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Ultrafast µLIBS Imaging for the multiscale mineralogical characterization of pegmatite rocks
Cesar Alvarez Llamas, Adrian Tercier, Christophe Ballouard, Cécile Fabre, Sylvain Hermelin, Jérémie Margueritat, Ludovic Duponchel, Christophe Dujardin, V. Motto-Ros
Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, vol. 39, p1077-1086 (2024)
Quantifying Titanium Exposure in Lung Tissues: A Novel Laser‐Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Elemental Imaging‐Based Analytical Framework for Biomedical Applications
Vincent Gardette, Lucie Sancey, Marine Leprince, Laurent Gaté, Frédéric Cosnier, Carole Seidel, Sarah Valentino, Frederic Pelascini, Jean‐luc Coll, Michel Péoc'H, Virginie Scolan, François Paysant, Vincent Bonneterre, Christophe Dujardin, Benoît Busser, Vincent Motto‐ros
Small Science (2024)
A compact detector system for simultaneous measurements of the light yield non-linearity and timing properties of scintillators
Benoit Sabot, Chavdar Dutsov, Philippe Cassette, Krasimir Mitev, Matthieu Hamel, Guillaume H.V. Bertrand, K Lebbou, Christophe Dujardin
Scientific Reports, p6960 (2024)
When Social Media Empowers Analytical Chemists to Explore Millions of Spectra Derived from a Complex Sample
Ludovic Duponchel, Ruggero Guerrini, Victor H.C. Ferreira, César Alvarez Llamas, Christophe Dujardin, V. Motto-Ros
Analytical Chemistry, vol. 96, p3994–3998 (2024)
Detection of radioactive gas with scintillating MOFs
Sharvanee Mauree, Vincent Villemot, Matthieu Hamel, Benoit Sabot, Sylvie Pierre, Francesca Belloni, Christophe Dujardin, A. Comotti, J. Perego, S. Bracco, Guillaume H. V. Bertrand
Advanced Functional Materials, vol. 33, p2302877 (2023)
Efficient radioactive gas detection by scintillating porous metal–organic frameworks
M. Orfano, J. Perego, F. Cova, C.X. Bezuidenhout, S. Piva, Christophe Dujardin, Benoit Sabot, Sylvie Pierre, Pavlo Mai, C. Daniel, S. Bracco, A. Vedda, Angiolina Comotti, A. Monguzzi
Nature Photonics, vol. 17, p672–678 (2023)
High-Resolution High-Speed LIBS Microscopy
A. Tercier, E. Vasileva, Cesar Alvarez Llamas, C. Fabre, S. Hermelin, B. Soula, F. Trichard, Christophe Dujardin, V. Motto-Ros
Spectroscopy, vol. 38, p34-40 (2023)
Lattice Expansion in Rb-Doped Hybrid Organic–Inorganic Perovskite Crystals Resulting in Smaller Band-Gap and Higher Light-Yield Scintillators
Francesco Maddalena, Muhammad Haris Mahyuddin, Dominik Kowal, Marcin Witkowski, Michal Makowski, Md Abdul Kuddus Sheikh, Somnath Mahato, Roman Jȩdrzejewski, Winicjusz Drozdowski, Christophe Dujardin, Cuong Dang, Muhammad Danang Birowosuto
Inorganic Chemistry, vol. 62, p8892-8902 (2023)
A$_2$B$_{n –1}$Pb$_n$I$_{3n +1}$ (A = BA, PEA; B = MA; $n$ = 1, 2): Engineering Quantum-Well Crystals for High Mass Density and Fast Scintillators
Md Abdul Kuddus Sheikh, Dominik Kowal, Muhammad Haris Mahyuddin, Roberto Cala’, Etiennette Auffray, Marcin Witkowski, Michal Makowski, Winicjusz Drozdowski, Hong Wang, Christophe Dujardin, Daniele Cortecchia, Muhammad Danang Birowosuto
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, vol. 127, p10737-10747 (2023)
Low-Temperature Emission Dynamics of Methylammonium Lead Bromide Hybrid Perovskite Thin Films at the Sub-Micrometer Scale
Justine Baronnier, Benoit Mahler, Christophe Dujardin, Julien Houel
