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CLEO®/Europe-EQEC 2023, One Page Summary Template Ultrafast Nano Generation of Acoustic Waves in Water: Thermophone Versus Mechanophone
Michele Diego, Marco Gandolfi, Stefano Giordano, Alessandro Casto, Francesco Maria Belussi, Aurélien Crut, Fabien Vialla, Stefano Roddaro, Matteo Fasano, Fabrice Vallée, Paolo Maioli, Natalia Del Fatti, Francesco Banfi
, p1-1 (2023)
Coherent acoustic pulse emission by ensembles of plasmonic nanoparticles
Balint Eles, Aurélien Crut, Natalia Del Fatti, Julien Lumeau, Antonin Moreau, Vincenzo de Michele, Youcef Ouerdane, Nathalie Destouches
The European Physical Journal. Special Topics, vol. 232, p2221-2230 (2023)
Water filling in carbon nanotubes with different wettability and implications on nanotube/water heat transfer via atomistic simulations
Alessandro Casto, Francesco Maria Bellussi, Michele Diego, Natalia Del Fatti, Francesco Banfi, Paolo Maioli, Matteo Fasano
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, vol. 205, p123868 (2023)
Tuning photoacoustics with nanotransducers via thermal boundary resistance and laser pulse duration
Michele Diego, Marco Gandolfi, Stefano Giordano, Fabien Vialla, Aurélien Crut, Fabrice Vallée, Paolo Maioli, Natalia Del Fatti, Francesco Banfi
Applied Physics Letters, vol. 121, p252201 (2022)
Ultrafast nano generation of acoustic waves in water via a single carbon nanotube
Michele Diego, Marco Gandolfi, Alessandro Casto, Francesco Maria Bellussi, Fabien Vialla, Aurélien Crut, Stefano Roddaro, Matteo Fasano, Fabrice Vallée, Natalia Del Fatti, Paolo Maioli, Francesco Banfi
Photoacoustics, vol. 28, p100407 (2022)
Electron and Lattice Heating Contributions to the Transient Optical Response of a Single Plasmonic Nano-Object
Romain Rouxel, Michele Diego, Paolo Maioli, Noëlle Lascoux, Fabien Vialla, Francesco Rossella, Francesco Banfi, Fabrice Vallée, Natalia Del Fatti, Aurélien Crut
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, vol. 125, p23275-23286 (2021)
Mechanical Vibrations of Atomically Defined Metal Clusters: From Nano- to Molecular-Size Oscillators
Paolo Maioli, T. Stoll, H. Sauceda, I. Valencia, Aude Demessence, Franck Bertorelle, Aurélien Crut, F. Vallee, I. Garzon, G. Cerullo, Natalia Del Fatti
Nano Letters, vol. 18, p6842-6849 (2018)
High-Pressure Effect on the Optical Extinction of a Single Gold Nanoparticle
F. Medeghini, M. Hettich, R. Rouxel, Silvio D. Silva Santos, Sylvain Hermelin, E. Pertreux, A. T. Dias, F. Legrand, Paolo Maioli, Aurélien Crut, F. Vallee, A. San Miguel, Natalia Del Fatti
ACS Nano, vol. 12, p10310-10316 (2018)
Surface plasmon resonance of an individual nano-object on an absorbing substrate : quantitative effects of distance and 3D orientation
Etienne Pertreux, Anna Lombardi, Ileana Florea, Miguel Spuch-Calvar, Sergio Gómez-Graña, Dris Ihiawakrim, Charles Hirlimann, Ovidiu Ersen, Jérôme Majimel, Mona Tréguer-Delapierre, Mike Hettich, Paolo Maioli, Aurélien Crut, Fabrice Vallée, Natalia Del Fatti
Advanced Optical Materials, vol. 4, p567-577 (2016)
Fano Interference in the Optical Absorption of an Individual Gold Silver Nanodimer
Anna Lombardi, Marcin P. Grzelczak, Etienne Pertreux, Aurélien Crut, Paolo Maioli, Isabel Pastoriza-Santos, Luis M. Liz-Marzan, Fabrice Vallee, Natalia Del Fatti
Nano Letters, vol. 16, p6311-6316 (2016)
Acoustic vibrations of metal nano-objects: Time-domain investigations
Physics Reports, vol. 549, p1-43 (2015)
Direct measurement of the absolute absorption spectrum of individual semiconducting single-wall carbon nanotubes
J.-C. Blancon, Matthieu Paillet, Huy-Nam Tran, X. T. Than, S. A. Guebrou, Anthony Ayari, A. San Miguel, N.-M Phan, Ahmed Azmi Zahab, Jean-Louis Sauvajol, Natalia Del Fatti, F. Vallée
Nature Communications, vol. 4, p2542 (2013)
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