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Trace Element Distribution in Zoned Kyanite of Thassos Island (Greece) Using Combined Spectroscopic Analyses
Kimberly Trebus, Alexandre Tarantola, Cécile Fabre, Marie-Camille Caumon, Jean Cauzid, V. Motto-Ros, Andreï Lecomte, Chantal Peiffert, Panagiotis Voudouris, Constantinos Mavrogonatos
Applied Spectroscopy, p000370282211087 (2022)
Advances on microLIBS and microXRF mineralogical and elemental quantitative imaging
Cécile Fabre, Kimberly Trebus, Alexander Tarantola, Jean Cauzid, V. Motto-Ros, Panagiotis Voudouris
Spectrochimica Acta Part B: Atomic Spectroscopy, vol. 194, p106470 (2022)
Data fusion of LIBS and PIL hyperspectral imaging: Understanding the luminescence phenomenon of a complex mineral sample
Alessandro Nardecchia, Anna de Juan, V. Motto-Ros, Michael Gaft, Ludovic Duponchel
Analytica Chimica Acta, vol. 1192, p339368 (2022)
Archaeological Mortar Characterization Using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) Imaging Microscopy
Sarah Richiero, Claudio Sandoval, Christine Oberlin, Anne Schmitt, Jean-Claude Lefevre, Amina Bensalah, Daniel Prigent, Catherine Coquidé, Antoine Valois, Federico Giletti, Frédéric Pelascini, Ludovic Duponchel, Philippe Dugourd, C. Comby-Zerbino, V. Motto-Ros
Applied Spectroscopy, p000370282110711 (2022)
Behavior of critical metals in metamorphosed Pb-Zn ore deposits: example from the Pyrenean Axial Zone
Alexandre Cugerone, Bénédicte Cenki-Tok, Manuel Munoz, Kalin Kouzmanov, Emilien Oliot, V. Motto-Ros, Elisabeth Le Goff
Mineralium Deposita, vol. 56 (2021)
Saturated signals in spectroscopic imaging: why and how should we deal with this regularly observed phenomenon?
Alessandro Nardecchia, V. Motto-Ros, Ludovic Duponchel
Analytica Chimica Acta, vol. 1157, p338389 (2021)
Aerosol analysis by micro laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy: A new protocol for particulate matter characterization in filters
César Marina-Montes, V. Motto-Ros, Luis Vicente Pérez-Arribas, Jesús Anzano, María Millán-Martínez, Jorge Cáceres
Analytica Chimica Acta, vol. 1181, p338947 (2021)
Short-Pulse Lasers: A Versatile Tool in Creating Novel Nano-/Micro-Structures and Compositional Analysis for Healthcare and Wellbeing Challenges
Ahmed Al-Kattan, David Grojo, Christophe Drouet, Alexandros Mouskeftaras, Philippe Delaporte, Adrien Casanova, Jérôme Robin-Ducellier, Frédérique Magdinier, P. Alloncle, Catalin Constantinescu, V. Motto-Ros, Jörg Hermann
Nanomaterials, vol. 11, p712 (2021)
Extending the potential of plasma-induced luminescence spectroscopy
Elise Clavé, Michael Gaft, V. Motto-Ros, Cécile Fabre, Olivier Forni, Olivier Beyssac, Sylvestre Maurice, Roger C. Wiens, Bruno Bousquet
Spectrochimica Acta Part B: Atomic Spectroscopy, vol. 177, p106111 (2021)
Direct multi-elemental imaging of freshly impregnated catalyst by Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
Lina Jolivet, Leonor Catita, Olivier Delpoux, Charles-Philippe Lienemann, Loïc Sorbier, V. Motto-Ros
Journal of Catalysis, vol. 401, p183-187 (2021)
Laser generation in liquids of doped nanomaterials
David Amans, Arsene Chemin, Julien Lam, Gaetan Laurens, Tristan Albaret, V. Motto-Ros, Gilles Ledoux, Christophe Dujardin
, p1-1 (2021)
Measurement error due to self-absorption in calibration-free laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
Aya Taleb, V. Motto-Ros, Mauro Carru, Emanuel Axente, Valentin Craciun, Frédéric Pelascini, Jörg Hermann
Analytica Chimica Acta, vol. 1185, p339070 (2021)
Metamorphic origin of anastomosing and wavy laminas overprinting putative microbial deposits from the 3.22 Ga Moodies Group (Barberton Greenstone Belt)
Masafumi Saitoh, Nicolas Olivier, Marion Garçon, Maud Boyet, Christophe Thomazo, Julien Alleon, Jean-François Moyen, V. Motto-Ros, Johanna Marin Carbonne
Precambrian Research, vol. 362, p106306 (2021)
V. Motto-Ros, S. Moncayo, Cécile Fabre, B. Busser
, p329-346 (2020)
Should we prefer inverse models in quantitative LIBS analysis?
Ludovic Duponchel, Bruno Bousquet, Frédéric Pelascini, V. Motto-Ros
Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, vol. 35, p794-803 (2020)
Highly textured lead-free piezoelectric polycrystals grown by the micro-pulling down freezing technique in the BaTiO3 –CaTiO3 system
Philippe Veber, Karol Bartosiewicz, Jérôme Debray, Sébastien Pairis, V. Motto-Ros, Ana Borta-Boyon, Franck Levassort, Matias Velázquez, Ruben Vera, Kei Kamada, Akira Yoshikawa
CrystEngComm, vol. 22, p4982-4993 (2020)
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