 109, p245410 (2024)
Impact of embedded Co nanoparticles on local magnetic properties of L10-FePt films
Charles Paléo, Fabrice Wilhelm, Philippe Ohresser, Edwige Otero, André Dias, Nora Dempsey, Véronique Dupuis, Damien Le Roy
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, vol. 59, p2102105 (2023)
Production and characterization of compacted Fe16N2 permanent magnets
N.G. Akdogan, O. Zirhli, M. Gerin, Sylvie Le Floch, Damien Le Roy, O. Akdogan
Acta Materialia, vol. 235, p118064 (2022)
Chemical and magnetic order in mass-selected large FeRh nanomagnets embedded in a carbon matrix
European Physical Journal: Applied Physics, vol. 97, p32 (2022)
Microfluidic-Based Technologies for CTC Isolation: A Review of 10 Years of Intense Efforts towards Liquid Biopsy
Lucie Descamps, Damien Le Roy, A.-L. Deman
International Journal of Molecular Sciences, vol. 23, p1981 (2022)
MagPure chip: an immunomagnetic-based microfluidic device for high purification of circulating tumor cells from liquid biopsies
Lucie Descamps, Jessica Garcia, David Barthelemy, Emmanuelle Laurenceau, Léa Payen, Damien Le Roy, A.-L. Deman
Lab on a Chip, vol. 22, p4151-4166 (2022)
Ultrafast Remote Healing of Magneto-Responsive Thermoplastic Elastomer-Based Nanocomposites
Pablo Griffiths, Gildas Coativy, Florent Dalmas, Guillaume Falco, Liuyin Jiang, Ziyin Xiang, Minh-Quyen Le, Benjamin Ducharne, Damien Le Roy, Françoise Méchin, Julien Bernard, Sylvain Meille, Guilhem P. Baeza
Macromolecules, vol. 55, p831-843 (2022)
Self-assembled permanent micro-magnets in a polymer-based microfluidic device for magnetic cell sorting
Lucie Descamps, M.-C. Audry, Jordyn Howard, Samir Mekkaoui, Clement Albin, David Barthelemy, Léa Payen, Jessica Garcia, Emmanuelle Laurenceau, Damien Le Roy, A.-L. Deman
Cells, vol. 10, p1734 (2021)
Magnetic polymers for magnetophoretic separation in microfluidic devices
Lucie Descamps, Damien Le Roy, Caterina Tomba, Anne-Laure Deman
Magnetochemistry, vol. 7, p100 (2021)
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