Nanomaterials, vol. 13, p2376 (2023)
Donor-Acceptor Pairs Recombination as the Origin of the Emission Shift In InGaN/GaN Scintillator Heterostructures Doped with Zn
František Hájek, Vítězslav Jarý, Tomáš Hubáček, Filip Dominec, Alice Hospodková, Karla Kuldová, Jiří Oswald, Jiří Pangrác, Tomáš Vaněk, Maksym Buryi, Gilles Ledoux, Christophe Dujardin
ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology, vol. 12, p066004 (2023)
Solution-Processable A 2 XY 4 (A = PEA, BA; X = Pb, Sn, Cu, Mn; Y = Cl, Br, I) Crystals for High Light Yield and Ultrafast Scintillators
Md Abdul Kuddus Sheikh, Dominik Kowal, Muhammad Haris Mahyuddin, Djulia Onggo, Francesco Maddalena, Cuong Dang, Roberto Cala’, E. Auffray, Marcin Witkowski, Michal Makowski, Winicjusz Drozdowski, Daniele Cortecchia, Christophe Dujardin, Muhammad Danang Birowosuto
IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, vol. 70, p1384-1391 (2023)
Two-dimensional perovskite functionalized fiber-type heterostructured scintillators
E. Rogers, Muhammad Danang Birowosuto, Francesco Maddalena, Christophe Dujardin, F. Pagano, N. Kratochwill, E. Auffray, P. Krause, G. Bizarri
Applied Physics Letters, vol. 122 (2023)
Artificial neural network for high-throughput spectral data processing in LIBS imaging: application to archaeological mortar
N. Herreyre, A. Cormier, S. Hermelin, Christine Oberlin, Anne Schmitt, Valérie V. Thirion-Merle, Aldo Borlenghi, D. Prigent, Catherine Coquidé, A. Valois, Christophe Dujardin, Philippe Dugourd, Ludovic Duponchel, C. Comby-Zerbino, V. Motto-Ros
Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, p730-741 (2023)
On the use of laser-induced fluorescence to probe the thermodynamic equilibrium in laser-generated plasmas
Arsène Chemin, Amanda J. Ross, Sylvain Hermelin, Patrick Crozet, Vincent Motto-Ros, Gilles Ledoux, Christophe Dujardin, David Amans
Spectrochimica Acta Part B: Atomic Spectroscopy, vol. 205, p106685 (2023)
Needs, Trends, and Advances in Scintillators for Radiographic Imaging and Tomography
Zhehui Wang, Christophe Dujardin, Matthew Freeman, Amanda Gehring, James Hunter, Paul Lecoq, Wei Liu, Charles Melcher, C. Morris, Martin Nikl, Ghanshyam Pilania, Reeju Pokharel, Daniel Robertson, Daniel Rutstrom, Sky Sjue, Anton Tremsin, S. Watson, Brenden Wiggins, Nicola Winch, Mariya Zhuravleva
IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, vol. 70, p1244-1280 (2023)
Tunable crystalline structure and electrical properties of (Pb,Sr)TiO 3 films grown by liquid phase epitaxy
Laura Wollesen, Paul-Antoine Douissard, Infante Ingrid C., Jérémie Margueritat, Brice Gautier, Thierry Martin, Christophe Dujardin
CrystEngComm, vol. 25, p2096-2103 (2023)
Radiation Damage of GSAG:Ce Crystals with Codopants under Gamma‐Ray Irradiation
Karine Hovhannesyan, Marina Derdzyan, Irina Ghambaryan, Tatyana Butaeva, Christophe Dujardin, Ashot Petrosyan
physica status solidi (a), vol. 220 (2023)
Highly luminescent scintillating hetero-ligand MOF nanocrystals with engineered Stokes shift for photonic applications
Jacopo Perego, Charl Bezuidenhout, I. Villa, F. Cova, R. Crapanzano, I. Frank, F. Pagano, N. Kratochwill, E. Auffray, Silvia Bracco, A. Vedda, Christophe Dujardin, P. Sozzani, F. Meinardi, Angiolina Comotti, A. Monguzzi
Nature Communications, vol. 13, p3504 (2022)
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